Christine Liu

Christine Liu is the Founder of sHero.

Christine Liu is the Senior Consultant for a New York-based Lifestyle Marketing Advisory firm for its Asian Affairs, bringing brands to markets around the world.

She is also the founder of sHero, a venture that aims to inspire and empower, and offers women professionals total solutions for maintaining a satisfying balance between career and family.


Based in Shanghai, Christine Liu has held leadership positions in multi-national companies ranging from luxury fashion to pharmaceuticals including Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, and Honeywell.

Christine is an accomplished Human Resources professional with many practical insights into human and organizational psyches. With expertise in the identification of talents for building brands in new markets, Christine is now developing positioning and distribution strategies for clients to better navigate the fast-changing Chinese market and strategically expand to the global market for Chinese local Brands.

Passionate about promoting women's and children's well-being, Christine is both director and treasurer of Medical Care Technologies Inc., a US OTC-listed Medical services and technology company dedicated to offering pediatric health clinics, healthcare information delivery systems, and other wellness products to Chinese consumers. She is also an alumnus of the world-class “Women and Power” program conducted by the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. For more than a decade Christine has been addressing the concerns of contemporary women in China.

As a public speaker, producer, and Fortune500 workplace consultant, she covers a wide array of women’s issues – from breaking barriers and work-life balance to health and wellness to relationships and building self-esteem, advises corporations on HR, Leadership and D&I spearheading panels, and delivering keynotes on a variety of related topics. She is also an expert and practitioner for the Future of Work to help both individuals and companies to thrive in the age of disruption and the role of education, innovation, and sustainability in bridging the worlds and creating a more equitable and inclusive future.

Christine Liu founded sHero in 2007 and she began her crusade in the promotion of ‘dialoguing’ among women that cultivates collaborative actions and collective responsibility. This path seeks to foster strength, courage, and passion within individuals while advocating a culture of creativity, and respect for diversity of expression. Christine is the force behind this amazing organization driving impact on one of today’s most pressing issues in global business and management: Women in Leadership, and the derived impact on the economy, society, and the global world.


Christine Liu is the CEO/Founder of sHero consultancy and Champion Women Leadership and a global vision leader. Her vision can be found in a recent interview conducted by Dinis Guarda. In that interview, she said the following about sHERO, leadership and discovering new talents, gender equality, women leadership, and building bridges between China and the West: 

“We are an organization whose key goal is to empower women and our mission is to do so through employment, education, and engagement. It is all about women and their role in the marketplace as consumers, as talents in the workplace, and as individuals in society. And we are trying to do so in different areas like the empowering women agenda and the DNA diversity inclusion leadership and discovering new talents.”

“Back in the 1990s companies were after people that already had skills and capabilities to become leaders of companies, but at the end of the 1990s, I remember that the conversation around how to find new leaders and talents shifted. Instead of looking for international talents and then relocating them to different parts of the world, companies started to talk more about developing local talents. I was one of those local talents working for big multinational companies in China, one of the so-called pioneers, of gender equality and women's leadership.“

“I have been invited to and spoken at events for more than 10 years. And when they asked me about women's leadership I always responded that there is no such thing as differentiation between women and men. It is more about overcoming the challenges for women to become leaders. From sHero’s we focus on what we call the core values for being a leader like integrity, the power of passion, and perseverance. These are some of the core values that all leaders must have, especially in the Chinese context.”

“Building bridges between China and the West “In today’s globalized world companies have to adapt to new realities. Whether these companies compete with each other or collaborate they still need to understand the markets they are working in and create collaborations between local businesses and talent to succeed. It happens everywhere in the world and also in China and I believe that we need balance. And we need that balance in every aspect of doing business and also about women, diversity, and those talents come from everywhere.”

Recognition and Awards
2019, Producer of Women & Future Global Conference sHERO2018, Speaker Women and China Conference NYC; Panel Speaker, Women’s Forum Singapore; Panel Speaker at UN Women Forum on Gender Equality/CSR 2017, Director, China Women & Diversity TALK 2016, Producer, China Women & Diversity Forum 2015, Executive Producer, International Women’s Festival; Speaker, China-Netherland Dialogue 2014, Co-Chair, Global Advancement of Women Conference Beijing, Working Mother Media 2013, Producer, Women Empowering Women 2012, Site Producer, FEMME, a Documentary of Global Women’s Leadership; Reaching-out Partner, Women Leaders Conference of New Asia, Asia Society 2011, Chairwoman for dialogue among women

Christine Liu
Founder of sHero
Social Media
Fri Mar 01 2024

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