Matt Diamante

Matt Diamante is a digital marketer and the Founder of HeyTony, a boutique growth ad agency based in Hamilton, Ontario.

Matt Diamante is a seasoned digital marketer and the Founder of HeyTony, a boutique growth ad agency based in Canada. With over five years of experience in improving customer acquisition through SEO/SEM, analytics, and media buying, Matt has played a pivotal role in managing diverse projects, ranging from fundamental websites to complex online marketplaces. 

His professional journey includes serving as the Head of Digital Operations at The Plaid Zebra, an unconventional lifestyle magazine, where he created and managed online publications, oversaw content marketing, and handled various responsibilities such as project management, partnerships, website design, analytics, SEO, and ad operations.

Matt's expertise extends to corporate settings, where he served as an Account Manager at SID LEE, coordinating with clients, creative teams, media agencies, and production and strategy teams. His early experiences include roles as a Social Research Intern at Shaw Media, where he collected and analyzed social media data, and as the Head of Digital Operations at JuiceBox Advertising, a student-run agency, where he provided estimates for website building, led client meetings, and managed website development and maintenance. 

Matt's educational background includes studying Advertising & Marketing Communications Management at St. Clair College, where he gained a comprehensive understanding of marketing, communications, and digital advertising.


Matt Diamante is a seasoned digital strategist and entrepreneur known for his expertise in SEO advertising, integrated marketing, and web design. His journey in the digital realm began with his education at St. Clair College, where he delved into Advertising & Marketing Communications Management, graduating in 2013. Equipped with a comprehensive understanding of marketing and communications, with a special focus on digital advertising, Matt laid the foundation for his future endeavors.

In 2012, while still a student, Matt took on a significant role as the Head of Digital Operations at JuiceBox Advertising, a student-run agency. Here, he provided estimates for website building, design, and SEO, led meetings with clients, and was responsible for the website's construction, maintenance, and search engine optimization. This experience honed his skills and laid the groundwork for his future leadership roles.

After completing his education, Matt transitioned into the professional landscape, making notable contributions to various organizations. From 2014 to 2018, he served as the Head of Digital Operations at The Plaid Zebra, an unconventional lifestyle magazine based in Toronto. Here, Matt played a pivotal role in creating the online publication from inception, managing content marketing, projects, social engagement, partnerships, website design, analytics, SEO, ad operations, and editorial duties. His work brought him in collaboration with renowned partners such as VICE, Google+, Corus Entertainment, StumbleUpon, Outbrain, and Indie88.

In 2018, Matt founded HeyTony, a boutique growth ad agency based in Canada, where he currently serves as a Digital Strategist. At HeyTony, he focuses on improving customer acquisition through SEO/SEM, analytics, and media buying. Matt's entrepreneurial spirit, combined with his comprehensive understanding of digital marketing, has positioned him as a thought leader in the industry. With a career spanning both agency and corporate settings, Matt Diamante continues to make significant strides in the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing.


Matt Diamante envisions a digital landscape where businesses thrive through strategic and innovative marketing approaches. As a digital strategist, his vision centers on empowering companies to navigate the complexities of SEO, SEM, analytics, and media buying, fostering not only customer acquisition but also long-term success. Matt sees the transformative power of aligning digital efforts with the evolving needs of the market, emphasizing the creation of helpful content that resonates with users. His vision extends beyond conventional approaches, embracing the dynamic integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in digital marketing to enhance content quality and user experience.

In this vision, Matt Diamante aspires to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary marketing methodologies, recognizing the pivotal role of AI algorithms in shaping the future of search engine optimization. He aims to guide businesses in adapting to algorithmic changes, leveraging AI as a writing partner to publish superior content consistently. With a commitment to excellence and adaptability, Matt's vision unfolds as a roadmap for businesses to not only navigate the challenges of the AI era but to thrive and lead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Recognition and Awards
Matt Diamante's achievements through HeyTony showcase a diverse range of successful projects across various digital marketing domains. In web design, HeyTony executed a redesign and successful launch of the NÜTRL Vodka website, demonstrating their proficiency in creating visually appealing and user-friendly platforms. The agency's expertise in SEO is evident in their work with Indie88, achieving a remarkable 400% growth in monthly page views and securing the top ranking for specific keywords. Additionally, HeyTony's collaboration with Al’s Bin Rentals resulted in #1 rankings for over 150 keywords, showcasing their effectiveness in local SEO. The impact of HeyTony's work extends to other areas, such as Facebook Ads, where they designed and launched a new website for Hue & Hatchet, generating over 29,000 clicks. Their proficiency in Google Ads is exemplified by Willow Dental ranking #1 for 45+ keywords in a highly competitive market. Furthermore, their work with 2 Waves Beauty Bar highlights their success in local SEO, securing #1 rankings for 40+ keywords. Collectively, these achievements underscore Matt Diamante and HeyTony's ability to deliver comprehensive and effective digital marketing solutions across various platforms and industries.

Matt Diamante
Ontario, Canada
Digital marketing, SEO expert, Integrated Marketer, WordPress specialist, Web Design expert
Silver Medal Grip Juicer (Grip Limited, 2013)
Advertising and Marketing Communications Management (St. Clair College)
Social Media
Sat Mar 02 2024

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