Jimmy Song

Jimmy Song is a prominent figure in the Bitcoin community, known for his expertise as an educator, developer, and entrepreneur.

Jimmy Song is a prominent figure in the Bitcoin community, known for his expertise as an educator, developer, and entrepreneur. With 20 years of programming experience, the last 4 of which have been dedicated to Bitcoin, Song has established himself as a respected voice within the cryptocurrency industry.

As the editor of bitcointechtalk.com and a regular blogger on medium.com, Song shares his insights and knowledge on the latest developments in Bitcoin technology and its impact on society. He has contributed to Bitcoin Core, the software that powers the Bitcoin network, as well as other Bitcoin projects. His contributions to the community include code, bug fixes, and educational resources.

Prior to his work in the cryptocurrency space, Song served as the VP of Engineering at Armory, a Bitcoin wallet. He has also worked as a software developer and consultant for a number of companies, including JPMorgan Chase, AOL, and Ribbit Capital.

Song is an advocate for the importance of education in the cryptocurrency space. He has taught programming courses at a number of institutions, including the University of Texas at Austin and his own programming academy, Programming Blockchain. He has also authored several educational resources on Bitcoin, including his book "Programming Bitcoin: Learn How to Program Bitcoin from Scratch".

In addition to his educational work, Song is also an entrepreneur. He has founded several companies in the cryptocurrency space, including a blockchain consulting firm and a startup that uses blockchain technology to verify the authenticity of luxury goods.


Jimmy Song is a well-known figure in the cryptocurrency industry, particularly in the Bitcoin community. He has established himself as a developer, entrepreneur, and educator in the field of blockchain technology.

Song attended the University of Michigan and earned a degree in Mathematics in 1998. He also studied abroad at the Technical University of Budapest, where he honed his skills in programming and software development.

Song's career has been primarily in software development, with his work spanning across various industries including entertainment, healthcare, and e-commerce. In 2014, he joined Monetas, a Swiss-based blockchain startup, where he led the development of Bitcoin integration with open transactions for almost a year.

After his time at Monetas, Song became the Vice President of Engineering at Armory Technologies, where he managed the development of a business-friendly Bitcoin wallet. Later, he served as Principal Architect for Paxos, a fintech company creating blockchain solutions for institutional entities.

In January 2018, Song joined Blockchain Capital as a Venture Partner, where he has been actively investing in early-stage blockchain startups. Additionally, he founded Programming Blockchain, a for-profit company that trains students worldwide in blockchain programming and development techniques.

Song has a significant online presence and a growing following. As of August 2017, he had 12K followers on Twitter and 4.5K followers on Medium. He has appeared as a regular commentator on the World Crypto Network, where he discusses developments in the cryptocurrency industry and offers insights on the future of blockchain technology.

Song has contributed to Bitcoin Core, the reference implementation of the Bitcoin protocol. His work has included developing improvements to the protocol's codebase, as well as writing educational material to help others learn how to contribute to Bitcoin Core.

In addition to his technical contributions, Song has also written extensively on Bitcoin and blockchain technology. He is the editor of bitcointechtalk.com, a popular blog focused on technical aspects of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He also blogs at Medium, where he covers a range of topics related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


Jimmy Song is known for his strong beliefs in Bitcoin's potential to revolutionize the financial industry. He has been an ardent advocate for Bitcoin's principles and the need for decentralization in the financial system. He sees Bitcoin as a way to democratize finance and enable financial freedom for people all around the world.

In one of his interviews, Song expressed his views on how Bitcoin can help to prevent corruption and provide transparency in the financial system. He believes that Bitcoin's public ledger technology can help to create a more trustworthy system by ensuring that all transactions are recorded on the blockchain and are publicly visible.

Song has also emphasized the importance of education and spreading awareness about Bitcoin and its underlying technology. He has been actively involved in educating people about blockchain technology and its potential applications. Through his company Programming Blockchain, he has been training students from all around the world in blockchain programming and development techniques.

In addition to his focus on Bitcoin, Song has also been exploring the potential of smart contracts and other decentralized applications built on blockchain technology. He believes that decentralized applications have the potential to disrupt various industries by providing more transparency, security, and efficiency.

Jimmy Song
Austin, Texas, United States
Programming Blockchain Instructor, Investor, Advisor
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University of Michigan, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
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Sat Mar 02 2024

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