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Co:cubed is a match-making company for corporate startups, aiming to assist the world's largest companies in solving significant global problems. 

Through their global network of 12 million startups, Co:cubed connects businesses with innovative ideas and solutions. They also facilitate the transformation of inspiration into impactful outcomes through their 3x3 process. Additionally, Co:cubed emphasizes the cultivation of an internal community of change agents within organizations.

With a track record of working with over 50 global corporates in a span of six years, Co:cubed has successfully solved thousands of problems. Their expertise lies in resilient innovation, which has earned them the trust of corporations seeking impactful solutions to bring back to their boardrooms.

Co:cubed's portfolio of successful collaborations with renowned companies includes Coca Cola, Adidas, ABB, ASDA, Walmart, HSBC, and Levi's, to name a few. 

With a focus on fueling growth for underrepresented founders, Co:cubed partners with Hatch Enterprise, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting diverse entrepreneurs. Together, they offer mentoring, friendly dragon's den events, and startup programs for ventures at various stages.


Co:cubed was founded in 2017 by Jeremy Basset, who spent 13 years at Unilever where he was responsible for launching and then leading the Unilever Foundry, a platform to engage with startups and innovative companies who can help Unilever pioneer the future. Through the Foundry, over 1500 of Unilever marketers have worked with over 150 startups, brining innovative technology and an entrepreneurial culture to Unilever.

In its inception, Co:Cubed recognized the need for a new approach to corporate innovation. The company believed that corporate structures would evolve from traditional hierarchies to interconnected networks of organizations. With this vision in mind, Co:Cubed set out on a mission to invent the corporates of the future.

Over the past six years, Co:Cubed has established itself as a leading corporate startup matchmaker. It has built a global network of 12 million startups and scale-ups, creating valuable connections, including those with Fortune 100 companies between these innovative companies and corporate clients. This network covers a wide range of industries and sectors, enabling Co:Cubed to curate the world's best innovators without bias.

One of Co:Cubed's notable milestones was their partnership with Hatch Enterprise, a non-profit organization focused on driving growth for underrepresented founders. Together with Hatch, Co:Cubed has been instrumental in supporting diverse founders, helping them dream bigger and achieve better through mentoring, friendly dragon's den sessions, and startup programs at all stages. This commitment to fueling growth for underrepresented entrepreneurs highlights Co:Cubed's dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion within the startup ecosystem.

Co:Cubed's unique Co:Create process has been pivotal in accelerating collaborations between corporates and startups. This innovative approach streamlines the journey from initial pitches to piloting solutions and establishing long-term partnerships. By reimagining traditional accelerators and collaborative models, Co:Cubed has provided corporates with efficient pathways to collaborate with startups and unlock breakthrough innovation.

Throughout its history, Co:Cubed has forged partnerships with leading global corporations, including renowned companies such as Coca Cola, Adidas, ABB, ASDA, Walmart, HSBC, and Levi's. 


Their mission is to foster a collaborative ecosystem where corporates actively engage with external entities to unlock new opportunities and drive meaningful change. Co:Cubed envisions a future where established corporations embrace the agility and ingenuity of startups and other innovative players to accelerate their growth and impact. By shifting from traditional recruitment models to strategic partnerships, corporates can tap into a diverse pool of resources, ideas, and solutions that can drive sustainable and scalable outcomes. 

Co:Cubed's mission is centered on facilitating this shift and guiding corporates towards a networked approach that empowers them to navigate and thrive in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

According to the website, the company believe that traditional corporate structures will evolve from hierarchical setups to interconnected networks of organizations. 

Rather than solely relying on internal resources and teams to drive innovation, Co:Cubed advocates for corporate entities to forge strategic partnerships with startups and other innovative organizations. By leveraging the expertise and scalable solutions brought forth by these external collaborators, corporates can effectively address and overcome the most pressing challenges of today.


Co:Cubed envisions a future where corporate entities seamlessly collaborate with startups and innovative organizations, transforming the business landscape into a networked ecosystem. Their vision is to facilitate the emergence of a new paradigm where corporates embrace agility, creativity, and collaboration as key drivers of success. 

Co:Cubed sees corporates leveraging the collective intelligence and diverse perspectives of external partners to drive breakthrough innovation. By connecting corporates with a global network of startups and facilitating collaboration through their proven 3x3 process, Co:Cubed envisions a business landscape that fosters creativity, disruption, and sustainable solutions. 

Key Team

Jeremy Basset (CEO)

Denise McQuaid (Innovation Director)

Mark Janes (New Business Director)

George Comninos (Sustainability Lead)

Neal Tantisukrit (Innovation Analyst)

Ahmed Tahir (Startup Partnerships Manager)

Filipe Videira (Innovation Analyst)

Barry Beaney (Events Director)

Recognition and Awards
Extensive Global Network: Over the past six years, Co:Cubed has built a vast network of startups and scale-ups. Their network includes a wide range of innovative companies, many of whom have established successful collaborations with corporate clients. This extensive global network positions Co:Cubed as a trusted partner with deep connections within the startup ecosystem. Impactful Partnerships: Co:Cubed has successfully facilitated impactful partnerships between startups and some of the world's largest corporations. By connecting startups with corporates, Co:Cubed has enabled these organizations to access scalable solutions and tackle significant business challenges. Through their collaboration approach, Co:Cubed has accelerated the launch of pilots, enabling corporates to test innovative solutions in a leaner, faster, and more cost-effective manner. Driving Growth for Underrepresented Founders: Co:Cubed takes pride in its partnership with Hatch Enterprise, a non-profit organization focused on driving growth for underrepresented founders. Through joint initiatives and programs, Co:Cubed and Hatch support diverse founders in realizing their entrepreneurial dreams and achieving better outcomes. By nurturing and empowering underrepresented entrepreneurs, Co:Cubed contributes to fostering greater diversity and inclusion within the startup ecosystem. Recognized Expertise: Co:Cubed has gained recognition for its expertise in corporate startup matchmaking and innovation. Their unique Co:Create process, which reimagines accelerators and collaborative models, has gained attention and resonated with corporates seeking breakthrough innovation. This expertise has positioned Co:Cubed as a trusted partner that corporates rely on to deliver their ambitions and bring impactful solutions back to the boardroom. Extensive Client Portfolio: Co:Cubed's achievements are reflected in their client portfolio, which includes renowned companies such as Coca Cola, Adidas, ABB, ASDA, Walmart, HSBC, and Levi's. By working with these industry leaders, Co:Cubed has demonstrated its ability to deliver value and solve complex problems for global corporates across various sectors.

Products and Services

Co:Cubed offers a range of services and products centered around their three key pillars: Connection, Collaboration, and Community.

Connection: Co:Cubed provides a global scouting solution that curates the world's best innovators to solve various business challenges. With access to a network of 12 million startups, Co:Cubed connects its clients with a vast ecosystem of innovators. They leverage their extensive network of VC funds, accelerators, and universities to stay updated on the latest deals and opportunities worldwide. Additionally, Co:Cubed works with data partners and subscribes to databases from around the world, providing unprecedented visibility into the global startup ecosystem. 

Collaboration: Co:Cubed offers their unique Co:Create process, which accelerates its clients from a pitch to a pilot and onward into a long-term partnership. Their approach reimagines traditional accelerators and collaborative models, providing a customized experience tailored to the needs of startups. With Co:Create, corporates can launch pilots leaner, faster, and cheaper, benefiting from unrivaled data partners and leveraging the expertise and resources of innovative organizations.

Community: Co:Cubed also focuses on fostering Community within organizations. They help corporates unleash a community of innovators across their entire organization, facilitating a transformed culture that drives business and societal impact. Through their culture change programs, Co:Cubed takes employees on a journey to become innovation champions. They create activations, programs, and events designed to engage employees and move them along the commitment curve, ultimately driving innovation across the business.

Co:Cubed believes that transformation happens when the core business engages, and when employees sense opportunities and act on them. Their approach centers on empowering change-makers within organizations, enabling them to drive innovation and unlock the power of corporates to be a force for good in the world.



Leadership team

Jeremy Basset (Founder and CEO)

Denise McQuaid (Innovation Director)

Mark Janes (New Business Director)

George Comninos (Sustainability Lead)


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