Menashe Shani

Co-Founder & CEO at Purple Lens: "Creating an equal internet experience for ALL people".

Menashe is a passionate user experience designer (Online and Offline) with over 20 years of expertise in product, interaction, and visual design. He is the co-founder and CEO of Purple Lens, a company that optimises clients’ websites to meet the needs of users with disabilities. The goal of Purple Lens is to create an equal internet experience for people of all abilities.

Prior to Purple lens, he launched four companies in the travel and hospitality sector: Ink&Co., UNIQ, Love Israel Celebration, and Project 360. He serves as Brand manager, business development, marketing, creative and customer experience in all three brands. All the brands are dedicated to different audiences and require three different approaches.

He also has previous experience working with Chef Erez Komorowski in the field of event production and the implementing of unique concepts at the time for international events and at brand-new places in Israel. 

Menashe also spent influential 3 years of military service in the IDF in the casualties division. Fascinated by people’s behaviors and interactions, his goal is to deliver valuable products to people around the world.


Menashe's specialties are client experience and success. He develops and designs a very unique timeline from the minutes they expose(marketing) to the brand till the day of they big day(service).

Menashe is the co-founder of:

Ink & Co by Stein Shani: Since 2004, specialises in private events and weddings, boutique events for clients from abroad.

UNIQ: The company creates incentive trips built completely around your specifications, on a global platform. 
Aiming to revive the MICE industry, UNIQ offers industry professionals a global solution for powerful and compelling incentive trips. The company has 36 branches around the world.

Love Israel Celebration (LIC): LIC was created by a team of seasoned professionals in the events industry in Israel. We noticed that often the most difficult barrier to cross in planning your dream event in Israel is cultural. Differences in hours, language, traditions, and more, often lead to people giving up on their dream wedding or Bar Mitzvah, in exchange for something simpler.

Project 360°: Project 360º has one purpose: to make people happy!
The concept enables individuals from all areas of the events field to volunteer their time or resources in order to contribute to a voluntary activity.
Project 360º works on the principle that what goes around, comes around. The company wants to bring a circle of selfless good into the universe!

Purple Lens –  The goal of Purple Lens is to create an equal internet experience for people of all abilities. The company aims to help SMBs around the world ensure that their content is accessible and easy to use at an affordable cost. This will allow people of all abilities to enjoy online content and will benefit business owners who will be accessible to substantial new audiences. Overall, its mission is to maximise every website’s potential by optimising its environment to the needs of millions of new users.

According to its website:

“No more people with disabilities -- after all, we are all people with different abilities.”

Design thinking and UCD (user-centered) are approaches and methodologies that He introduces and promotes within all his organizations striving to create a customer-centric culture.


Menashe is moved by creation, to make his small world a better world and by that making the step forward for a better world for everyone!

Menashe is fascinated by people’s behaviors and interactions, and his goal is to deliver valuable products to people around the world. With over 18 years of experience in founding and leading businesses, he has a strong focus on businesses that create meaningful and positive experiences for their customers and users. His personal mission is to make high-quality web accessibility a standard.

Menashe Shani
User experience designer, serial entrepreneur, expert in product, interaction, and visual design
Social Media
Sat Apr 20 2024

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