Jesse Brown

FinTech leader and executive.

Jesse Brown is a highly accomplished FinTech leader and executive with extensive experience driving innovative crypto infrastructure solutions, developing founding teams, establishing strategic partnerships, and building compelling products.


Having worked with brands like Ford Motor Company, Microsoft, and LedgerScore, Jesse brings with him more than a decade’s experience in cloud, mobile, and enterprise solution architecture. With unique skills like the capability to clearly articulate and drive the strategic vision of an organization while defining and overseeing the execution of a product roadmap. He also has the proven ability to communicate complex systems, cybersecurity, and distributed ledger technologies to non-technical audiences, a skill he honed further while at the Florida Gulf Coast University.

Jesse is an expert in creating a scalable sales engine to sell crypto infrastructure solutions to financial institutions. He is skilled at building strong B2B brands as a credible cryptocurrency operator, serving as a visible presence in the market, and generating positive exposure as a thought leader among developers, financial executives, investors, partners, influencers, and other stakeholders.

At Himalaya Exchange, which he joined in 2020, Jesse leads global stable coin and utility token private placement issuance. He is responsible for communicating and negotiating with the BVI government to establish headquarters. What is more, he:

  1. develops short-and long-term technology strategies to grow his global footprint.
  2. remains abreast of the competitive crypto and blockchain market landscape, new ecosystem expansion opportunities, and FinTech industry innovation.
  3. assesses global regulatory risks to the HE and monitor and minimize them at the local jurisdictional level.
  4. partners with marketing to launch social media campaigns, manage brands, and build advocates.
  5. blends traditional centralized finance (CeFi) with decentralized finance (DeFi) via Universal Tokens.
  6. builds wallet applications for simplified integration with merchants in the commercial consortium.
  7. partners with leading vendors in the DeFi space (ConsenSys, Jumio, Bitgo, Ledger, etc.) to develop new financial products.
  8. reduces high-volume computational transaction costs and throughput times to execute low-cost transactions.
  9. creates token flows for the internal accounting department and provides backend office admin panels to monitor and categorize transactional activities with 3rd party audit export features.
    Past experiences

Prior to being at the Himalayan Exchange, Jesse had worked with:

LedgerScore as Technology Advisor was responsible for developing LS’s blockchain technology, partnerships, and external relationships, spearheading LS’s decentralized and centralized finance thought leadership, innovation, and creativity.

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) as Blockchain Architect. Here he was responsible for architect an institutional grade private placement token issuance platform to integrate with legacy systems. He also evaluated Amazon’s new QLDB as a possible option to store mission-critical data in an immutable database.

DataBlockChain as Chief Technology Officer. Here he Optimized a big data platform consisting of distributed ledger, AI, and a large data set ecosystem (four billion records). Collaborated with marketing, business development, and operations to define and deliver DBC coin issuance.

Microsoft as Azure Advisor where he Served as an Advisor for the Azure Confidential Computing initiative with a focus on Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) and increasing security around application code and data processing. Leveraged analysis application isolation technology for FinTech use cases that harnessed biometric authorization and AI to limit fraudulent activity in the crypto space.

Ford Motor Company as Blockchain Enterprise Architecture Consultant. Here he Consulted with the Ford Motor Credit Company (FMCC) Innovation team to identify potential areas for blockchain implementation through proof-of-concept development for DLTs in the auto financing domain.

ValueCentric as Director of Portal Services. Here he Designed solutions for customers using elicitation techniques to understand and address business use cases for SaaS products in the pharmaceutical supply chain space.

Florida Gulf Coast University as Software Engineer Advisory Board. Supported local talent by providing outside executive guidance in support of the curriculum change from Computer Science to Software Engineering at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Olympusat Media as Director of Digital Services where he Directed IT project management initiative to stream full-length movies over the web and over set-top boxes.


In a recent interview, Brown explained to the decentralised finance models that Himalaya Exchange is currently targeting. He expanded on the exchange’s long-term goals to become one of the top exchanges in the world, trading larger volumes, and more pairs on it.

“Our mission is to provide financial freedom and the ability to people to own their assets and control their own money. So, we are trying to reach out to people who are disenfranchised and have no access to financial institutions or even the internet. That’s an area where there is a lot of opportunity for us.”, he said.

Recognition and Awards
Under his guidance, the Himalaya Exchange has been able to achieve the following milestones: First cryptocurrency exchange compliant with the Economic Substance Act in the BVI. Highly subscribed nine-figure private placement round for HCN token issuance. Piloted the Miami data centre build-out and BVI MPLS design. Developed the Tortola data room for real-time fund trading and settlement.

Jesse Brown
Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands
FinTech leader and executive
The College of Saint Rose, Information Technology
Social Media
Sun Feb 25 2024

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