Daniel Duarte

Daniel Duarte is a thought leader and investor in cryptocurrency.

Daniel Duarte is a thought leader, investor in tech and social impact, a crypto evangelist, and a well-known Bitcoin trader in Brazil. He invested everything he had in digital assets in 2016 and managed to sell at the peak of the 2017 bubble.

Daniel likes to trade on trends, based on fundamental market analysis. Currently has a successful YouTube channel, where he created a dynamic community and created educational videos and also comments on his strategies and trading recommendations for the next few months in Bitcoin. He can also be found writing on Cointelegraph.


Daniel Duarte is a thought leader in cryptocurrencies and financial/investment lifestyles. Bitcoin lover, Brazilian Youtuber, ADV Sanfran, BUSS FGV/EAESP. Duarte is a Blockchain Evangelist, Blockchain Investor, and Advisor, Founder of Satoshi & Hayek Academy. Daniel is a Bitcoin trader. He invested everything he had in digital assets in 2016 and managed to sell at the peak of the 2017 bubble.

Daniel likes to trade on trends, based on fundamental market analysis. He has a successful YouTube channel, where he posts educational videos and also comments on his strategies and trading recommendations for the next few months in Bitcoin. It was because of bitcoin that Daniel Duarte decided to act as a trader. After going through several companies and even a society in a nightclub, the São Paulo based in Porto Alegre saw cryptocurrency at the end of 2016 as an interesting investment and he became an enthusiast. “Instead of taking 10 tequilas and a vodka combo, buy and forget. It is the best investment in the universe," he said in a conversation with the Bitcoin Portal.

Duarte lost the equivalent of 40 bitcoins (80 BTC, considering leverage), something like 10% of his equity, during the black swan. And he challenged other traders to show how they fared during the crisis – especially those who sell courses on the activity. Investor partner of Nox Bitcoin brokerage said it lost about 10% of its R $ 7.3 million equity, when the price of Bitcoin fell 50%, registering the biggest daily drop in the history of currency. Despite the loss, he still recommends investing in Bitcoin, mainly in the practice of “buy and hold”, where you buy a little each month, focusing on long-term profit.


His vision can be found in a recent interview conducted by Dinis Guarda. In that interview, he said the following about Brazil's culture and context, the bitcoin world, the Knox platform, whales, and his method:

Brazil culture and context; “I see Brazil is facing many problems right now. Corruption is one of those crimes, etc that seems to be putting democracy at risk. That is why I went to study law, to understand how administrations, government, business, and society talk to each other and the playbook they move in. Likewise, I was attracted to economics so I went to study economics as well. For me, Brazil is only 200 years old after Napoleon. Before that, it was really underpowered and underdeveloped. I see Brazil now as a very new country with a mix of different cultures and races that enrich it in every way. As I see it, we have the entrepreneurship, and innovative gene to be better, that is why I see Brazil is improving every decade.”

Bitcoin world; “I entered the bitcoin world out of curiosity. As I studied economics I started seeing a new booming industry that was really complicated, really obscure so I wanted to know more about crypto and Bitcoin, to truly understand how it works, its synergies, the community that keeps it alive, etc. The biggest reason I entered Crypto was that I love to travel but I faced a challenge. To travel internationally I needed money that has value internationally. In Brazil, the national currency has very little value and high volatility so its value changes dramatically. I thought that by investing in Bitcoin I can get enough money and stability to do what I love and trade it in a fairer way for a currency I can use worldwide.

During my first weeks and months, I was studying Bitcoin for countless hours every week. I didn’t sleep or anything. I was just educating myself about how crypto and Bitcoin work to understand it completely and make the best decisions. I don’t consider myself a trader. I saw Bitcoin when it was growing when it was nothing yet and that is my main perk back in time. The most important thing when dealing with Bitcoin is not buying, that is the easy part, it is selling at the right time. 2017 was a horrible year for the Bitcoin and crypto ecosystem and investors as there were many frauds coming from ICOs and other sources but it was good for sellers at that time”

Knox platform “Is about educating people to trade and understand cryptocurrency so everyone can trade safely and know how to do it. To understand the power of bitcoin: “one thing is to think, another is to see people using what you were thinking”.

Whales “It is a matter of time before these whales will lose their power. The trend for bitcoin will be to become more and more decentralized and the power of the community will make them lose their power.”

His method is “The key is to buy bitcoin every month and keep buying and saving it long term. Bitcoin and crypto mean freedom for people that live in developing countries where institutions are strong enough to keep the currency stable and value up and stable. Bitcoin in Latin America.”

Recognition and Awards
Between falls and profits over the last few years, he built a net worth that reached R $7.3 million at the end of 2019. In addition to being a trader, Duarte is currently a partner-investor at the Nox Bitcoin brokerage.

Daniel Duarte
Writer, investor
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Sun Feb 25 2024

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