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Bahia Tropical, situated on the pristine Velilla Beach in Almuñécar, offers a serene escape for all. Experience tranquility on the only sandy beach in Almuñécar, featuring clean waters and a peaceful atmosphere. The hotel, just 2km from town, boasts rooms with pool views, a spa, English Pub, and a tropical terrace. Families can enjoy our entertainment and facilities, while various room options cater to your needs. Indulge in a relaxing holiday at Bahia Tropical.


Bahia Tropical, founded in 1999, embarked on a remarkable journey towards becoming the cherished beachfront haven it is today. Over two decades of dedicated service and unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction have shaped the hotel's illustrious history.

Inception and Early Years:
In the late 1990s, Bahia Tropical emerged as a vision to provide a haven of relaxation and luxury along the stunning Velilla Beach. The founders envisioned a place where guests could escape the ordinary and immerse themselves in the tranquility of Almuñécar's only sandy beach.

Continuous Growth and Innovation:
As the years unfolded, Bahia Tropical embraced growth and innovation. The hotel continually expanded its offerings and amenities to ensure that each guest enjoyed an unforgettable experience. The addition of the spa, solarium, and various room options were milestones in this journey.

Family-Focused Excellence:
Bahia Tropical's commitment to excellence extended to families, earning it a reputation as a family-friendly destination during the summer months. The introduction of tailored entertainment programs for children and adults alike became a hallmark of the hotel's commitment to ensuring everyone's enjoyment.

A Tradition of Exceptional Service:
Throughout its history, Bahia Tropical has remained dedicated to delivering first-class service. The dedicated staff and management have strived to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes every guest feel at home.

Looking Ahead:
As Bahia Tropical celebrates over two decades of excellence, the hotel remains committed to the principles that guided its inception: providing a tranquil escape, a haven of luxury, and a place where cherished memories are made. With an eye on the future, Bahia Tropical continues to evolve, offering guests new reasons to return year after year.


Our mission at Bahia Tropical is to provide an unparalleled beachfront haven where every guest finds serenity, relaxation, and unforgettable moments. We are dedicated to delivering top-tier hospitality, upholding eco-friendly practices to protect our environment, and continuously innovating to exceed guest expectations. We actively contribute to the well-being of our local community, foster a culture of growth and excellence among our team members, and aim to be the catalyst for cherished memories that linger in the hearts of our guests. Our enduring commitment to authenticity ensures that Bahia Tropical remains a timeless destination, where the beauty of Velilla Beach meets the comforts of home.


At Bahia Tropical, our vision is to redefine beachfront hospitality by consistently delivering exceptional guest experiences. We are committed to sustainable practices that preserve the environment while embracing innovation to adapt to changing guest needs. We actively engage with and support our local community, nurture a skilled and passionate team, and strive to be the backdrop for lifelong memories. Our authenticity remains unwavering as we evolve to meet modern expectations, ensuring Bahia Tropical remains a symbol of timeless beachfront excellence.

Products and Services

Bahia Tropical offers a comprehensive range of products and services designed to enhance our guests' beachfront experience. Our elegantly appointed rooms and suites, including Duo Rooms for couples and ground-floor options for families, provide comfort and convenience. Guests can indulge in relaxation at our spa and solarium, savor drinks at our English Pub and Tropical Terrace, and delight in entertainment for all ages. We also prioritize sustainability, ensuring that our offerings are aligned with eco-friendly practices. Whether seeking a tranquil escape, family fun, or a romantic retreat, Bahia Tropical's diverse offerings cater to the unique needs and desires of our valued guests.

Leadership team

Maria Duran Toscano (Manager)


Retail and Consumer Goods

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Hospitality, Lodging & Resorts
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0 - 50
Almuñecar, Andalusia, 18690, Spain
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Private company limited by shares or Ltd
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500K - 2M
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