Izzet Özberki

Corporate Finance at RSM Turkey

Izzet Özberki is a seasoned finance professional with a strong background in academia, investment banking, and corporate consulting. With extensive experience and qualifications in corporate finance, he continues to contribute to the field and provide strategic guidance to clients.


Izzet Özberki is a seasoned professional with a strong background in the field of finance. In 1979, he graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences at Ankara University, laying the foundation for his career in the industry.

Following his academic achievements, Izzet embarked on a career in academia, delivering lectures at Gazi University's Economics Department from 1979 to 1984. During this time, he honed his expertise in the field and gained valuable teaching experience.

In 1984, Izzet transitioned to the banking sector and joined Midland Bank's Istanbul Branch. Over the course of seven years, he assumed various roles, ultimately becoming the Head of the Investment Banking Department. This experience provided him with a comprehensive understanding of investment banking operations.

In 1992, Izzet transitioned to a new phase of his career and began working as a corporate consultant at Arkan & Arkan. He continued to excel in this role for nearly a decade, contributing his expertise to corporate clients seeking strategic guidance.

In 2001, Izzet joined Arkan & Ergin as a Partner, further solidifying his position in the corporate finance arena. His extensive knowledge and experience in the field were complemented by his Corporate Financier (CF) degree from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales, further enhancing his professional qualifications.

Throughout his career, Izzet Özberki has demonstrated a strong commitment to excellence and a comprehensive understanding of corporate finance. With his educational background, extensive experience, and professional credentials, he continues to make valuable contributions to the field of finance and strategic consulting.


Izzet Özberki's vision is centered around leveraging his expertise in finance and corporate consulting to drive excellence in the field. With a strong educational foundation and a successful career spanning academia, investment banking, and corporate consulting, his vision likely entails providing strategic guidance, delivering expert financial advice, and maximizing business opportunities for his clients. By combining his academic knowledge, practical experience, and professional qualifications, Izzet aims to make a significant impact in the field of corporate finance and contribute to the success of his clients and organizations.


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Izzet Özberki
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Corporate Finance
Faculty of Political Sciences at Ankara University

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