Dr Mark van Rijmenam

Founder, Dataloq and Speaker on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Big Data

Dr. Mark van Rijmenam is a distinguished entrepreneur, renowned keynote speaker, and respected thought leader in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Big Data. With a Ph.D. in Management, he founded Dataloq, a successful company that offers data management and tech consulting services. Through his engaging talks and insightful writings, Dr. van Rijmenam simplifies complex concepts, addressing the societal implications of emerging technologies, and inspiring audiences worldwide to embrace the potential of the digital age.


Dr. Mark van Rijmenam is a renowned entrepreneur, thought leader, and international keynote speaker, specializing in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, and Big Data. With his exceptional expertise and innovative ideas, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the tech industry.

Dr. van Rijmenam's academic background is impressive. He holds a Ph.D. in Management from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia. During his doctoral research, he delved into the impact of Big Data on organizations, exploring how they can leverage data-driven insights to make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge. This foundation laid the groundwork for his future ventures and speaking engagements.

As the founder of Dataloq, Dr. Mark van Rijmenam has taken his passion for data and transformed it into a successful venture. Dataloq is a forward-thinking company that helps organizations navigate the complex landscape of data management, AI implementation, and Blockchain integration. The company offers consulting services, strategic advice, and innovative solutions to businesses seeking to harness the power of data and emerging technologies.

Beyond his entrepreneurial achievements, Dr. van Rijmenam is widely recognized for his engaging and insightful public speaking engagements. As an accomplished speaker, he has graced numerous conferences, seminars, and corporate events worldwide. With a charismatic and informative style, he has the unique ability to simplify complex technical concepts, making them accessible to a broader audience. His talks cover a wide range of topics, including the ethical implications of AI, the transformative potential of Blockchain, and the strategic importance of Big Data analytics.

In addition to his role as a speaker and entrepreneur, Dr. Mark van Rijmenam is a respected author and renowned thought leader in the field of emerging technologies. He has authored several influential books, academic papers, and articles that explore the future of data, AI, and Blockchain. His work has been published in reputable journals, further solidifying his position as an authority in the industry.

Dr. van Rijmenam's insights into the intersection of technology and society have earned him a prominent place in the global conversation about the impact of these disruptive technologies on various industries. His expertise extends beyond the tech sector, as he frequently addresses the societal implications of AI, the potential for Blockchain to drive positive change, and the importance of responsible data usage.

Overall, Dr. Mark van Rijmenam is a visionary entrepreneur, a sought-after speaker, and a prominent figure in the world of AI, Blockchain, and Big Data. Through his company Dataloq and his engaging speaking engagements, he continues to inspire and educate audiences worldwide, empowering them to harness the potential of emerging technologies and navigate the exciting digital landscape of the future.


Dr. Mark van Rijmenam's vision is rooted in a future where technology serves as a catalyst for positive change and empowers individuals and organizations to create a more sustainable and equitable world. As an advocate of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Big Data, he envisions a society that harnesses the potential of these innovations to drive innovation, efficiency, and transparency across various industries.

One core aspect of Dr. van Rijmenam's vision is the responsible and ethical implementation of technology. He strongly believes that as we embrace AI and Big Data, it is crucial to address the ethical implications and ensure that these technologies are leveraged for the greater good. He emphasizes the need for data privacy, security, and transparent practices to build trust between businesses, governments, and consumers.

Recognition and Awards
His latest book – The Organisation of Tomorrow – details how AI, blockchain and analytics turn your business into a data organization. He is the founder of Datafloq.com, a leading content platform on emerging technologies and recently founded Mavin.org, t. He holds a PhD in Management from the University of Technology in Sydney, where he did research how big data, blockchain and AI are changing organisations and is a member of the 2Tokens project in The Netherlands, developing a roadmap towards realising value from Tokenisation.

Dr Mark van Rijmenam
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Author and Entrepreneur
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Podcasts and Books on AI, Blockchain and IoT
University of Technology Sydney
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Sat Mar 02 2024

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