Jesse Powell

Co-founder of Kraken

Jesse Powell is the co-founder and CEO of Kraken, a leading cryptocurrency exchange known for its robust security measures and regulatory compliance. With a background in technology and finance, Powell recognized the need for a safer and more transparent platform after the Mt. Gox incident. In 2011, he co-founded Kraken, which officially launched in 2013. Under his leadership, Kraken has become a pioneer in the cryptocurrency space, advocating for responsible growth, regulatory clarity, and wider adoption of digital assets. Powell's vision centers around building trust in the crypto industry and empowering individuals by providing secure and accessible financial services through blockchain technology.


Jesse Powell is a prominent entrepreneur and visionary in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. As the co-founder and CEO of Kraken, one of the largest and most well-established cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, he has played a significant role in shaping the digital asset landscape.

Born in 1981, Powell hails from the United States and developed a keen interest in technology and finance from an early age. Prior to his foray into the cryptocurrency industry, he gained valuable experience working in various tech-related roles. However, it was in the wake of the infamous Mt. Gox incident that Powell's path took a pivotal turn.

In 2011, following the high-profile hack of Mt. Gox, one of the first and largest Bitcoin exchanges at the time, Powell recognized the need for a more secure and trustworthy platform to trade cryptocurrencies. Inspired by the potential of blockchain technology and driven by a mission to provide a safe haven for crypto enthusiasts, he co-founded Kraken in 2011. The exchange officially launched in 2013 and quickly gained popularity for its robust security measures and commitment to regulatory compliance.

Under Powell's leadership, Kraken emerged as a pioneer in the cryptocurrency space. The exchange gained a reputation for its focus on security, transparency, and customer-centric approach. Powell actively engaged with regulators to help shape industry standards, making Kraken one of the first exchanges to adopt a strong commitment to compliance and legal requirements.

Beyond his role at Kraken, Jesse Powell has been a vocal advocate for the broader adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He has participated in numerous conferences and speaking engagements, sharing his insights and knowledge with audiences worldwide. His expertise and pragmatic approach have earned him respect within the crypto community and beyond.

In addition to his contributions to Kraken, Powell has been actively involved in supporting the development of blockchain projects and fostering innovation within the industry. He has invested in various startups and initiatives aimed at advancing the use of blockchain technology in different sectors.

As the cryptocurrency market has evolved, Jesse Powell's leadership at Kraken has remained steadfast. He has navigated the exchange through challenging periods, such as the volatile price swings and regulatory changes that have characterized the crypto space. Through it all, Powell has demonstrated a commitment to building a secure and reliable platform for users to trade digital assets.

Jesse Powell's journey from a tech enthusiast to a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency world showcases his determination, foresight, and entrepreneurial spirit. As the co-founder of Kraken, he continues to drive innovation, advocate for responsible growth, and shape the future of the digital asset ecosystem.


Jesse Powell's vision centers around creating a secure, transparent, and accessible financial ecosystem through the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. As the co-founder of Kraken, he has been a driving force behind the evolution of the cryptocurrency industry and envisions a future where digital assets play a vital role in reshaping global finance.

One of Powell's primary goals is to foster trust and confidence in the cryptocurrency space. Recognizing the challenges and risks associated with early exchanges like Mt. Gox, he set out to establish Kraken as a platform known for its robust security measures and unwavering commitment to safeguarding users' funds. His vision is to create a cryptocurrency exchange that prioritizes the protection of customer assets and complies with regulatory standards, earning the trust of both individual traders and institutional investors.

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Kraken CEO Jesse Powell was included inCoindesk’s 2020 ‘Most Influential’ List

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