Consensys is a leading blockchain and web3 software company.



Consensys is a leading blockchain and web3 software company. Since 2014 it has been at the forefront of innovation, pioneering technological developments within the web3 ecosystem. Through its product suite, including MetaMask platform- Infura- Linea- Truffle- Diligence- and NFT platform.. it has become a trusted collaborator for users, creators, and developers. Whether users wish to build a dapp, an NFT collection or a portfolio it's mission is to inspire and empower the builder in everyone by making web3 universally easy to use and develop.


Co-founder of Ethereum and the founder and CEO of Consensys.. Joseph Lubin graduated in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Princeton. As a software and AI consultant.. he worked with eMagine on the Identrus project and subsequently held positions as Director- New York- Blacksmith Software Consulting and VP- Technology- Private Wealth Management- Goldman Sachs. Through these positions.. Joe developed experience on the intersection of cryptography- engineering- and finance.

Joseph Lubin founded blockchain and web3 software company Consensys in 2015 to develop decentralized software services and applications that operate on the Ethereum blockchain. The idea was to unlock the collaborative power of communities by making web3 universally easy to use, access and build on.

The company has an interesting history with an upward growth trajectory. In 2018 Consensys acquired Planetary Resources- an asteroid mining company. Two years later Consensys acquired banking blockchain platform Quorum from JPMorgan Chase and Co. In 2021 Consensys hit a milestone. Per Forbes "ConsenSys closed a $200 million round of funding at a $3.2 billion valuation. New investors include Marshall Wace- Third Point- ParaFi Capital and Think Investments... This round quickly follows a $65 million raise… which included JPMorgan- Mastercard and UBS. And- on March 2022- ConsenSys reportedly raised $450 million in a new round of funding that more than doubles its valuation to $7 billion. The cash injection was led by ParaFi Capital, with Microsoft- SoftBank- and Temasek also joining as new investors in the company.

"We can think of the trust revolution as a paradigm shift in our management of our shared resources. Open shared platforms are natural. We live with them daily. City infrastructure- parks- rivers- and oceans are a few examples. Our digital infrastructures too should be common goods that- at their best- enable us to better manage our resources and relationships. We have a big vision for Ethereum and Web3- and whatever your skill set- whatever your experience level- my Consensys colleagues are working to make Ethereum and Web3 easy and empowering for all." - Joseph Lubin- Founder and CEO- Consensys explains on the company's official website

Consensys has different services for blockchain applications. "MetaMask" is an Ethereum wallet application which allows users to store and transfer cryptocurrencies and tokens as well as access and interact with decentralized applications built on the Ethereum blockchain. "Infura" is a blockchain node infrastructure service that allows apps and developers to get data from, and broadcast transactions to, the Ethereum blockchain. Infura's network is utilized as a backend for Ethereum services and applications, including MetaMask and many others not associated with Consensys.

In recent news Consensys launched its Layer 2 blockchain solution- "Linea". This milestone follows the Linea mainnet going live at EthCC in Paris. In the first month of Linea's mainnet going live, the L2 blockchain saw a record level of on-chain activity with over 2.7 million transactions and $26M of tokens bridged.. making it the fastest-growing zkEVM.  


ConsenSys is driven by a vision to revolutionize the very foundation of the digital world, to reshape it into a more equitable, accessible and secure realm—the Web3. At the core of this vision is the profound belief that the internet should not only be a space for information exchange but also a platform where individuals have full control and ownership of their digital assets and interactions. By championing the principles of openness and inclusivity, ConsenSys aims to dismantle the traditional, centralized structures that govern the digital landscape, replacing them with decentralized networks and applications that empower users and foster trust.

Key Team

Meet Joe Lubin (Founder and CEO)

Amanda Keleher (Chief People Officer)

Neal Gorevic (Chief Marketing Officer)

Chris McKibbin (COO)

Simon Morris (Chief Strategy Officer)

Cole D' Ambrosio (Chief Financial Officer)

Recognition and Awards
ConsenSys is widely recognized for its pivotal role in the development of blockchain and web3 technologies. Founder Joseph Lubin's visionary goal—to build decentralized software services and applications that operate seamlessly on the Ethereum blockchain-- was appreciated for his effort to democratize access to web3, making it universally user-friendly, accessible, and open for innovation.

Products and Services

Consensys offers a suite of industry-leading development tools and services tailored for blockchain applications. Among these offerings- "MetaMask" stands out as an Ethereum wallet application that empowers users to securely store, transfer and manage cryptocurrencies and tokens. Additionally it provides seamless access to decentralized applications built on the Ethereum blockchain, facilitating effortless interaction.

Another valuable service within Consensys' portfolio is "Infura"- a robust blockchain node infrastructure solution. Infura enables applications and developers to retrieve data from the Ethereum blockchain and broadcast transactions to it. It's worth noting that Infura's extensive network serves as the backend for a wide spectrum of Ethereum-related services and applications- including MetaMask- as well as numerous others that are not directly affiliated with Consensys.

Leadership team

Meet Joe Lubin (CEO)

Amanda Keleher (Chief People Officer)

Neal Gorevic (Chief Marketing Officer)

Chris McKibbin (COO)

Simon Morris (Chief Strategy Officer)

Cole D' Ambrosio (Chief Financial Officer)



Products/ Services
A complete suite of industry-leading development tools to build anything in web3.
Number of Employees
500 - 1000
Brooklyn, 49 Bogart St, United States
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