Jorge Sebastiao

Jorge Sebastiao is a technologist and ICT expert in the area of cyber security.

Jorge Sebastiao is a technology thought leader, influencer and ICT expert in the area of cyber security with more than 35 years of experience in technology systems. 

He is currently the CTO of EcoSystem. A seasoned CTO working in companies like Huawei with experience in AI, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Disaster Recovery, Bigdata & managed services professional focused on business value. 

Jorge Sebastiao has delivered advice in several AI, ML, ICO, STO with a comprehensive understanding of technology disruption effects caused by both Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain technology.


Jorge Sebastiao created the process A6 of security: Assess, Architect, Apply, Administer, Awareness and Agility. He architects practical & business-focused solutions using standards and industry best practices and designed SLAs to meet today’s business resiliency using cloud computing & managed services business requirements.

Mr. Sebastiao has been the speaker at numerous international conferences with topics including Blockchain, AI, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Big Data, & Managed Services.


Talking in a recent interview for citiesabc, Jorge Sebastiao said about cybersecurity the following: 

“The problem is not what we know, but what we don’t. 30 years ago we didn’t use the security belt and now we have many different security systems to keep us safe in cars. That doesn’t mean that the accidents will suddenly stop. It only means that we are less likely to get injured.” In a Smart City context, as much as in any other organization, there should be a specific cyber security department to identify and keep all the technologies and processes safe. In these cities, a correct deployment of 5G, IoT and Big Data will make a huge difference in terms of cyber security but also improving the efficiency of systems and the collection and use of meaningful data.”

About the evolution of technology, Jorge Sebastiao said: “The evolution of technology and its impact has been dramatic, 25 years ago internet connection points, for example in Saudi Arabia, were hard to find. Whereas now there is high-speed connectivity everywhere. The Middle East went from nothing to having all this high-end technology in a very short period of time. It has been impressive.” 

“Technology is playing a key role in the coronavirus crisis, for example through people’s mobile phones. Governments can track people’s movement and enforce self-isolation more effectively. Another measure that some governments have started to use is tracking the spread of the pandemic. GPS tracking can help determine if positive cases have been in touch with one another.” 

Recognition and Awards
Jorge Sebastiao has been the speaker at numerous international conferences with topics including: ICS Security, ICT Security, Business Continuity, ICT Architecture (TOGAF), Wireless Security, Regulatory Compliance, Physical Security, Biometrics and Smart Cards, Ethical Hacking, ISO27001, ISO27002 (ISMS), ISO2000 (ITIL), ISO13335 (Risk Management), ISO22301 (BCMS), CobIT, Basel II, EMV-2, PCI-compliance, SOX, Info warfare, Fraud, Identity Theft, SAP-Security, CISSP, Forensics & Incidence Response.

Jorge Sebastiao
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
ICT Expert and CTO in Huawei
Social Media
Sun Feb 25 2024

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