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Cruzlar is a Portuguese producer and distributor of a wide range of home textile products, including fabrics made from various fibres and blends such as cotton, polyester, bamboo, cashmere, silk, linen, Tencel, and modal. Cruzlar is known for its exceptional quality, design, softness, and delicate touch. The company is committed to sustainability and environmental protection, investing in certifications and production processes that guarantee these promises to the consumer. Cruzlar's vision is to become a global leader in the home textile industry, known for its innovative products and exceptional quality. The company has a specialized and internationally recognized laboratory that constantly supports its professional customers, as well as an R&D department that dedicates a lot of its time to researching finishing techniques that make the product smoother and softer in terms of touch, resistance, and good appearance after washing.

Rossio Fashion Tech Brand

The company is offering a new set of products related to 'Fashion Tech' using innovative technologies to shape new designs, manufacturing, and retail. This includes wearables and AI/AR using transforming omnichannel sales, data, print-on-demand, social media, the NFT space and more. There are some partnerships with digital fashion influencers and fashion sustainability designers and brands.

Fashion Metaverse

The company has launched the world’s first fashion immersive 3D AR, VR, and MR store in the Metaverse in partnership with powered by Metaverseabc. tech, MStudios from ztudium group.


Cruzlar-Indústria E Comércio De Artigos Para O Lar, Lda. is a family-owned company that has been a prominent presence in the home textile industry in Portugal since 1972. The company was founded by Antonio Pereira Guarda and Maria da Conceição Domingues Vindeirinho, the parents of the current chairman, Dinis Guarda, with Nelia Guarda serving as the Operations Director.

The company has a rich heritage in textile design and Portuguese business, which has contributed to its success. Cruzlar began by producing embroidered, woven, and sewn home products using mechanical looms that were acquired in the 1940s. Since then, the company has acquired about 140 additional looms, which have enabled it to continue providing high-quality home textiles.

Over the years, Cruzlar has expanded its product range to include bedspreads, tablecloths, and curtains, among other home textile products. The company has also invested in advanced machinery and technology to ensure its products meet the highest standards of quality and innovation.

Despite challenges such as economic downturns and increasing competition, Cruzlar has remained committed to its core values of quality, innovation, and family. The company has fostered a strong relationship with its employees, many of whom have been with the company for decades, and has created a welcoming and supportive work environment.

In recent years, Cruzlar has focused on expanding internationally, partnering with the Ztudium group and its subsidiary, fashiondna. This partnership has enabled Cruzlar to increase its reach beyond Portugal and establish itself as a prominent presence in the global home textile industry.

As a family-owned company with a long history of success, Cruzlar is poised for continued growth and innovation in the years to come. The company's commitment to quality, innovation, and family values will undoubtedly continue to drive its success in the home textile industry.


Cruzlar has a mission to produce and distribute high-quality home textile products that provide our customers with well-being, special moments, and unique experiences. They strive to exceed customer expectations by combining the quality of the products with constant design updates, ensuring that they always understand and satisfy our customers' needs. The commitment to design and innovate is mandatory and constant using a specialized laboratory and R&D department to ensure that the products are of the highest quality. 

They are also committed to sustainability and environmental protection, investing regularly in certifications and production processes that guarantee these premises to the consumer.


We intend to consolidate our strong position in the national and international markets, as a manufacturer of home textile products, through a strong investment in the areas of R&D and Design. We maintain our strong focus on the “online” sales channel and we also want to maintain, with continuous improvements, our position in Industry 4.0 We will keep a constant update of technical and human skills, aiming at the satisfaction of our customers.

The textile industry in Portugal has a unique history and development compared to the rest of the world, particularly in the early modern period.

One of the key factors that differentiated the textile industry in Portugal was the country's colonial past. Portugal established a vast network of colonies in Africa, Asia, and the Americas, which provided the country with a steady supply of raw materials, such as cotton, silk, and wool. The Portuguese also had access to various dyeing techniques and patterns from their colonies, which they incorporated into their textile production.

Another important factor was the country's location and geography. Portugal's proximity to the sea made it a hub for international trade, allowing the country to import and export textiles and other goods. Additionally, Portugal's mountainous terrain provided ideal conditions for the production of wool, which was used in the country's textile industry.

Furthermore, the Portuguese textile industry was characterized by a strong tradition of craftsmanship and quality. Portuguese artisans developed unique techniques, such as the use of handlooms and intricate embroidery, that set their textiles apart from those produced elsewhere. This tradition of quality craftsmanship continues to be a hallmark of the Portuguese textile industry today.

Overall, the combination of Portugal's colonial past, location and geography, and tradition of craftsmanship helped to differentiate the country's textile industry from that of the rest of the world.

The textile industry in Leiria, Portugal has a rich history that dates back several centuries. Here's a brief overview:

In the 16th century, Leiria was already an important centre for the production of woollen cloth. The city had a thriving weaving industry, with many skilled artisans producing high-quality textiles.

In the 18th century, the textile industry in Leiria underwent significant expansion, with the introduction of new production methods and the use of machinery. This period saw the establishment of several large textile factories in the region, which employed hundreds of workers and produced a wide range of textiles, including blankets, rugs, and carpets.

In the 19th century, Leiria's textile industry continued to grow, with the introduction of new technologies such as steam power and the Jacquard loom. These innovations allowed for the production of more complex and intricate textiles, such as damask and brocade.

During the 20th century, Leiria's textile industry faced several challenges, including competition from cheaper foreign imports and the economic difficulties of the Portuguese Estado Novo regime. However, the industry persevered and adapted, with many companies specializing in niche markets and high-end products.

In recent years, the textile industry in Leiria has undergone a resurgence, with a renewed focus on innovation, sustainability, and digitalization. Today, the region is home to many textile companies that produce a wide range of products, including apparel, home textiles, and technical textiles.

Overall, the textile industry has played an important role in the history and development of Leiria and continues to be a vital part of the region's economy and cultural heritage.

Products and Services

Manufacture and trade of textile articles

  • Curtains and drapes
  • Linen
  • Tablecloths
  • Duvets
  • Edredons and covers
  • Cushions and pillows
  • Hotels accessories
  • Print-on-demand 3D memorabilia
  • AR, VR, MR wearables and integrated metaverse fashion tech clothes
  • Made in Portugal Porcelain and objects
  • Ceramics 
  • Kitchen sets
  • Cutlery
  • Knits clothes and materials

Leadership team

Antonio Pereira Guarda (Cofounder)

Maria da Conceição Domingues Vindeirinho (Cofounder)

Nelia Guarda (Operations Director)


Fashion and Textiles

Products/ Services
Home textile products, Fabric finishing services and Textile design services
Leiria, Portugal
Company Type
Private company limited by shares or Ltd
Company Registration
CAE 13920
500K - 2M
Funding Types
Revenue Year
Social Media

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