Joseph Young

Joseph Young is a financial analyst and investor based in Hong Kong.

Joseph Young is a financial analyst and investor based in Hong Kong. He is currently serving as the Chief Editor at NewsBTC, a leading source for news and analysis on Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies. Young is also a contributing author for several renowned publications, including Forbes, CCN, and Binary District.

He started his career as a journalist, working with various media outlets, including The Huffington Post and NewsBTC, where he covered topics related to finance, technology, and business. His expertise in the cryptocurrency industry has earned him a strong reputation as a trusted analyst and commentator. Young is known for his ability to provide insightful analysis of the market trends, as well as his ability to break down complex topics in a simple and accessible manner.

In addition to his work as a journalist, Young is also an active investor and trader in the cryptocurrency market. He regularly shares his investment strategies and insights on social media, where he has a significant following. He has been featured in several publications for his expertise in the cryptocurrency industry, including The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and The New York Times.


Joseph Young is a well-known journalist, investor, and analyst in the tech, financial, and bitcoin industries. He is currently based in Hong Kong, where he serves as a chief editor at NewsBTC, a leading news and media outlet covering the latest developments in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and fintech.

Young began his career in the cryptocurrency sector in 2013, when he first invested in bitcoin. He later expanded his portfolio to include Ethereum in 2015. As an analyst, he has worked with several top-tier companies to introduce innovative ideas, concepts, and technologies. He has also contributed to various publications such as Forbes, CCN, and Binary District, where he has shared his insights on the latest trends in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

In addition to his work as a journalist and investor, Young has also led digital development firms in South Korea and the Philippines, where he designed websites and mobile applications for leading Asian corporations. He is the founder and director of Requixite Media, a news agency and media company that oversees finance, technology, and bitcoin media outlets.

Throughout his career, Young has become a prominent figure in the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities, sharing his expertise and insights on various industry topics. He is known for his deep understanding of the technical aspects of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market, and is widely respected for his knowledge and experience in these areas.


As a tech, financial, and bitcoin journalist, Joseph Young has been closely following the growth and development of the cryptocurrency industry since 2013. Through his work as a chief editor at NewsBTC, and as a contributing author to Forbes, CCN, and Binary District, he has shared his vision of a future where blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies play an increasingly important role in finance and other industries.

Young is a strong advocate for the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a means of reducing the influence of centralized financial institutions and empowering individuals. He has often written about the potential of cryptocurrencies to provide financial services to those who have been underserved or excluded by traditional banking systems, particularly in developing countries. He sees cryptocurrencies as a way to promote financial inclusion, as well as to provide more transparency and security in financial transactions.

Young has also been vocal about the need for greater education and understanding of cryptocurrencies among the general public. He believes that the lack of knowledge and understanding about cryptocurrencies is one of the biggest barriers to their adoption and mainstream acceptance. Through his writing and reporting, he aims to provide clear and accessible information to help people better understand the technology and its potential uses.

Joseph Young
Bangkok, Thailand
Financial analyst, Investor
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Mon Feb 26 2024

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