Kaspi.kz provides payments, marketplace and fintech services primarily through the online mobile app in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


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Kaspi.kz Joint Stock Company, together with its subsidiaries, provides payments, marketplace and fintech services primarily through the online mobile app in the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

The company operates through three segments: Payments Platform, Marketplace Platform, and Fintech Platform. The Payments Platform segment connects its customers comprising consumer and merchants to facilitate cashless and digital payment transactions. This segment offers a technology platform to pay and receive payments for goods and services, as well as to transfer and withdraw money. It provides the Kaspi.kz Super App, Kaspi QR Scan to Pay, Kaspi Gold debit and virtual card, and other bank cards for consumers to transact with merchants; and Kaspi Pay Super App, POS Solutions, Kaspi QR Checkout, Kaspi Bill Payments, and Kaspi B2B for merchants to accept payments from consumers. 

The Marketplace Platform segment connects merchants and consumers enabling merchants to enhance its sales and enable consumers to buy products and services from various merchants. This segment also operates Super App for domestic and international flight tickets, and domestic rail bookings; and Kaspi e-Grocery, a food retail chain; and real estate, new and used cars, and new and used goods mobile classified apps. 

The Fintech Platform segment enables its consumers to manage their personal finances online and access consumer finance and deposit products primarily through the Kaspi.kz Super App. It is also involved in the e-commerce, banking, insurance, and asset management services; real estate business; and provision of storage and processing of information services. 

The company was incorporated in 2008 and is based in Almaty, the Republic of Kazakhstan.


On January 1, 1991, the international commercial bank "Al Baraka Kazakhstan" was opened in Alma-Ata.

On April 14, 1993, a new law "On Banks in the Republic of Kazakhstan" came into force. In this regard, the Kazakh-Saudi International Commercial Bank "Al Baraka Kazakhstan" was transformed into the Joint Joint Stock Bank "International Bank "Al Baraka Kazakhstan".

In January 1997, in connection with the mandatory, according to the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, re-registration, "International Bank "Al Baraka Kazakhstan"" was renamed into CJSC “Bank Caspian”.

In April 1997, CJSC "Bank Caspian" and OJSC "Kazdorbank" entered into an agreement on partnership and cooperation, as a result of which these organizations merged and OJSC "Bank Caspian" was formed.

In August 2003, in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Joint Stock Companies" dated May 13, 2003, Open Joint Stock Company "Bank Caspian" passed state re-registration in connection with the change of name to JSC “Bank Caspian”.

On November 15, 2008, as a result of rebranding, Bank Caspian JSC changed its name to Kaspi Bank JSC.

In 2020, the Kaspi.kz website topped the rating of the safest web resources among banks in Kazakhstan.

In April 2020, the rating agency S&P Global Ratings praised the Kaspi.kz strategy and assigned the bank one of the highest ratings in Kazakhstan due to its strong market position and liquidity indicators, as well as a developed risk management system.

In 2020, the financial and economic magazine Forbes published a rating of banks in Kazakhstan, in which Kaspi took a leading position. According to the publication, the bank has become the most efficient in the use of its assets and equity. The number of users of the mobile application has grown to 7 million.


The mission of Kaspi Bank is to provide comprehensive and accessible financial services that meet the diverse needs of individuals and businesses in Kazakhstan. The bank is committed to delivering exceptional value and fostering financial inclusion by offering innovative products, personalized solutions, and convenient banking experiences.

Kaspi Bank aims to be a trusted partner and a catalyst for financial empowerment, helping customers achieve their goals, manage their finances effectively, and thrive in an evolving economic landscape. With a focus on customer satisfaction, transparency, and integrity, the bank strives to build long-term relationships and contribute to the sustainable growth and development of the communities it serves.


The vision of Kaspi Bank is to be the leading and most trusted financial institution in Kazakhstan, recognized for its innovation, customer-centric approach, and commitment to driving financial inclusion. The bank strives to set new industry standards, constantly pushing boundaries to deliver exceptional value and superior banking experiences to its customers.

Kaspi Bank envisions a future where individuals and businesses have seamless access to advanced financial solutions and services, enabling them to achieve their financial goals with ease. The bank aims to be at the forefront of technological advancements, leveraging digital platforms and cutting-edge innovations to transform the way banking is conducted, making it more convenient, efficient, and secure. 

Key Team

Doug Gardner (Director)

Vyacheslav Kim (Chairman)

Szymon Gutkowski (Director)

Mikheil Lomtadze (CEO, Director)

Alina Prawdzik (Director)

Pavel Mironov (Deputy CEO, Chief Operating Officer)

Tengiz Mosidze (Deputy CEO, Chief Financial Officer)

Recognition and Awards
Retail Loan Portfolio Leadership: From 2014 to 2018, Kaspi Bank held the top position in terms of retail loan portfolio among banks in Kazakhstan. This demonstrates the bank's strong presence and success in providing loans to retail customers. Although it dropped to the second position in 2022, its previous dominance highlights its expertise in retail lending. Significant Contribution to State Budget: In 2019, Kaspi Bank was recognized as one of the thirty largest taxpayers in Kazakhstan. The bank contributed 41 billion tenge to the state budget, highlighting its substantial role in supporting the country's economic development and financial stability. Impressive Deposit Growth: In 2022, Kaspi Bank achieved remarkable growth in deposits. The bank attracted an inflow of funds amounting to 121 billion tenge per month, reflecting the trust and confidence of customers in the bank's financial services and stability. Strong Financial Performance: Kaspi Bank's financial performance has been impressive. In 2022, the bank reported a profit of 325 billion tenge, showcasing its profitability and efficient operations. Additionally, the bank's equity capital increased to 488 billion tenge, indicating its robust financial position. Moreover, Kaspi Bank's assets reached 3.9 trillion tenge, reflecting its substantial presence and extensive range of banking activities.

Products and Services

Retail Banking: Kaspi Bank provides a wide array of retail banking services, including savings and deposit accounts, consumer loans, mortgages, and credit cards. These products are tailored to cater to the individual financial goals and requirements of customers, ensuring convenience and flexibility.

Corporate Banking: Kaspi Bank offers a range of corporate banking solutions to support the financial needs of businesses. This includes business loans, trade finance, cash management services, and corporate accounts. The bank aims to provide customized financial solutions to help businesses thrive and achieve their growth objectives.

Digital Banking: Kaspi Bank has a strong digital presence, providing customers with convenient and user-friendly online and mobile banking platforms. Customers can perform various banking transactions, such as account management, fund transfers, bill payments, and accessing account statements, anytime and anywhere.

Payment Services: The bank offers a comprehensive suite of payment services, including domestic and international money transfers, payment processing, and electronic payment solutions. Kaspi Bank aims to facilitate seamless and secure payment transactions for individuals and businesses, promoting financial inclusion and efficiency.

Investment and Wealth Management: Kaspi Bank provides investment advisory services and wealth management solutions to help customers grow and protect their assets. The bank offers a range of investment products, such as mutual funds, bonds, and structured products, to cater to different risk profiles and investment goals.

Insurance Services: Kaspi Bank partners with leading insurance providers to offer a variety of insurance products, including life insurance, health insurance, property insurance, and vehicle insurance. These services provide customers with the peace of mind and financial protection they need against unforeseen events.

Foreign Exchange Services: Kaspi Bank facilitates foreign exchange transactions, allowing customers to buy and sell foreign currencies for personal or business purposes. The bank offers competitive exchange rates and efficient currency exchange services to meet the needs of international travelers and businesses engaged in foreign trade.

Leadership team

Doug Gardner (Director)

Vyacheslav Kim (Chairman)

Szymon Gutkowski  (Director)

Mikheil Lomtadze (CEO, Director)


Financial and Banking

Products/ Services
Retail banking, corporate banking, digital banking, payment services, investment and wealth management, insurance services, foreign exchange services
Number of Employees
1,000 - 20,000
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Company Type
Public Limited Company
Net Income
500M - 1B
Traded as
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