Jaewon Peter Chun

Jaewon Peter Chun is the President of the World Smart Cities Forum.

Jaewon Peter Chun was Born in South Korea, started with Investment Bank and started initially in investment/finance in tech and working in investing in high potential companies. 

He is now the President of the World Smart Cities Forum, Chief Executive Officer, ARK-i Labs since Nov 2019. Jaewon is also the CEO, XnTREE and Executive Directorof Korea-Israel Chamber of Commerce (KICC), since Mar 2011. And has been a Partner, APEX Investment & Company, since Jan 2005.


Jaewon Peter Chun is now Chief Executive Officer, ARK-i Labs Full-time, since Nov 2019. He is the President, World Smart Cities Forum Full-time, Dec 2018. Jaewon is the CEO, XnTREE, Jan 2016. He is the Executive Director, Korea-Israel Chamber of Commerce (KICC), since Mar 2011. Jaewon Peter Chun has been a Partner, APEX Investment & Company, since Jan 2005. 

“There has been a trend of rising attention for the sustainable industry; the future of smart cities is looking brighter every day and the feasibility of implementing a smart city is becoming widely increasing. With our affiliations, we are successfully creating an inclusive, tech-oriented system through the Smart City Master Planning and TechSandbox.” Jaewon Peter Chun, President of World Smart Cities Forum.


Jaewon Peter Chun is a leading investment banker with extensive experience. His vision can be found in a recent interview conducted by Dinis Guarda. In that interview, he said the following about South Korea's development as smart cities, working in the project of the smart city of Hanoi, Vietnam and applying the experience of South Korea to Vietnam, how to embrace data and deal with the data, World Cities Forum, and Covid-19: 

South Korea's development as smart cities “South Korea's development as smart cities – is very government driven. The South Korea Government chose new cities as frame one of them to be the new capital and one that is the biggest port – National Pilot projects. I was responsible for Poussin to be much more of a hub of digital transformation. The innovation tech hub is a designated area to create a South Korean Silicon Valley. We are trying to transform the conventional industry into a new industry. This pilot was important with concepts such as collaborative clusters. It is an international tech validation sandbox. I brought this concept to the South Korean smart city national project. I took this after to other national governments and cities around the world. At this stage, it was critical to come up with a tech city sandbox – nurture companies that can integrate systems into the whole project.” 

Working in the project of the smart city of Hanoi “Working in the project of the smart city of Hanoi, Vietnam and applying the experience of South Korea to Vietnam. Using the lack of development to make a quantum leap of development as they have no legacy. Like in China they could upgrade the country as a way to digital transformation in the country. The similarities between Vietnam and China can have a massive impact on the rest of the world. The scalability of Vietnam is a massive opportunity. The 100 million population mostly are in their 20s and can adapt to tech faster. Regulation and digital transformation are key when it comes to smart cities. We have to regulate sensors, data, and infrastructure and this needs a tech sandbox to protect experimentation and a space to create solutions.” 

How to embrace data and dealing with the data “How to embrace data and dealing with the data. Data can be really efficient when people can use it in a better way. Data analytics and data mining and data sharing. A way to look at this is Covid 19. Western people looking at South Korea’s tracking of people is different from them as they have different ways of looking at the solutions and how to deal with these differences in cultural values and solutions. A solution is to create an open gate that communicates with authorities and organisations and these kinds of initiatives can create smart sustainable solutions for smart cities. Sharing ideas on these topics is critical and fundamental for solving issues and the cities should evolve based on people activities and collaboration and tech should support this.” 

World Cities Forum “World smart cities forum was created recently as a way to look at goals and KPIs for cities. Most cities around the world are poor and have no money. And if the cities are wealthy the mayors have limited decision-making. Building smart cities need strategy and the World smart cities forum helps them build better KPIs and persuade cities to do what they have to do. Dealing with a basic master plan and collaborating with other cities. Combine this as a group and create a mutually beneficial mandate agreement between cities, and companies and create tech sandboxes and persuade the private sector to the cities. It is a non for profit organization.”

Covid-19 “Covid 19 will change cities very fast. London is less conservative than NY and it is adapting fast to the new post-covid world.Covid 19 has to make us look at solutions and how to look at the issues we are facing and solve solutions and change environments in the cities., Covid 19 will trigger a new form of solutions to smart cities – public transportation – food.Covid 19 is changing mindsets and will change the way we live and mentality – culture and adapt to this change of environment. Covid 19 is a force to 4IR and the change after this. Goals and how do you see the future of work and the main trends in tech and society. Covid 19 will make dramatic changes. Both on employment and no more full-time work and more based on projects. People don’t want to take subways, transportation or offices. This started to change globalisation as we know it. Online offline activities will be the real deal for now.”

Recognition and Awards
ARK-i Labs, Jaewon's company, plays a pivotal role in leading smart city projects by planning smart city master plans and raising fund from the private sector. Currently, ARK-I Labs is engaged in smart city projects more than 7 cities around the world.

Jaewon Peter Chun
New York, United States
World Smart Cities Forum President
Social Media
Fri Mar 01 2024

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