Joey Lin

Joey Lin is the Founder of Illume Research.

Joey Lin is the founder of Illume Research – The Future of Education: EdTech, Mentorship and e-Learning. Joey Lin spent his student years in Singapore, from where he moved to the UK to study Mechanical Engineering at Newcastle University.


Joey Lin, a graduate of the University of Cambridge with more than 10 years of overseas experience, participated in the development of nuclear medicine in the ZHDR nuclear physics laboratory in Germany in 2014. 

His company, Illume Research is a technologically advanced education company that offers individually tailored research projects, personalized mentorship, an online study platform and a teaching management system. With over 800 years of educating expertise, Cambridge has helped them adopt and revamp the unique project-based learning style. They were inspired to develop comprehensive and personalized education systems to guide our students towards academic excellence and success. 

The founding team members hail from the world’s top universities including Cambridge University, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Science and Technology of China.


Advice for educators and students to embrace tech and e-Learning:

“My first advice to educators is to never stop researching and learning new education techniques. When I first started my company, I spent lots of time on WeChat groups talking with educators, principals, students and experts and we talked about different education systems and how we could help new students”

Recognition and Awards
He got the offer from the PhD program in the University of Cambridge and won a million-level international scholarship. Out of his study and concern of Chinese overseas students, Fu Lin proposed the Project-Based-Learning PTP jointly with the US Ivy Touch, became the very first tutor for the program and launched ‘the International Academics Age-Lowering Campaign’ in China.

Joey Lin
CEO of Illume Research
Newcastle University
Social Media
Sun Mar 03 2024

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