Gregory Pepin

Gregory Pepin is the founder and CEO of IO FinNET, an API-driven decentralized Financial Network which enables its network members to grow their business.

Gregory Pepin is the founder and CEO of Io FinNET, an API-driven decentralised Financial Network which enables its network members to grow their business. He also holds a position as Senior Advisor to Deltec Group, a global financial and insurance services centre for innovators, entrepreneurs and investors.

Gregory is currently the Chairman of Delchain, the digital asset arm of Deltec group and, DIAM, the external asset management arm. He has been an early supporter of Digital Asset companies by working to provide banking services to the industry. 

His background and experience have enabled him to develop an expertise in payments, compliance and transactional flow in banking and other financial networks. 

Gregory is an expert financial strategist with in-depth experience in blockchain technology applied to banking, finance, wealth management, investments and insurance, advising a portfolio of clients in Finance, Management and Strategic Development. 

He is a currently a director of Theravectys, Inc. an innovative Biotech company based in France. He also previously worked as a senior consultant in Actuaries and Finance at Winter & Associates in Paris, France and was a lecturer in Finance Market at the University of St Joseph in Lebanon for their Actuaries Master Program. 

Gregory holds a Master of Science in Actuaries and Finance from HEC Lausanne, Switzerland.


After his Master of Science degree in Finance and Actuarial Science from HEC Lausanne - The Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Lausanne, Gregory began his career journey began in 2005 when he joined Winter & Associes as a Consultant Actuary. He later moved on to Independent Wealth Management as an Analyst, where he honed his skills in wealth management and financial analysis.

In 2010, Gregory transitioned to Independence Wealth Management as a Senior Vice President, taking on more responsibilities. He continued to excel in his career and joined Vatea Fund as a Chief Analyst, contributing his expertise to the investment analysis and decision-making process.

Gregory's passion for finance and academia led him to take on the role of a Professor of Finance at Universite Saint Joseph, Liban, from 2006 to 2015. During this time, he shared his knowledge and expertise with students, further solidifying his understanding of finance principles.

In 2013, Gregory became the Managing Director of Cedrus Capital LLC, where he played a crucial role in the strategic development and management of the firm. 

Gregory's journey continued with his involvement as a Board Member in several esteemed organisations, including Tenax Therapeutics, DIAM, Delchain, and THERAVECTYS. 

In 2021, Gregory assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer at Io FinNet, a position he currently holds. 


Gregory Pepin's vision is centered around transforming the finance industry through innovation, customer-centricity, and ethical practices. He envisions a future where financial institutions prioritise the best interests of their customers, offering transparent and tailored products and services that meet individual needs. By embracing technology and innovation, he aims to enhance the customer experience while safeguarding data privacy and security.

Gregory believes in learning from past mistakes and implementing robust regulations to prevent similar crises in the future. Gregory envisions a financial landscape where industry-wide initiatives and open dialogue with customers and the public drive positive change, improve industry standards, and rebuild trust collectively. 

Recognition and Awards
As the CEO of Io FinNet, he has played a pivotal role in driving financial innovation and transforming the industry. Under his guidance, Io FinNet has made significant strides in implementing customer-centric finance practices, prioritizing ethical standards, and fostering trust among clients and stakeholders. As a board member of various esteemed organizations, including Delchain and THERAVECTYS, he has contributed to their strategic growth and success. His extensive experience as an investment advisor for multiple funds and as a managing director at Cedrus Capital LLC has allowed him to provide invaluable insights and guidance to investors, enabling them to make informed decisions.

Gregory Pepin
technology entrepreneur, investor, financial expert, advisor, board member
Known for
IO FinNET (Founder, CEO), Deltec Group (Senior Advisor)
Delchain, THERAVECTYS, Tenax Therapeutics (Board Member)
Master of Science (Finance and Acturiat, HEC Lausanne - The Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Lausanne)
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