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Fashion label Khanijo explores the correlation between fashion and anthropology while preserving the textile craft and honour of artisans. 


Khanijo is an ethical luxury brand founded in 2014. Fashion designer Gaurav Khanijo first drew his design inspiration from his immigrant grandfather who always dressed impeccably in bespoke apparel. This formed the foundation of his menswear label Khanijo which is a sartorial ode to an era when personal style reflected craftsmanship and culture. 

The prime focus of the label is to create sleek tailored silhouettes that highlight the textile legacy of the nation. The label- which has diversified into womenswear- is pushing the envelope with textile and texture innovations. “The Khanijo Man knows what he desires, who takes his clothes seriously. From Sharp Cut Suits to luxurious Robes, or something as simple as a linen shirt,” he tells DNA India. "Men who love exploring, who is ambitious, romantic (have the chivalry alive within), adventurous and grounded at the same time. It’s just not about being perfect, because one can never reach perfection."

The eponymous fashion label by Gaurav Khanijo started with exhibiting his fine tailoring skills in menswear, narrating the story of his generational wisdom deeply rooted in the textile craft of India. Fast forward to the present and the label has undergone a radical transformation under the helm of forward-thinking. His work now offers a new homegrown classic for the contemporary.

The designer believes in taking artisanal textile craft forward and creating contemporary collections rooted in indigenous weaves and hand-woven techniques. Per CNBC: “His design aesthetic can be classified as part vintage, part classic and part modern. It complements the lifestyle of a neo indigenous man, focusing on mobility and functionality, along with easy layering. Gaurav creates understated menswear in modern settings that are constructed using simple (but archival) bespoke techniques. His label is akin to an epiphany of India’s artisanal brilliance, tailormade for urban demands.”

As the fashion brand entered into a wider sense of fashion consciousness, it became the force of change channeling the cultural integrity of the country. The label consistently explores the correlation between fashion and anthropology while preserving the craft and honour of native artisans. At Khanijo, the core team believes in the ideology of biomimicry for material innovation and use indigenous handwoven textiles, natural fibres to co-create textures. With its trans-seasonal classics, the label embraces the spirit of the circular economy, tapping into the zeitgeist while still paying homage to Indian heritage.

Fashion designer Gaurav Khanijo was in the news when he re-interpreted the bygone era of Indian Fashion Cinema with his online exhibition on Google Arts and Culture. The two-part exhibit is an interpretative bricolage of the key fashion silhouettes from Indian cinema that have infused the Indian aesthetic with their transformative capabilities and vice versa. “I am thrilled to contribute and learn that my garment has been chosen in this important study that will go down the ages as an important piece of work,” Gaurav Khanijo told Platform. "I always ensure that all of my designs in their construction and silhouette reflect the best of Indian craftsmanship."

One of Khanijo's most celebrated showings was “Circa Malgudi” inspired by the popular stories of The Malgudi Days TV series, which he transformeed into a fashion opera that paid homage to his childhood memories. Gaurav Khanijo was critically acclaimed since for giving a stylish design aesthetic to garments inspired by simple folk wear. The collection - in collaboration with Reebok - is a rendition of the era.


Khanijio creates timeless ensembles for a world without borders and its people unbound.


At Khanijo, the core team believes in the ideology of biomimicry for material innovation and use indigenous handwoven textiles, natural ?bres to co-create textures. The label's signature trans-seasonal classics embrace the spirit of circular economy, tapping into the zeitgeist while paying homage to the nation's heritage.

Key Team

Gaurav Khnijo (Founder and creative director)

Recognition and Awards
Khanijo is recognised for shining the spotlight on the nation's rich textile craft and culture. The menswear and womenswear has craved a niche on the world fashion map with its simple, sharp design steeped in folklore and ancient textile craft.

Products and Services

Apparel and accessories for men and women that pay homage to India's textile craft and culture- presented in a contemporary design aesthetic.

Leadership team

Gaurav Khanijo (Founder and creative director)


Fashion and Textiles

Products/ Services
Apparel and accessories
Sri Aurobindo Marg, Chatri Wala Kuan, Mehrauli, New Delhi – 110030
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