Micah Walker

Micah Walker is the CEO of Grabba, a secure and effective identification and data company.

Micah Walker is the CEO of Grabba, a secure and effective identification and data processing for individuals, businesses and organisations. Micah Walker has a diverse Executive Management background and International experience with Global Organisations.


Micah Walker understands the importance of leadership and the shift towards digital transformation as organisations and countries pursue globalisation, technology develops faster than ever and so does the framework and systems of organisational leadership. Relationships with stakeholders that are empowered to be dynamic and intuitive are both relevant to today’s workplace and prepared for change.

As a growth specialised Executive Leader, Micah Walker has had the  experience of leading a very diverse group of organisations through their journey in scaling up for growth. Some of the companies he has worked with include from a global coffeehouse business to an International fashion franchise, a listed corporate retailer to an expanding entrepreneurial technology brand, Walker’s engaging management approach has been galvanised over 15 years of high-level accountability based Asia, the Middle East, Australia and in project management across many other global markets.


His vision can be found in a recent interview with Dinis Guarda.

About Grabba and its solutions

"We create solutions in terms of digital identity for people, that’s why we work with governments. Some of our clients include law enforcement, border security, etc. Biometrics has been around for quite some time and actually helps authentication in addition to other authentication techniques we have right now: for example, the widely spread 2-factor authentication. With biometrics we can take advantage of the extra security of digital identity, creating a holistic solution that includes fingerprints, facial recognition, iris recognition, etc. and, in short, information that is already in electronic passports and smart identification cards. So what we do is close the gap in today’s digital identity challenges between governments, citizens and industries.

Some of the clients and industries we work with include banks, financial institutions, the aforementioned government agencies and, of course, always with that objective of improving digital identity of citizens."

About cybersecurity

“We work with the highest standards of cybersecurity. As we work with very sensitive information and with banking and governments, we need to provide the most advanced levels of protection both for them and regarding the data we work with, which is people’s identity after all. This is a collaboration, we need to build trust between our clients so they feel confident about using our solutions. We also understand how fast technology developments go so we are always improving and adapting to new AI, IoT, and 4IR technologies. In fact, fingerprints is one of the most secure forms of authentication.”

About managing data

"Data is probably the most sensitive part of our job. Managing and making sure that data is kept secure is our utter vision. We work in a framework where identity is the most important thing for us as we work with governments and banks from regions like the US, Europe, Middle East. We are deploying solutions based on AI and ML towards cybersecurity to precisely make sure that people and our clients’ data is kept safe all the time.

We are also exploring ways of using blockchain to keep transactions and people’s data safe. And blockchain actually fits our vision of leveraging trust. We see blockchain as one of the best technologies going forward to create secure hubs.

We have been approached by many different compliant agencies, software validation companies and one of our first concerns is to be compliant with international standards, like KYC, and we are always doing stress tests to our solution to make sure that it meets all the standards and making sure we are up to the challenge."


Recognition and Awards
Micah’s ability to synthesize complex information actioning logical strategies for commercial impact is proven across dozens of diverse cultures worldwide. Specializing in growth technologies and culture transformation, Micah is an Australian who has been based in Asia and the Middle East while having worked in 25 countries, currently residing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Micah Walker
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
CEO, founder
Australian Institute of Business
Social Media
Thu Feb 29 2024

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