Michael Healy

Michael Healy is the co-founder and CEO of Unit Ventures.

Michael Healy is one of the founders and CEO of Unit.Ventures, focused on creating meaningful jobs and solving inequity. It connects providers and customers, as well as allows businesses and individuals to issue tokens for specific uses. 

He is focused on social impact and positive change through education, entrepreneurship and empowering individuals. 

Michael Healy is a self-taught full-stack web developer and mobile engineer for iPhone and Android. He has digital design and video expertise which support in building useful products.


Michael Healy has built several successful businesses with exits ranging from Chatride, an encrypted peer-to-peer video conferencing technology, Ratemash, once one of the UK’s largest student social networks, the Wikileaks Android app and many niche mobile apps used by millions of users worldwide. 

Alongside starting and growing businesses, Michael Healy has advised and supported startups, investors and corporates in Asia, Europe, Middle East and Latin America. Michael Healy was a finalist of the Thiel Fellowship by Peter Thiel and also awarded the Silver medal in the Mathematics Olympiad. 

Michael Healy has served as Entrepreneur-in-residence at top pan-European Venture Capital firm, Wellington partners (€800 million under management). He has done work for Google, KPMG, Founders Forum, Saatchi & Saatchi, L’Oreal, Imperial College, Unilever, London Business School and others. Michael Healy is Singaporean, Irish and British, growing up in Singapore and moving to the UK when he was 16. 

He enjoys travelling and experiencing different cultures. He has lived in Singapore, London, New York City, Bali, Shanghai, Berlin and looks forward to living, traveling and working in more places in the future.


His vision can be found in a recent interview conducted by Dinis Guarda. 

“Singapore has got a great reputation around the world and that is because they are doing a good job promoting a growing startup ecosystem, bringing talent to settle there and it is very attractive for investors too. In fact, Singapore is very strong and focused on academics and education. The standards there are really high and I could experience it myself growing there and helping me be the person I am right now”. 

“Social impact driven project. During my life I met a lot of people that were involved in social impact companies and projects, whether investors, entrepreneurs, experts, etc. I tried to learn from them as much as I could and follow their path. As I learnt, making money is important but having a social impact is even more important”. “With my company I want to help young people that want to become entrepreneurs. I want to give them the tools, opportunities and knowledge to do so”. “From my experience, the most important thing in a business, also in ours, is to provide the best customer experience possible. People that come to our platform can find what they went there looking for”.

Recognition and Awards
Wikileaks Android Developer and Fundraiser Used actively by over 150,000 users, featured in Guardian, Telegraph, New York Times and other top publications. Founder & CEO Love Calculator App that tells the love compatibility between two people. You type in the names of two individuals and it lets you know how much in love they are along with advice or tips. Popular on the Android store, built in a day, used by 48,000+ active users.

Michael Healy
London, United Kingdom
King Edward's School
Social Media
Thu Feb 29 2024

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