David Siegel

David Siegel is a blogger and entrepreneur.

David Siegel was one of the world’s first people to start blogging – regular personal writing on the web – before it was called blogging. He started in 1996 with my Journal. Then he continued with another blog in 2010 to help create the Semantic Web revolution and another one in 2013 on business.

He has also written five books. In 2013, Siegel was invited to be one of the first writers on Medium.com and has been writing there since. In April 2019, the writer published In Reality, to help people build an evidence-based view of the world.


David Siegel is a global thought leader and author that is an expert in digital policy – transforming bad policy written on paper to running code that improves governance automatically. He is reflecting on the future of our society and the place of money in our society and the machine economy and the road to digital money.

He has been to 99 countries and teaches skiing, film theory, home DIY, and dark chocolate connoisseurship in my spare time. Provocateur, professional heretic, slayer of myths, speaker of truthiness to powerfulness, and defender of the Oxford comma. 

He is now leading Right Side Capital and the Giordano Bruno Institute. Siegel has been accelerating change, culture, digital innovation, decentralization, strategy, antifragile portfolios, and the future. He helps companies recover from and thrive in the new era of uncertainty.


His vision can be found in a recent interview by Dinis Guarda: 

Education and career; “I studied at Stanford University. After graduating I worked in Pixar before it was actually called Pixar and worked at different companies in Silicon Valley. I have had quite an interesting professional life. I have been the founder of 20+ companies, in the US and abroad.”

As an author; "I have written different books about the Internet and technology. At the moment, I live in Washington with my kids though the US isn’t the best place to live right now. “

Blockchain and smart contracts: "There are a few things that people need to know before developing a blockchain and smart contracts in their companies. Firstly, you need to talk to your lawyers to know what you can do and whatnot. Secondly, blockchain development is a mess right now. It is not easy to implement a blockchain at all”.

Innovation and technology; " They have always created more jobs in the past. Always. They will take over jobs that are more automatic and free people to become new entrepreneurs and keep innovating, creating new jobs along the way. And there is no sign that that is going to change now.”

Data security; “Why is all our private information stored on servers that belong to big companies? Why that info isn’t ours? We don’t own it anymore but that data has value. A value that is being monetized by Apple, Google, and the likes. That is why I tried to do something about it. I started an organization, based on the blockchain, with the mission that people would be able to track their data and own them again. Since I started this project, I have always been coming back to this”.

Recognition and Awards
According to his LinkedIn profile, he built and sold a consulting company to KPMG, wrote five books, started a dozen companies, gave a few hundred speeches, and was a candidate to be the dean of Stanford Business School. He was named a "top-100 crypto influencer." He also created the Pillar Project, which raised $20 million to build the personal data locker.

David Siegel
Washington, United States
Entrepreneur, blogger
Stanford University
Social Media

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