Melonie Parker

Melonie Parker is an HR executive who currently holds the position of Chief Diversity Officer at Google.

Melonie Parker is an HR executive known for her innovative and contemporary leadership in the field of Human Resources. She currently holds the position of Chief Diversity Officer at Google, where she is dedicated to advancing the company's employee engagement strategy in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Parker is a strong advocate for change and a thought leader in the areas of equity, inclusion, diversity, racial equity, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Prior to her role at Google, Parker served as the Vice President of Human Resources & Communications at Sandia National Laboratories. In this position, she demonstrated her leadership skills by overseeing human resources, health, benefits, and employee services throughout the organization. Additionally, she was responsible for strategic communication efforts, including executive communications, media relations, external branding, community affairs, and internal communications.

Parker brings with her a wealth of experience from her 17-year career at Lockheed Martin, where she held various progressive leadership roles. During her time there, she gained expertise in employee relations, staffing, EEO/Affirmative Action, diversity programs, compensation, benefits, and K-12 outreach initiatives.

She holds a B.A. in Mass Communications from Hampton University and an M.A. in Human Resources from Villanova University. Parker's exceptional contributions to the field of Human Resources have been recognized with numerous awards, including being named the 2016 HR Professional of the Year by the New Mexico Society of Human Resource Management. She also received a Special Recognition Award at the 2014 Women of Color STEM Awards.

With a progressive career spanning the high-tech and aerospace & defence industries, Parker brings a diverse range of experiences and skills to her role. Her areas of expertise include executive leadership, talent management, strategic human resources business partner, employee relations, EEO, diversity, equity & inclusion, strategic staffing, talent acquisition, executive compensation, coaching, and consulting.

Melonie Parker is a respected leader who is passionate about driving positive change in organizations, solving complex challenges, and creating inclusive and productive work cultures. Her dedication to equity, inclusion, and diversity has made a significant impact on the companies she has worked with and the HR profession as a whole.


Melonie Parker is an accomplished leader in the field of human resources and diversity and inclusion. She is currently serving as the Chief Diversity Officer at Google since April 2019. In this role, Melonie leads the Employee Engagement Organization, a global team of over 130 Googlers responsible for driving large-scale impact across Diversity, Equity & Inclusion programs, Employee Relations, Compliance, Integrity & Governance.

Prior to her current role, Melonie held the position of Global Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Google from August 2018 to April 2019. In this capacity, she led a global diversity, equity & inclusion team across the organization to increase representation in hiring, progression, and retention. She also focused on driving a more inclusive and equitable culture through influencing, partnering, and re-imagining pathways to tech.

Before joining Google, Melonie gained valuable experience at various organizations. She served as the Director of People Operations at Google's subsidiary, Nest, from May 2017 to July 2018. In this role, she led the talent strategy and managed a global team of HR professionals supporting the Cloud COO organization and the 24/7 team.

Prior to her time at Nest, Melonie worked as the Vice President of Human Resources & Communications at Sandia National Laboratories from 2015 to April 2017. At Sandia, she was responsible for the leadership and lab-wide management of human resources, health, benefits, and employee services. She also played a significant role in communication efforts, including planning, strategy, executive communications, media relations, external branding, community affairs, and internal communications.

Melonie's career also includes a tenure at Lockheed Martin, where she served as the Human Resources Director for the Lockheed Martin MST (Mission Systems and Training) Undersea Systems line of business from January 2013 to 2015. In this role, she led human resources for the line of business, which supported 2,000 employees across ten U.S. locations and provided systems engineering, software development, and program management for defence electronic systems.

Throughout her career, Melonie Parker has held various positions that demonstrate her expertise in strategic workforce planning, talent acquisition, employee relations, and diversity and inclusion. She has consistently shown her commitment to building diverse and inclusive work environments and driving positive change within organizations.

Melonie holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland and a Master's degree in Human Resources Development from Bowie State University. Her extensive experience and dedication to diversity and inclusion make her a highly respected leader in her field, and she continues to make significant contributions to the organizations she serves.


Melonie Parker's vision encompasses the values of inclusivity, empowerment, and innovation. As a visionary leader, she envisions a world where all voices are not only heard but also valued. In this world, individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences are given equal opportunities to thrive and reach their full potential. Melonie Parker firmly believes that true innovation flourishes when it embraces collaboration and openness, where ideas from different perspectives are embraced and nurtured.

At the core of Melonie Parker's vision is the commitment to creating equitable opportunities for everyone. She aims to break down the barriers that have historically hindered progress and limited access to resources. By fostering a culture of inclusion, she encourages the celebration of the unique strengths and perspectives of every individual. Melonie Parker understands that diversity is not just a buzzword but an essential ingredient for driving innovation and creating sustainable solutions to complex problems.

Melonie Parker's unwavering dedication to her vision inspires others to join her in building a brighter future for all. Through her leadership, she is driving positive change and encouraging individuals and organizations to embrace inclusivity, empowerment, and innovation as guiding principles. Melonie Parker believes that by embracing these values, we can unlock the full potential of individuals and harness the collective intelligence of diverse teams, leading to breakthrough innovations and a more inclusive and prosperous society.

In a world that is rapidly evolving, Melonie Parker's vision serves as a guiding light, reminding us of the importance of embracing diversity, empowering individuals, and pushing the boundaries of innovation. Her vision not only sets the foundation for a better future but also inspires others to actively contribute to creating a world where everyone can thrive and make a meaningful impact.

Recognition and Awards
Parker has received multiple accolades for her remarkable achievements in the Human Resources field. Her outstanding contributions have been honored through prestigious awards, such as being designated as the New Mexico Society of Human Resource Management's HR Professional of the Year in 2016. Additionally, she was granted a Special Recognition Award at the 2014 Women of Color STEM Awards for her exceptional work.

Melonie Parker
San Francisco Bay Area, U.S.
Chief Diversity Officer
Known for
Chief Diversity Officer of Google, Equity, Inclusion, Diversity, Racial equity
2016 HR Professional of the Year by the New Mexico Society of Human Resource Management; Special Recognition Award at the 2014 Women of Color STEM Awards.
Hampton University; Villanova University
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