Lorraine Twohill

CMO at Google

Lorraine Twohill is an accomplished marketing executive known for her significant contributions to Google's global marketing strategies. With over 20 years of experience, she has held pivotal roles within the company, driving impactful and innovative marketing campaigns. Lorraine's vision revolves around leveraging data-driven insights, embracing innovation, and fostering collaboration to create compelling brand experiences that resonate with audiences worldwide.

As the head of global marketing at Google, Lorraine plays a key role in shaping the company's marketing vision. She understands the power of branding and its influence on consumer perception and loyalty. Her strategic approach involves utilizing data to understand consumer behavior and preferences, allowing for personalized and relevant marketing campaigns.

Lorraine is a strong advocate for embracing emerging technologies and staying ahead of the curve. By leveraging new platforms and tools, she aims to position Google as a leader in adopting cutting-edge marketing strategies. Her focus on innovation ensures that the company remains at the forefront of the rapidly evolving marketing landscape.

Collaboration is another crucial aspect of Lorraine's vision. She believes in fostering strong partnerships with cross-functional teams, industry leaders, and external stakeholders. By promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing, she aims to develop innovative marketing campaigns that transcend traditional boundaries and deliver exceptional results.

Lorraine Twohill's expertise and leadership have earned her industry recognition, and she continues to drive Google's marketing efforts with passion and dedication. Her strategic vision and commitment to data-driven insights, innovation, and collaboration have solidified her reputation as an influential figure in the marketing and technology sectors.


Lorraine Twohill is a highly accomplished marketing executive known for her significant contributions to Google's global marketing efforts. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, she has held various pivotal roles, demonstrating her expertise in brand management and strategic marketing.

Lorraine began her career as a brand manager at Burns Philp from 1992 to 1995, where she gained valuable experience in managing and promoting brands. In 2000, she moved to London and became the head of marketing at Dreamticket.com, an online travel platform. Shortly after, in 2001, Lorraine joined Opodo, a European travel site, where she continued to excel in the marketing field.

In 2003, Lorraine joined Google as the company's first marketer located outside the United States. Her roles at Google evolved over time, with increasing responsibility and impact. She played a vital role in managing Google's marketing efforts in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. In recognition of her exceptional contributions, she was promoted to the position of head of global marketing in 2009. In this role, Lorraine has been instrumental in shaping Google's marketing strategies on a global scale, driving brand awareness, and supporting the company's growth and success.

Apart from her achievements at Google, Lorraine has also made notable contributions outside the company. She served on the board of Williams-Sonoma, Inc. from 2012 to 2017, bringing her expertise to the retail industry. Additionally, since April 2019, she has been a board member at Palo Alto Networks, a leading cybersecurity company, where she continues to contribute her strategic insights.

Lorraine Twohill holds a Joint Honors Degree in International Marketing and Languages from Dublin City University, providing her with a solid academic foundation for her professional journey.

Her outstanding accomplishments have earned her recognition, including being named Adweek's Grand Brand Genius, a testament to her exceptional marketing expertise and leadership abilities.

Lorraine Twohill's extensive experience, strategic acumen, and commitment to driving impactful marketing efforts have made her a respected figure in the marketing and technology sectors. Her contributions to Google and her board positions demonstrate her passion for innovation and her dedication to shaping the future of the industry.


Lorraine Twohill's vision centers around driving impactful and innovative marketing strategies that elevate brands and contribute to their global success. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a deep understanding of the importance of strategic marketing and its ability to shape the perception and growth of a company.

As the head of global marketing at Google, Lorraine plays a crucial role in defining and executing the company's marketing vision on a global scale. She understands the power of branding and its impact on shaping consumer perception and loyalty. Her vision encompasses leveraging Google's extensive reach and influence to create meaningful and memorable brand experiences that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Lorraine emphasizes the importance of data-driven marketing and harnessing the power of insights to make informed decisions. She believes in leveraging data to understand consumer behavior, preferences, and trends, allowing companies to tailor their marketing strategies to meet the evolving needs of their target audiences. By utilizing advanced analytics and technology, Lorraine aims to drive personalized and relevant marketing campaigns that connect with consumers at a deeper level.

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