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Industrial Manufacturing  

The Grupo Fetz, through its construction division and over its 37 years of operation, has built a history of quality, trust, and commitment, with more than 1,500,000 square meters of constructed area in various states of Brazil. They have served diverse clients in various sectors including bioenergy, agribusiness, dairy, education, hypermarkets, and residential projects. Grupo Fetz owns its own fleet and has crane and boom pump capabilities. The company is also involved in the mineral water, agribusiness, and metallurgy sectors. Their motto appears to be “Think big, Fetz delivers.”


The Grupo Fetz began its history 45 years ago when its CEO, Carlos Fetz, overcame all the challenges and adversities in his life and enthusiastically and visionarily seized the opportunity to venture into the construction industry.

Today, the Grupo consists of four companies: Construtora Fetz, Fetz Agronegócio, Água Mineral Treze Tílias, and Fetz Mineradora, operating extensively in Santa Catarina and Goiás. Across all these areas, it has more than 700 employees and partners.

On April 30th, a celebration was held in Rio Verde to mark Grupo Fetz's 45th anniversary, attended by family members, employees, friends, and partners. During the event, the entire journey of Mr. Carlos Fetz was revisited, highlighting how Grupo Fetz has become a benchmark for commitment, quality, and integrity in the sectors it operates in.

At the celebration, employee Paulo Luiz Grahl was honored with an apartment as a token of appreciation for his 37 years of dedicated service to the Grupo, recognizing his own merit and unwavering commitment and efforts in his work. Paulo shared that he has been working at Construtora Fetz since he was 13 years old, starting in Salto Veloso, Santa Catarina, and that both his professional and family foundation were nurtured thanks to the Grupo.

Mr. Carlos received the title of "Cidadão Cachoeiraltense" from Mayor Rodrigo Miranda Mendonça, further affirming his importance and commitment to the economic and social development of the region and Goiás.

During the event, Construtora Fetz unveiled its new project, the Solo Residencial, presented by Mariana Fetz, who is Mr. Carlos' daughter and owner of Mariana Fetz Arquitetura, the firm responsible for the project.

In addition to these developments, Água Mineral Treze Tílias also unveiled a fresh new look, with a new label and logo, combining its quality with a clean and refreshing visual.

The celebration was a lot of fun, featuring comedians Nilton Pinto and Tom Carvalho and an enthusiastic performance by musician Tony Francis, who got the guests out of their seats with a diverse repertoire.

It is an honor for the organizers to have had the presence of so many emblematic individuals who have made and continue to make a difference in this success story.


Grupo Fetz is driven by a mission to continually build on our legacy of commitment, quality, and integrity, which has been the foundation of our success for over four decades. We strive to be a beacon of progress and development in the communities of Santa Catarina and Goiás, contributing to both their economic and social advancement.


Grupo Ftez's vision is to continue building on the remarkable legacy of determination, innovation, and unwavering commitment that has defined Grupo Fetz for the past 45 years. The company envisions a future where Grupo Fetz stands as an enduring symbol of excellence and progress in the construction and related industries.

Key Team

Fagner Sousa (Managing Operator)

Flavio Miozzo (Human Resources )

Mario Capela ( Senior Engineer )

Rafael Luza (Financial Analyst )

Cleonice Lopes (Secretary)

Products and Services

Construction Services: At the core of Grupo Fetz's offerings lies expertise in construction. The company excels in constructing various types of structures, encompassing residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. Architectural concepts are transformed into tangible, high-quality constructions, bringing visions to life.

Infrastructure Development: Specialization in infrastructure development projects characterizes Grupo Fetz's services, enhancing connectivity and functionality in the regions of operation. This includes the construction of roads, bridges, utilities, and other vital components of infrastructure.

Grupo Fetz
Leadership team

Carlos Fetz  (Director)


Industrial Manufacturing

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