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EVORA Global is a sustainable real asset investment and finance consultancy and ESG software provider with specialist expertise in the real asset sector.


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EVORA Global stands as a prominent sustainable real asset investment and finance consultancy, coupled with ESG software provision, boasting specialized expertise in the real asset sector. Since its inception in 2011, the company has been dedicated to delivering top-tier sustainability consultancy services to some of the world's largest investment funds, including industry giants like Deutsche Asset Management, Schroder Real Estate, Standard Life Investments, and Hines. 

EVORA Global's vision is centered on accelerating the evolution and adoption of real estate sustainability to enhance the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants, with a mission to establish sustainability and carbon as foundational factors for investment decisions. The company's core values, encompassing Inclusion, Client Focus, Innovation, and Mastery, underscore its commitment to holistic and impactful sustainability solutions. 

At the heart of EVORA Global's offerings is SIERA, a market-leading software renowned for its practicality, innovation, and ease of use in environmental management for real assets, already managing billions of pounds worth of assets globally. With EVORA consultancy and SIERA software as its core business areas, EVORA Global has rapidly positioned itself as a comprehensive 'one-stop shop' for cutting-edge sustainability solutions.


EVORA Global's journey traces back to 2011 when Chris, Paul, and Ed, driven by a shared passion for sustainability, embarked on a mission to offer consultancy services to the real estate industry. Recognizing the increasing importance of sustainability in the sector, the trio sought to address a crucial need—making sense of the vast volume of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data inundating the industry. They foresaw the transformative potential of properly organized data in significantly reducing global carbon emissions within the real estate sector.

In 2013, EVORA Global marked a significant milestone with the launch of SIERA, its proprietary sustainability data management software. This innovative platform was meticulously crafted to cater specifically to the unique demands of the real estate investment market. SIERA emerged as a game-changer, providing the investment community with a data-driven solution that had long been sought after. The platform empowered stakeholders to make informed decisions regarding ESG capital allocation, ushering in a shift from traditional short-term yield and tax optimization considerations to a more focused emphasis on sustainability.

From consultancy services to the development of SIERA, the company has consistently strived to provide holistic, data-driven solutions that not only meet the industry's needs but also contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.


EVORA Global's mission is deeply rooted in catalyzing a transformative shift in the real asset sector, envisioning a future where sustainability and carbon considerations are foundational elements driving investment decisions. With a commitment to enhancing the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants, EVORA seeks to accelerate the evolution and widespread adoption of real estate sustainability. By championing sustainability as a core tenet of its mission, the company aspires to redefine industry standards, shaping an environment where responsible and environmentally conscious practices are intrinsic to every facet of the real asset landscape.

To fulfill its mission, EVORA Global operates at the intersection of consultancy and technology, offering cutting-edge solutions that not only meet the needs of its clients but also contribute to the broader global imperative of fostering a sustainable and resilient future. The company's dedication to inclusion, client focus, innovation, and mastery underscores its holistic approach, ensuring that sustainability becomes an integral part of the investment landscape, driving positive impact and creating a lasting legacy of environmental stewardship.


EVORA Global envisions a future where sustainability transcends being a mere consideration and becomes the guiding principle shaping the trajectory of the real asset sector. At the heart of this vision is a commitment to redefining the landscape of real estate by positioning sustainability and carbon considerations as fundamental factors in investment decisions. With a clear focus on enhancing the well-being of the planet and its people, EVORA Global aspires to be a catalyst for change, steering the industry towards a more sustainable, resilient, and environmentally conscious future.

Guided by a vision of global transformation, EVORA Global seeks to lead the evolution and widespread adoption of real estate sustainability. By integrating cutting-edge technology, innovative solutions, and a commitment to inclusivity, the company aims to establish a new paradigm where sustainable practices are not just optional but integral to every facet of the real asset sector. Through this vision, EVORA Global strives to leave a lasting legacy of positive environmental impact, setting the standard for responsible and forward-thinking business practices in the ever-evolving world of real assets.

Key Team

Chris Bennett (Founder, Board Member)

Paul Sutcliffe (Founder, Director)

Pradeep Menon (CEO)

Recognition and Awards
Working with over 150 clients managing assets exceeding $1 trillion, EVORA has positioned itself as a key player in shaping the sustainability landscape of the real asset sector. The company's EVOLVE training program has had a global impact, supporting over 2000 individuals across 40 countries, contributing to the widespread dissemination of knowledge and best practices in sustainable real asset management. EVORA's expertise is further exemplified through the successful implementation of over 100 ESG strategies globally, demonstrating its capacity to tailor solutions that align with diverse client needs. Notably, EVORA is recognized as one of the leading European experts in the Global ESG Benchmark for Real Assets (GRESB). In 2022 alone, the company played a pivotal role in supporting almost 20% of European real estate submissions and nearly 10% globally, covering an impressive 28% of global Assets Under Management (AUM). In addition to these achievements, EVORA Global's commitment to environmental responsibility is reflected in its substantial reduction of the carbon footprint by 18.8% per employee between 2014 and 2021. The company's dedication to sustainability extends to impactful case studies, such as supporting MOMENI Group in achieving 4 stars on their first GRESB submission and assisting KRYALOS SGR in attaining LEED Gold status. EVORA has also played a crucial role in providing Edmond De Rothschild with the tools to navigate SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation) and supporting Lendlease Italy SGR in achieving a stellar 5-star GRESB rating. These case studies exemplify EVORA Global's hands-on approach and the tangible positive outcomes it delivers to clients in their sustainability journeys.

Products and Services

SIERA Software: At the core of EVORA's offerings is SIERA, an innovative environmental management software system. SIERA stands as a market-leading solution, providing practical and easy-to-use tools for managing environmental performance in real assets. This software has gained significant traction globally, managing billions of pounds worth of real assets and being rapidly adopted by large organizations seeking efficient environmental management solutions.

Strategic Consulting: EVORA Global's strategic consulting services are designed to guide organizations in integrating sustainability seamlessly into their business strategies. Leveraging deep industry expertise, the company assists clients in navigating the complexities of sustainable real asset management, ensuring that environmental considerations are embedded in every facet of decision-making.

Reporting: EVORA facilitates transparent and effective reporting mechanisms, helping clients communicate their sustainability initiatives and performance accurately. Whether it's regulatory compliance or stakeholder engagement, the company's reporting services ensure that clients can showcase their commitment to sustainability with confidence.

Net Zero and Climate Resilience: In response to the global imperative for climate action, EVORA Global provides specialized services for achieving Net Zero status and enhancing climate resilience. These services empower organizations to set and achieve ambitious carbon reduction goals and build resilience against the impacts of climate change.

Sustainable Finance: EVORA recognizes the pivotal role of finance in driving sustainability. The company offers services to align financial strategies with environmental responsibility, ensuring that sustainable finance becomes a cornerstone of its clients' investment approaches.

Infrastructure: EVORA's infrastructure services focus on creating robust systems for sustainable real asset management. From implementing sustainable technologies to optimizing operational efficiency, the company's infrastructure solutions pave the way for a more environmentally conscious and resilient built environment.

Social Wellbeing: Acknowledging the interconnectedness of sustainability and social well-being, EVORA Global extends its services to encompass the human aspect of real asset management. By integrating social well-being considerations, the company ensures a holistic approach that not only benefits the environment but also fosters positive outcomes for communities and stakeholders.

EVORA Global
Leadership team

Paul Sutcliffe (Founder, Director)

Pradeep Menon (CEO)


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100 - 500
3rd Floor, Birrane House, 2 - 4 Southwark Street, London, United Kingdom, SE1 1TQ
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Private company limited by shares or Ltd
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