Gorkem Kiris Gumusel

Gorkem is the Country Director covering Turkey and Central Asia markets

Gorkem is a highly accomplished professional serving as the Country Director for Turkey and Central Asia markets at Rolls-Royce. She oversees business positioning and performance in segments like Civil Aerospace, Defence, and Power Systems. Additionally, she serves as the Customer Business Executive, ensuring customer satisfaction and managing the overall customer interface. With extensive experience in aerospace, Gorkem has contributed to expanding business development activities across multiple markets. She holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration and a Six Sigma black belt certification, underscoring her expertise and commitment to excellence. Her strategic leadership and dedication have been instrumental in Rolls-Royce's success in the region.


Gorkem is a highly accomplished professional who currently holds the position of Country Director for Turkey and Central Asia markets at Rolls-Royce. With an impressive track record in the aerospace industry, Görkem assumes a key leadership role, where she is responsible for overseeing the business positioning and performance of Rolls-Royce's segments, including Civil Aerospace, Defence, and Power Systems.

In addition to her role as Country Director, Gorkem also serves as the Customer Business Executive, a testament to her exceptional capabilities and dedication. In this capacity, she focuses on supporting customers in the Civil and Defence Aerospace sectors and assumes overall responsibility for managing the customer interface within the region. Gorkem's primary goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing outstanding service and building strong relationships with clients.

Gorkem embarked on her professional journey in 1997 at TEI (TUSA? Engine Industries), a renowned company within the aerospace industry. Throughout her tenure, she held various roles across departments such as Marketing, Sales, and Business Development. Her contributions played a significant role in supporting both domestic and international customers, facilitating the delivery of products and services, and expanding the company's business development activities across the Middle East, Far Asia, and select European markets.

To further enhance her professional qualifications, Gorkem pursued higher education and successfully obtained a Master's Degree in Business Administration. This academic achievement equips her with a strong understanding of strategic management principles, enabling her to make informed decisions and effectively lead her team. Additionally, Görkem holds a black belt certification in Six Sigma, a renowned methodology focused on process improvement and operational efficiency.

Gorkem's extensive experience, coupled with her educational background and industry certifications, positions her as an invaluable asset within the aerospace sector. Her strategic leadership and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction have contributed to Rolls-Royce's success in the Turkey and Central Asia markets. Görkem's remarkable abilities and dedication continue to shape the company's future and reinforce its position as a leading player in the industry.


Gorkem possesses a clear and inspiring vision that guides her professional endeavors as the Country Director for Turkey and Central Asia markets at Rolls-Royce. Her vision encompasses several key aspects that shape her approach to business and leadership:

Customer Satisfaction: Gorkem prioritizes customer satisfaction as a central pillar of her vision. She understands that building strong customer relationships and delivering exceptional service are vital for long-term success. By focusing on understanding customer needs, providing tailored solutions, and ensuring a positive customer experience, Görkem aims to establish Rolls-Royce as the preferred choice for clients in the Turkey and Central Asia markets.

Business Positioning and Performance: Görkem is dedicated to positioning Rolls-Royce as a leading player in the aerospace industry in Turkey and Central Asia. She aims to optimize the business performance of Rolls-Royce's segments, including Civil Aerospace, Defence, and Power Systems. By leveraging her expertise and industry knowledge, Görkem aims to drive growth, capture market opportunities, and strengthen the company's competitive position in the region.

Strategic Leadership: Gorkem's vision is rooted in strategic leadership. She understands the importance of setting clear goals, defining actionable strategies, and inspiring her team to achieve excellence. By providing guidance, fostering collaboration, and empowering her colleagues, she aims to create a high-performance culture that drives innovation, efficiency, and overall organizational success.

Continuous Improvement: Gorkem believes in the power of continuous improvement. She aims to foster a culture of learning, adaptability, and innovation within Rolls-Royce. By promoting ongoing professional development, implementing best practices, and embracing emerging technologies and methodologies, Gorkem strives for operational excellence and the continuous enhancement of the company's products, services, and processes.

Gorkem Kiris Gumusel
Country Director at Rolls-Royce
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Country Director
Master Degree in Business Administration at Anadolu University
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Fri Mar 01 2024

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