Dominik Schiener

Co-Founder of IOTA

Dominik Schiener is a well-known entrepreneur in the blockchain industry, particularly for co-founding Iota, a cryptocurrency network that utilizes Tangle distributed ledger technology to enable the "machine economy." He has been heavily involved in the development and adoption of Iota since its inception and co-founded the Iota Foundation, a non-profit organization, to further its growth. Dominik's current focus is on making Iota technology market-ready to realize the full potential of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the Internet of Things, believing that Iota can become the backbone of the future machine economy. Before Iota, he founded several startups, including Fileyy, a connection platform for affiliate marketing, and Finhaus, a blockchain company. Dominik's achievements have earned him recognition, such as Forbes' 30 under 30 list in technology and the German Digital Economy Award in 2019. Dominik is an influential figure in the decentralized technology space, motivated to promote the potential of blockchain technology.


Dominik Schiener, a pioneering entrepreneur, holds a prominent position within the blockchain industry, known for his visionary approach. He is best known as the co-founder of Iota, a cryptocurrency network that uses the Tangle distributed ledger technology to power the emerging "machine economy." Since the inception of Iota, Dominik has been one of the driving forces behind the network's development and adoption.

In 2017, Dominik co-founded the Iota Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the adoption and development of Iota technology. The Foundation has been instrumental in establishing Germany's first non-profit foundation that enables and fosters permissionless ecosystems powered by distributed ledgers.

Dominik's primary focus today is to make the nascent Iota technology market-ready, unlocking the full potential of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the Internet of Things. He believes that Iota has the potential to become the backbone of the future "machine economy" by enabling secure, trustless, and feeless transactions between connected devices.

Before co-founding Iota, Dominik had several entrepreneurial ventures under his belt. His first startup, Fileyy, was an affiliate marketing platform that connected advertisers and publishers. He later attempted to start a cryptocurrency-fiat exchange in Switzerland, Bithaus GmbH, but admits that the venture was not successful.

Undeterred, Dominik continued to explore the potential of blockchain technology and founded the blockchain firm Finhaus in London. In addition, he completed several projects, including a Decentralized Wikipedia, an Ethereum-based voting platform, and a simple prototype of identity on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Dominik's contributions to the blockchain industry have not gone unnoticed. He has been named to Forbes' 30 under 30 list in technology and was awarded the German Digital Economy Award in 2019. With his passion for blockchain technology and his drive to make Iota the backbone of the machine economy, Dominik is a force to be reckoned with in the world of decentralized technology.


Dominik Schiener's vision centers around using blockchain technology to create a trustless, secure, and feeless machine economy. He believes that Iota, the cryptocurrency network he co-founded, can be the backbone of this machine economy by enabling connected devices to transact with each other autonomously, without the need for intermediaries.

In order to actualize this vision, Dominik is focused on making the nascent Iota technology market-ready. He is working to increase the scalability and functionality of the Tangle distributed ledger technology that powers Iota, with the goal of making it more attractive to businesses and consumers alike.

Dominik sees the potential for Iota to enable a wide range of use cases, from machine-to-machine payments and data sharing to smart cities and supply chain management. He also envisions a future where decentralized technology enables individuals to own and control their own data, rather than having it be centralized in the hands of large corporations.

Recognition and Awards
GTEC Blockchain Challenge: 2nd Place Issued by GTEC, RWE, Globumbus · May 2016 Emirates National Bank of Dubai Group FinTech Challenge: Technology Winner-Issued by Emirates National Bank of Dubai · Apr 2016 Winner Blockchain HackathonWinner Blockchain Hackathon Issued by Deloitte, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, FBS Capital · Jan 2016

Dominik Schiener
Co-Founder of IOTA
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