Jed McCaleb

Cofounder of Stellar Development Foundation

Jed McCaleb is a visionary entrepreneur, serving as the founder and CEO of aerospace startup Vast and co-founder/CTO of Stellar, a leading blockchain platform. With a history of success in cryptocurrency, he co-founded Mt. Gox and Ripple before focusing on financial inclusion with Stellar. Simultaneously, his passion for aerospace drives Vast's innovative efforts to revolutionize satellite manufacturing and space access. Jed's forward-thinking initiatives continue to impact both industries significantly.


Jed McCaleb is a prominent entrepreneur and visionary in the fields of aerospace technology and blockchain. As the founder and CEO of Vast, an innovative aerospace startup, and a co-founder and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Stellar, a decentralized blockchain platform, Jed has made significant contributions to both industries.

Jed's journey in the tech world began with his involvement in various early internet projects. He co-founded MetaMachine in 2000, a company that developed the eDonkey2000 application, a popular file-sharing network at the time. His early experience in peer-to-peer technology laid the foundation for his future ventures in decentralized systems.

In 2014, Jed McCaleb co-founded Stellar, a non-profit organization that aims to facilitate cross-border payments and financial inclusion for all. Stellar's blockchain platform enables fast and low-cost transactions, making it an attractive solution for financial institutions, businesses, and individuals seeking to participate in the global economy.

Simultaneously, Jed pursued his passion for aerospace technology and co-founded Vast, a startup dedicated to revolutionizing the industry. Vast seeks to advance satellite manufacturing and improve space access by utilizing innovative technologies and approaches. Under Jed's leadership, Vast has made significant strides in the aerospace sector, attracting attention and funding from investors and industry leaders.

Throughout his career, Jed McCaleb has been recognized as a forward-thinking entrepreneur with a unique ability to identify and address critical challenges in both traditional and emerging industries. His expertise in decentralized systems, blockchain technology, and aerospace has made him a sought-after speaker at conferences and events worldwide.

As CEO of Vast and CTO of Stellar, Jed continues to shape the future of aerospace technology and blockchain innovation, working tirelessly to bring about positive change and democratization in these sectors. His dedication to creating accessible and equitable solutions for global challenges remains at the heart of his endeavors, inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs and technologists to drive meaningful progress in their respective fields.


Jed McCaleb's vision is centered on leveraging technology to create a more inclusive and interconnected world. Throughout his career, he has consistently sought to address major challenges in finance and aerospace through innovative solutions that empower individuals and drive global progress.

In the realm of blockchain and cryptocurrency, Jed envisions a financial landscape where everyone, regardless of their location or background, can access secure and low-cost financial services. As a co-founder and CTO of Stellar, his mission is to facilitate cross-border transactions and increase financial inclusion for the unbanked and underbanked populations. By providing a decentralized platform for fast and cost-effective transfers, Jed aims to bridge the gap between traditional financial systems and the emerging world of digital currencies.

Recognition and Awards
Jed McCaleb has made to the Forbes Billionaires list in 2022 and Forbes 400 list in 2021. Contributor to Business Insider,,, and more.

Jed McCaleb
California, USA
Software Developer
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Ripple, Software development and Cryptocurrency Exchange
University of California, Berkeley
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Fri Feb 23 2024

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