Mark Whitehead

Mark Whitehead is a veteran in the media and entertainment industry, and is the CEO of twofour54.

Mark Whitehead is a senior level executive with extensive experience in the media and entertainment industry. He held significant leadership positions at renowned companies such as Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN), BBC Worldwide, Discovery Networks, and CNN International.

During his tenure as President and Managing Director of VIMN, Asia Pacific, Mark spearheaded substantial business growth, positioning the company as a major player in the region. He also led BBC Worldwide Southeast Asia as Senior Vice President and General Manager, achieving years of consistent growth and expanding the organization's presence through the launch of multiple channels.

With a career spanning nearly three decades, Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in productions, media, and content creation to his present role at twofour54 as CEO. He is responsible for driving growth and development, taking twofour54 into a new chapter of success.

Mark is a graduate of the Harvard Business School and Oxford Brookes University, further complementing his industry experience with a strong educational foundation.


After his graduation from Oxford Brookes University, Mark began his career in the advertising industry as a Media Buyer at McCann Erickson from 1994 to 1996. He then transitioned to Turner Broadcasting Systems Asia Pacific, where he held the position of Vice President of Advertising Sales for six years. During this time, he honed his expertise in the media landscape and developed strong leadership skills.

In 2002, Mark joined Discovery Channel as the Senior Vice President and played a pivotal role in expanding the brand's presence in Asia. His successful tenure at Discovery led him to BBC Worldwide, where he served as the Senior Vice President and General Manager for Asia from 2009 to 2014. During this period, Mark led the organization to several years of growth and oversaw the launch of multiple channels, further strengthening BBC's footprint in the region.

Mark's career continued at Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN), where he held various high-level positions. From 2014 to 2016, he served as the Executive Vice President and Managing Director of VIMN Asia, followed by his appointment as the President and Managing Director of VIMN Asia Pacific from 2016 to 2021. Under his leadership, VIMN achieved significant business growth and established itself as a key player in the media industry.

Mark also pursued the Global Leadership program at Harvard Business School in 2018, enhancing his leadership skills and business acumen. 

In July 2022, Mark assumed the role of CEO at twofour54 Abu Dhabi, leading the organization through a new chapter of growth and development. With his extensive experience, strategic vision, and strong leadership capabilities, he is driving the success of twofour54 and positioning it as a leading media and entertainment hub.

Currently, Mark serves as the Chief Executive Officer of twofour54 Abu Dhabi, a prominent media and entertainment hub. Mark envisions spearheading the strategic direction and operations of twofour54, including its unique offering at Yas Creative Hub, the first purpose-built destination for media, entertainment, and gaming in the region, as well as the company’s production facilities and backlot. 

He also leads the delivery of future infrastructure projects, including phase II of Yas Creative Hub and expansions of studio facilities.


As the Chief Executive Officer of twofour54 Abu Dhabi, Mark Whitehead brings a clear and inspiring vision to the organization. With his extensive experience and strategic mindset, Mark envisions twofour54 as a dynamic and thriving hub for the media and entertainment industry.

Mark's vision centers around fostering creativity, innovation, and collaboration within the media ecosystem. He understands the power of bringing together diverse talents and companies to create a vibrant and inclusive community. By providing a supportive and conducive environment, Mark aims to attract both local and international players in the industry, encouraging them to unleash their full potential and push boundaries.

Furthermore, Mark recognizes the significance of technological advancements and changing consumer behaviors in shaping the media landscape. His vision entails staying at the forefront of these transformations, embracing emerging technologies, and seizing new opportunities to deliver cutting-edge content and experiences. By embracing innovation and staying adaptable, Mark envisions twofour54 as a hub that continuously evolves and stays ahead of industry trends.

Collaboration is another key aspect of Mark's vision. He believes in the power of partnerships and the value that can be derived from cross-industry collaboration. Mark aims to foster strong relationships with stakeholders, including content creators, production companies, broadcasters, and technology providers, to create a synergistic ecosystem where ideas and expertise flow freely.

Recognition and Awards
As the President and Managing Director of Viacom International Media Networks, Asia Pacific, he spearheaded substantial business growth and expansion, while his tenure as the Senior Vice President and General Manager of BBC Worldwide Southeast Asia saw years of consistent growth and multiple channel launches. Mark's expertise also extends to roles at Discovery Networks Asia and CNN International, where he made significant contributions. With his extensive experience and accomplishments, Mark has established himself as a respected industry figure, driving success and delivering exceptional results at every step of his career.

Mark Whitehead
business executive, media buying specialist, expert in entertainment and media industry
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twofour54 (CEO)
Viacom International Media Networks (President and Managing Director Asia Pacific)
Harvard Business School (Global Leadership Program), Oxford Brookes Univesrity
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Sat Mar 02 2024

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