Jamal Ouenniche

Jamal Quenniche is a Professor and Chair in Business Analytics at the University of Edinburgh.

Dr Jamal Ouenniche is a Professor and Chair in Business Analytics at the University of Edinburgh Business School (UK), Member of the Senate, Member of the Business School Executive Board, Head of the Management Science and Business Economics group, and Director of the MSc in Business Analytics.


Education He holds a BSc in Mathematics and MSc in Operational Research from the University of Montreal (Canada), and a PhD in Operations Management from Laval University (Quebec, Canada). 

His research portfolio encompasses a broad range of applications and a variety of research methodologies in descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and tackles important managerial issues in energy, manufacturing, transport, banking, and public sector policy. 

Some of his research is concerned with methodological contributions to the fields of optimization, artificial intelligence, data envelopment analysis, risk modelling and analysis, and forecasting. His teaching experience is international and covers a wide range of areas such as Operations, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management; Operational Research, Management Science and Business Analytics; Business Statistics and Methods of Research; and Business Forecasting.


Dr. Jamal Ouenniche appeared in a citiesabc interview recently, where he said the following: 

Data analytics. “Analytics has always been there, especially as Data itself has no value unless someone analyzes it. That is why so important to invest in analytics. From an education perspective, universities haven’t done enough to add studies related to data and predictive analytics to their offerings. Furthermore, as the demand is growing in the private sector, big and small.” 

Data analytics applied to Financial Industry. “The decision-making process in the financial industry is crucial. That is why using data to make those decisions is so important. The major issue right now for banks is how to deal with this crisis. And we need to look at data, understand it and use it to make the right decisions to avoid closures, bankruptcies, etc.” · 

Rankings and Data Analytics. “Rankings provide valuable information for businesses, people, etc. When you know where you are in the ranking, you know your value and as such, you can improve in the future. Rankings need to be accurate. For example in cities. If you use data analytics to get insights from crime and there is a global ranking for crimes in cities, that can be important for decision-makers and for the population. They are a benchmark from where to improve.”

Recognition and Awards
He acts as a Referee for over 25 academic journals, several international conferences, and several national and foreign research councils (e.g., ESRC – The Economic and Social Research Council of the UK; SSHRC – The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada; FCT – The Foundation for Science and Technology – the Portuguese public research funding agency; GACR – The Czech Science Foundation – the main public funding agency in the Czech Republic). He is also a Member of the Editorial Board of eight academic journals and is an Associate Editor of Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications. His research is published in Operations Research; European Journal of Operational Research; Computers and Operations Research; Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications; Expert Systems with Applications; International Journal of Operational Research; Journal of the Operational Research Society; Annals of Operations Research; International Journal of Production Economics; International Journal of Production Research; Technological Forecasting and Social Change – An International Journal; International Review of Financial Analysis; Applied Financial Economics; Applied Economics Letters; Energy Economics; Applied Energy; and The Journal of Developing Areas, amongst others.

Jamal Ouenniche
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Professor & Chair in Business Analytics, University of Edinburgh Business School
PhD in Operations Management from Laval University (Quebec, Canada)
Social Media
Sun Feb 25 2024

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