Fitly Inc.

An American award-winning, digital health company


Pharma and Life Sciences  

Fitly Inc. is an American-based and award-winning, digital health company. After many years of research and development, Fitly Inc. announced in November 2020 the launch of SmartPlate: a food tracking device and app that achieves 99% nutrition accuracy by relying on highly precise scales, artificial intelligence, and the latest food recognition technology.


Fitly was originally created in October 2011 by co-founder Anthony Ortiz, current CEO, Harry Du, current COO, and co-founder Nataliya Preiss, current CMO. Based in Austin, Texas, Anthony Ortiz, Harry Du, and Nataliya Preiss founded Fitly to create a healthier world using the latest AI developments and an innovative approach. 

The major milestone came in November 2020, when they launched their signature product, SmartPlate, which is recognised as the world’s first Intelligent Wellbeing Platform™ that uses advanced photo recognition and AI technology to identify, weigh, and analyse food in mere seconds.


SmartPlate is a leader among brands in the American health sector looking to create products that impact body composition and prevent or manage chronic diseases. With more than 100 million Americans already turning to calorie-counting applications, SmartPlate aims to help everyone live a healthier life through simpler, more accurate, and science-backed measures.


Fitly was created to help users take charge of their nutrition for good. SmartPlate's easy-to-use system tracks user's diets 4 times faster and 65 times more accurately than all calorie and carb counting apps.

Key Team

Anthony Ortiz (Co-founder & CEO)

Harry Du (Co-founder & COO)

Nataliya Preiss (Co-founder & CMO)

Recognition and Awards
SmartPlate claims to be “backed by science.” The technology has also won the “American Heart Science Research Award.” SmartPlate is an app and food tracking device recognised by Forbes magazine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and more. The device was even on the ABC television show Shark Tank.

Fitly Inc.
Leadership team

Anthony Ortiz (Co-founder & CEO)

Harry Du (Co-founder & COO)

Nataliya Preiss (Co-founder & CMO)


Pharma and Life Sciences

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0 - 50
Austin, Texas
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