Cooperativa Coprossel

A cooperative organization specialized in the multiplication and commercialization of soybean, wheat, triticale and bean seeds and in the commercialization of grains, especially soybeans.

COPROSSEL is a cooperative organization that focuses on two main aspects of the agricultural industry: seed multiplication and commercialization, as well as the trading of various grains, with a particular emphasis on soybeans. The cooperative specializes in the production and distribution of seeds for crops such as soybeans, wheat, triticale, and beans. These seeds are carefully cultivated and multiplied to ensure quality and consistency.

In addition to their seed-related activities, COPROSSEL is actively involved in the commercialization of agricultural grains, with a strong focus on soybeans. This involves the buying and selling of soybeans and potentially other grains, contributing to the efficient flow of agricultural products within the market.

COPROSSEL's cooperative structure likely allows farmers and agricultural stakeholders to pool their resources, expertise, and efforts, ultimately benefiting from economies of scale and improved market access. This cooperative plays a vital role in the agricultural supply chain by ensuring the availability of high-quality seeds and facilitating the trade of essential crops like soybeans and others.


COPROSSEL was founded on September 11, 1991, with 20 founding members, and it commenced its operations on the same day. At that time, there were six employees, and Mr. Paulo Pinto de Oliveira Filho served as the first president.

It wasn't until 1998 that new members were admitted, which led to an increase in grain receipt and the supply of inputs. This allowed for the development of their receiving, processing, and human resources structures at that time.

Over the years, COPROSSEL has become essential to the regional agricultural development. In addition to providing technical assistance, input supplies, and marketing of production to its members, the cooperative also disseminates technology in soybean, bean, wheat, and triticale crops in partnership with organizations like EMBRAPA - Soybean, EMBRAPA - Wheat, Fundação Meridional, Instituto de Desenvolvimento Rural do Paraná (IDR-PR), Brasmax, Biotrigo, and others. The goal is to introduce new cultivars to farmers and educate them on their adaptation and management. Partners produce the basic seed, which is acquired by COPROSSEL. The cooperative provides the seeds to producers for initial planting, and these seeds are then sold on a large scale to producers not only in the region but also in neighboring states.

COPROSSEL is one of the supporters of the Meridional Foundation for Agricultural Research, which conducts research on seeds and licensing in collaboration with EMBRAPA and IDR-PR. The seeds are produced under strict technical and agronomic criteria and are used in Paraná and other states. This activity brings additional benefits to both the members and the cooperative, as it adds more value to the primary products harvested by the members.

In 2014, COPROSSEL began its wheat processing with a mill called TRIGOSEL, which became a milestone in the cooperative's history. With technical support and quality seeds, they encouraged their members to plant wheat in winter crops. In this direction, they developed a way to benefit the local producer and the region with a complete line of flour products (special type 1, industrial, common type 2, premix, wheat gluten, wheat germ, wheat bran, and whole wheat flour). The TRIGOSEL wheat flour mill was modernized in 2019 and currently has the capacity to process approximately 30,000 tons of wheat per year, supplying its final product to the regional market and bakeries in various states.

In 2019, the cooperative inaugurated a spacious and modern Seed Processing Unit (UBS) with the capacity to produce approximately 200,000 bags of soybean seeds, 120,000 bags of wheat seeds, and 25,000 bags of bean seeds annually.

The following year (2020), COPROSSEL began installing one of the largest photovoltaic plants, which was scheduled to be inaugurated in the first quarter of 2021. This plant generates enough energy to meet the demand of the entire Seed Processing Unit (UBS) with 1,176 modules of 390 Wp, producing 54,864.25 kWh annually.

Currently, the installed grain storage capacity is 103,000 tons, distributed across facilities in Laranjeiras do Sul, Rio Bonito do Iguaçu, Nova Laranjeiras, Virmond, and Porto Barreiro. However, in 2021, this capacity is expected to increase as the construction of a new and modern grain and input unit in Virmond-PR has commenced, with a grain storage capacity of 13,800 tons.


COPROSSEL's mission is to support and enhance the agricultural community by providing high-quality seeds, agricultural products, and technology while promoting sustainability and innovation in farming practices.




COPROSSEL envisions becoming a leading agricultural cooperative known for its innovation, sustainability, and commitment to improving farmers' livelihoods. Their vision includes expanding their reach and influence in the agricultural industry while fostering long-term prosperity for their members and the broader agricultural community.



Products and Services

COPROSSEL offers a range of products and services to support the agricultural community, including:

Seed Multiplication and Sales: COPROSSEL specializes in the production, multiplication, and sale of high-quality seeds for crops such as soybeans, wheat, triticale, and beans.

Grain Trading: The cooperative engages in the buying and selling of various grains, with a particular focus on soybeans, facilitating the efficient flow of agricultural products in the market.

Technical Assistance: COPROSSEL provides technical support and expertise to its members, assisting them in optimizing their farming practices.

Input Supply: They supply agricultural inputs like seeds, fertilizers, and equipment to their members, helping them access resources at competitive prices.

Research and Technology Dissemination: COPROSSEL collaborates with research institutions to disseminate cutting-edge agricultural technology and new cultivars to its members, enhancing crop productivity.

Flour Production: The cooperative operates a wheat flour mill called TRIGOSEL, producing a range of wheat flour products, including special type 1, industrial, common type 2, premix, wheat gluten, wheat germ, wheat bran, and whole wheat flour.


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