Eddy Cue

Eddy Cue is an American businessman and senior executive at Apple Inc.

Eddy Cue, born Eduardo H. Cue on October 23, 1964, is an American businessman and senior executive at Apple Inc. He currently holds the position of Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, where he oversees a wide range of critical areas within Apple's online ecosystem. With his extensive experience and strategic vision, Cue has played a pivotal role in the growth and transformation of Apple's digital media and services offerings.

Cue's journey with Apple began in 1989 when he joined the company as a manager in the customer support division. Over the years, he steadily rose through the ranks, taking on increasing responsibilities and making significant contributions to Apple's success. In the early 2000s, Cue played a key role in the development and launch of the iTunes Store, revolutionizing the way people consume and access digital music. Under his leadership, the iTunes Store expanded its offerings to include movies, TV shows, books, and podcasts, further establishing Apple as a leader in the digital media space.

As Apple continued to expand its services portfolio, Cue took charge of various other crucial areas. He oversaw the introduction and growth of Apple Music, the company's streaming music service that quickly gained millions of subscribers worldwide. Additionally, Cue played an instrumental role in the development of Apple Pay, Apple's mobile payment and digital wallet service, which has transformed the way people make transactions and interact with their finances.

Beyond music and payments, Cue's responsibilities extend to iCloud, Apple's cloud storage and computing service, which seamlessly syncs data across devices and enables users to access their files from anywhere. He also oversees Apple's content and services offerings, including the App Store, Apple Podcasts, Apple TV, and various digital content partnerships. Cue's expertise in negotiating deals with content providers has helped Apple secure a vast library of movies, TV shows, and other digital content, providing users with a rich and diverse entertainment experience.

Cue's leadership and contributions have been recognized within the industry, earning him a reputation as a key driver of Apple's success. His ability to envision and execute strategies that integrate hardware and services has been instrumental in Apple's growth and ability to stay at the forefront of technological innovation. With his unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional user experiences and his relentless pursuit of excellence, Cue continues to shape the future of Apple's digital services and solidify the company's position as a global leader in technology


Cue's journey with Apple began in 1989 when he quickly made his mark by contributing to the establishment of the Apple online store in 1998. He went on to play instrumental roles in the development of the groundbreaking iTunes Store in 2003 and the revolutionary App Store in 2008. Throughout his early years at Apple, Cue held managerial positions in software engineering and customer support, demonstrating his leadership and technical acumen.

One of Cue's notable achievements was his turnaround of failed Apple products. He played a significant role in transforming the unsuccessful MobileMe data syncing service into the highly successful iCloud, which boasts more than a quarter billion users. Cue's invaluable insight and expertise were also pivotal in convincing Steve Jobs to consider creating a smaller version of the iPad, a concept that later became a reality and contributed to the company's ongoing success.

As Senior Vice President of Services, Cue has faced numerous challenges, including addressing outages in Apple's mobile maps, iCloud, and iMessage services. Additionally, he played a key role in the development and expansion of Apple's original content efforts, seeking to compete with industry giants such as Netflix and Amazon. Cue's leadership and strategic direction have been instrumental in driving Apple's services business forward.

He resides in Los Altos, California, with his wife Paula, whom he met during their time at Duke University. Cue is an ardent fan of rock music, particularly enjoying the works of Bruce Springsteen. His philanthropic contributions include being recognized with the 2014 Spirit of Life Award from the cancer research center City of Hope, in recognition of his significant impact on the music, film, and entertainment industry.

Cue's educational background includes earning dual bachelor's degrees in computer science and economics from Duke University. He remains closely connected to his alma mater, actively engaging with the university and supporting initiatives such as encouraging undergraduate women to pursue studies in computer science and electrical engineering. Cue also serves on Duke University's Board of Trustees, making history as the first Cuban-American to hold that position. His commitment to education was further demonstrated by his generous donation of $10 million to the Duke Science and Technology Initiative in 2021.

Throughout his career, Eddy Cue has proven to be a visionary leader and a driving force behind Apple's success in the realm of digital services. His strategic decisions, technological expertise, and unwavering commitment to innovation continue to shape the company's trajectory and solidify its position as a global leader in the technology industry.


Eddy Cue, as Apple's Senior Vice President of Services, has demonstrated a clear vision for the company's digital services ecosystem. His vision revolves around seamlessly integrating technology and content to deliver exceptional user experiences, empower creativity, and enhance the way people consume and interact with digital media.

Cue envisions a future where Apple's services seamlessly blend together, offering a cohesive and immersive ecosystem that spans across devices and platforms. He strives to create a unified experience where users can effortlessly access and enjoy various forms of content, such as music, books, apps, and more, while seamlessly transitioning between different Apple services.

One of Cue's key goals is to provide users with easy access to a vast array of high-quality digital content. He aims to curate and deliver a diverse range of media options, ensuring that Apple's content stores, including the iTunes Store, Apple Books Store, and Apple Music, offer an extensive selection of entertainment, educational, and informational content from various genres and sources.

Cue's vision extends beyond content consumption. He recognizes the importance of tools and services that enable users to create and express themselves. Under his guidance, Apple has developed a suite of productivity and creativity apps, allowing users to unleash their imagination and accomplish tasks efficiently. Cue believes in empowering individuals, whether they are artists, developers, or everyday users, by providing them with intuitive and powerful tools that facilitate their creative endeavours.

Privacy and security are also integral components of Cue's vision. He places a strong emphasis on protecting user data and ensuring the utmost security across Apple's services. Cue understands the significance of building trust with users and strives to maintain the highest standards of privacy, giving individuals control over their personal information while enjoying the benefits of Apple's services.

Moreover, Cue envisions Apple's services as an integral part of people's daily lives, seamlessly integrating into their routines and enhancing their overall experience. Whether it's using Siri as a helpful assistant, navigating with Maps, or making seamless and secure transactions with Apple Pay, Cue's vision revolves around providing intuitive and indispensable services that enrich people's lives and make technology more accessible and user-friendly.

Recognition and Awards
Eddy Cue has received notable accolades for his influential role in shaping the technology and media industries. He was named to Billboard's Power 100 list in 2018 and received the City of Hope Spirit of Life Award in 2014 for his impact on the music and entertainment industry. As the first Cuban-American member of Duke University's Board of Trustees, Cue has been recognized for his dedication to education and made a significant donation to the Duke Science and Technology Initiative. His leadership and transformative contributions have earned him widespread respect and admiration.

Eddy Cue
Cupertino, California, United States
Senior Vice President of Services at Apple Inc.
Known for
Senior Vice President Services at Apple Inc., iTunes, App Store, Apple Music
Billboard Power 100; City of Hope Spirit of Life Award 2014; Duke University Board of Trustees
Duke University
Sat Mar 02 2024

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