Fashion brand Chloé was founded in Paris in the year 1952 by Gaby Aghion with a vision of offering luxury ready to wear which was free-spirited and graceful.


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At Chloé every individual is engaged in creating beautiful products with meaningful impact. As one of the leading luxury fashion houses based in Paris, Chloé embodies a forward yet timeless style while shifting to a purpose-driven model that advances social and environmental sustainability. 

As the world was different in 1952 when Gaby Aghion founded Chloé, the Egyptian-born Parisienne understood that fashion was as much about a contemporary attitude as a ready-to-wear wardrobe. She rejected stiff formal styles, proposing a more natural femininity and encouraging women to dare. For more than a half-century, each designer – be it Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Hannah MacGibbon, Phoebe Philo, Clare Waight Keller or Natacha Ramsay-Levi – has given shape to this Chloé identity.


Maison Chloé was founded in Paris in the year 1952 by Egyptian fashion designer Gaby Aghion — with the vision of offering luxury ready to wear which was feminine and modern.. free-spirited and graceful. The following year Aghion joined forces with Jacques Lenoir who managed the business aspect of the fashion brand. In 1956 the first collection was introduced at Le Café de Flore.. a hot spot for artists in Paris. Following its success.. Gaby and Jacques began hiring young talented fashion  designers, who would go on to make a name: the roster included Christiana Bailly- Michèle Rosier- Graziella Fontana- Tan Giudicelli- Guy Paulin and Carlos Rodriguez. 

1966 was the turning point as Karl Lagerfeld came on board as the main fashion designer and Chloé became the go-to fashion destination for luminaries like Jackie Kennedy and Brigitte Bardot.. Maria Callas and Grace Kelly. There was no looking back. The first Chloé boutique opened in Paris in 1971 followed by boutiques in Las Vegas- New York- Beijing- Sydney- Shanghai- Hong Kong- Singapore- Taipei- Bangkok- Munich- Moscow- Istanbul- London- Tokyo- Beirut- Doha- Seoul- Zurich- Dubai and Kuwait. And regional offices in New York- Tokyo- Shanghai- Hong Kong and Dubai. Gaby Aghion continued to run the company until 1985 when Chloé was acquired by Alfred Dunhill Ltd.- now part of holding company Richemont Group.

Over a half-century Chloé continued working with promising artistic directors and each one of them- be it Karl Lagerfeld- Martine Sitbon- Stella McCartney- Hannah MacGibbon- Phoebe Philo or Clare Waight Keller- shaped the Chloé Girl. Yet the foundation has never been compromised. "Chloé is a house that has seventy years of history and every designer has written a chapter of its story without ever betraying the DNA. You can create these different visions as long as you respect that it is a very feminine house. Chloé is a spirit not a fashion brand…rather one that can enhance the beauty of a woman who wears it." Creative Director Natacha Ramsay-Levi told Vogue.

In 2005 Chloe gave the world the much loved padlocked Paddington bag. It was one of the first ever "It" bags and a reported 8,000 of them were sold even before they arrived in stores!!

Today Uruguay-born New York–based designer Gabriela Hearst is the creative director of Chloé. Hearst is the first non-European to hold this position in the luxury firm and her craft-forward design aesthetic and sustainability mindset is in sync with Chloé’s vision. Upon her joining Chloe... a sustainability plan outlining objectives for 2025 has been accelerated and eco-friendly suppliers are on call right from production to packaging with 20 per cent of the ready-to-wear collection manufactured by World Fair Trade Organization members. The luxury fashion brand is also discarding the use of synthetic fibers like polyester in favour of organic silk and recycled cashmere. 

Gaby Aghion had founded Chloé to give women the freedom to dare to be themselves and today the culture at Chloé continues to reflect that spirit. Chloé- under the creative baton of Gabriela Hearst- focused on sustainability among other things and Vogue praised Hearst's vision and creation of Chloe Fall RTW 2023: "She wanted to make her point on women's empowerment as a force for good: in this case for standing against war—a narrative side reference to the Old Testament story of Esther which Gentileschi famously painted…  She translated the story into vivid patchwork embroidery… In general though Hearst's collection made a point which came down on the side of this season's argument for clothes over costume."

Today Gabriella Hearst is leaving Chloe though there is no known succession plan in place. Per Vogue: The Uruguayan designer presented her first collection for Richemont-owned Chloé in March 2021 carrying over her sustainability ethos from her namesake brand. At Chloé her focus on sustainability — supported by president and CEO Riccardo Bellini — has borne fruit. The company achieved B Corp status in October 2021- introduced a social impact measurement tool in 2022- and launched a resale programme using digital IDs for improved transparency in 2023.

As it continues to be considered one of the cult fashion brands worldwide… few know that Chloe has given the world some iconic pieces including the banana top designed by Philo to the padlock-adorned waitlist–generating Paddington bag- the Suzannah boots- the pixie-style flat shoes and more.


To give women freedom to dare to be themselves.


The legacy of Chloe founder Gaby Aghion and her forward vision of femininity continues to inspire the luxury fashion brand's long-term commitment to uplift women.. rebalance gender-based inequalities.. and promote inclusivity. And it continues staying true to the vision of creating beautiful products with meaningful impact for people and for the planet.

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