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Koppers Holdings Inc. provides treated wood products, wood preservation chemicals, and carbon compounds in the United States, Australasia, Europe, and internationally. The company operates through three segments: Railroad and Utility Products and Services (RUPS), Performance Chemicals (PC), and Carbon Materials and Chemicals (CMC). The RUPS segment procures and treats crossties, switch ties, and various types of lumber used for railroad bridges and crossings. It also provides rail joint bars to join rails together for railroads; transmission and distribution poles for electric and telephone utilities; and pilings. This segment also provides railroad services, such as engineering, design, repair, and inspection services for railroad bridges. The PC segment develops, manufactures, and markets copper-based wood preservatives, including micronized copper azole, micronized pigments, alkaline copper quaternary, amine copper azole, and chromated copper arsenate for decking, fencing, utility poles, construction lumber and timbers, and various agricultural uses; and supplies fire-retardant chemicals for pressure treatment of wood primarily in commercial construction. The CMC segment manufactures creosote for the treatment of wood or as a feedstock in the production of carbon black; carbon pitch, a raw material used in the production of aluminum and steel; naphthalene for use as a feedstock in the production of phthalic anhydride and as a surfactant in the production of concrete; phthalic anhydride for the production of plasticizers, polyester resins, and alkyd paints; and carbon black feedstock for use in the production of carbon black. The company serves the railroad, specialty chemical, utility, residential lumber, agriculture, aluminum, steel, rubber, and construction industries. Koppers Holdings Inc. was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


In 1912 immigrant German engineer Heinrich Koppers founded Koppers Company in Chicago, Illinois. In 1915 the organization moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company founder's interest in the company was bought out by Pittsburgh financier Andrew Mellon, who became a large shareholder. The landmark Koppers Building in downtown Pittsburgh opened in 1929.In 1943, Koppers, at the US Government's behest, built a factory in Kobuta, Pennsylvania on the Ohio River downriver from Beaver, to manufacture styrene-butadiene monomer, a building block used to make a form of synthetic rubber for the World War II defense effort.

In 1951, at Port Arthur, Texas, the company built a plant to manufacture ethylbenzene, using as raw materials ethylene from the nearby Gulf Oil refinery, and benzene, which was a byproduct of the company's coke ovens in Pennsylvania, which was shipped to Texas by barge. The ethylbenzene produced there was then shipped by barge back to the Kobuta plant where it was converted to styrene monomer, and then polymerized to make expandable polystyrene. In the early 1950s, the company purchased a license to manufacture polyethylene at its Port Arthur plant. These chemical operations later were the basis for forming a new corporate entity with Sinclair Oil Corporation to form the Sinclair-Koppers Company in 1965.

In the 1960s, Koppers opened a Noise Control division and manufactured prefabricated sound traps.In 2001, the company had to close a wood treatment plant in Oroville, California due to contamination of the 205 acre facility and the surrounding area. Chemicals like PCP and chromium were found to have been leaked into the local drinking water supply.

Koppers’ mission is to create value through the development, production and commercialization of innovative, responsibly-sourced materials that meet the needs of our customers.

Koppers will be recognized as the leader in the creation of sustainable, value-added products for our customers.

Key Team

Ms. Leslie S. Hyde (Sr. VP & Chief Sustainability Officer)

Ms. Jimmi Sue Smith (CFO & Treasurer)

Mr. Bradley A. Pearce (Chief Accounting Officer)

Ms. Quynh T. McGuire (VP of Investor Relations)

Ms. Jessica Franklin (Mang. of Corp. Communications, Branding & Giving)

Mr. Christian A. Nielsen (Sr. VP of Global Carbon Materials & Chemicals)

Ms. Tracie McCormick (Treasurer)

Recognition and Awards
Koppers has been recognized for its sustainability and corporate governance practices, winning the 2018 Global Forest and Trade Network US Supplier of the Year award.

Leadership team

Mr. Leroy M. Ball Jr. (CEO, Pres & Director)

Mr. James A. Sullivan (Exec. VP & COO)

Ms. Stephanie L. Apostolou (Gen. Counsel & Sec.)

Products/ Services
Industrial, Manufacturing
Number of Employees
1,000 - 20,000
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Company Registration
SEC CIK number: 0001315257
Net Income
100M - 500M
Above - 1B
Traded as
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Tue Apr 16 2024

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