Neal Heard

Neal Heard is the Chief of Design for Meyba and the author of 'Sneakers: Over 300 Classics From Rare Vintage To The Latest Kicks".

Neal Heard is a multifaceted individual who has made significant contributions to the fields of fashion, culture, and literature. He gained prominence as an author with his groundbreaking book "Trainers" (known as "Sneakers" in the United States), published in 2003. This book explored the cultural significance of sneakers beyond their utilitarian purpose, highlighting their evolution as symbols of self-expression, athleticism, and cultural identity. Neal Heard's work has been pivotal in recognizing sneakers as artifacts that reflect broader societal trends.

Apart from his literary achievements, Neal is the founder of the fashion label "Lover's F.C.," which combines his love for vintage fashion with his passion for football (soccer). He has also been recognized as a vintage dealer, contributing to the preservation of fashion heritage by curating and sharing unique pieces that showcase the evolution of style throughout history.

His expertise and contributions have garnered recognition within the industry. He has been sought after as a speaker on topics such as market trends, fashion's role in culture, and the connection between sustainability and business success. Notably, Neal Heard was named the LDC "One to Watch" in 2019 and was featured among the Top 32 ESG pioneers by Business Leader magazine in 2021.


Neal Heard's professional journey is a tapestry woven with a deep passion for fashion, culture, and self-expression. Emerging as a prominent figure in the world of sneakers, Neal's journey began in the early 90s when he delved into the world of collecting and dealing vintage sneakers. This immersion marked the inception of his fervent exploration into the nuances of sneaker subcultures, sparking a lifelong fascination that would shape his career trajectory.

In the years that followed, Neal's dedication and keen eye for fashion led him to expand his horizons beyond sneakers. He made a significant mark as the director of a vintage clothing firm, where he navigated the dynamic landscape of vintage fashion, honing his expertise in curating unique and culturally resonant pieces. This experience not only sharpened his understanding of historical fashion trends but also solidified his reputation as a discerning tastemaker.

Neal's journey took a pivotal turn with the establishment of his fashion label, Lover's F.C. Rooted in his passion for both football and fashion, Lover's F.C. became a canvas for Neal to blend these two worlds, creating a brand that captured the essence of sport and style. This endeavor showcased his ability to bridge the gap between seemingly disparate realms, resulting in a brand that resonated with enthusiasts of both football culture and fashion.

One of the crowning achievements in Neal's journey was the publication of "The Football Shirts Book: The Connoisseur's Guide" in 2017. This milestone solidified his position as an authoritative voice in athleisure wear, offering readers an immersive exploration of football shirts' history and cultural significance. Through this book, Neal not only contributed to the realm of fashion literature but also underscored his dedication to preserving and celebrating the narratives interwoven within clothing.


Neal Heard's vision is centered around unveiling the intricate connections between fashion, culture, and identity. He envisions a world where clothing and footwear transcend mere physical utility and become potent mediums for self-expression, storytelling, and social commentary. Through his work as an author, fashion label founder, and cultural influencer, Neal aims to elevate the status of fashion from a fleeting trend to a tangible reflection of historical context, societal shifts, and personal narratives. He envisions a future where individuals embrace clothing as a means to communicate their values, aspirations, and individuality, fostering a deeper appreciation for the narratives woven into every stitch and sole.

In Neal's perspective, fashion is not just about aesthetics; it's a dynamic vessel that encapsulates the spirit of a generation, a subculture, or an era. He strives to inspire a broader awareness of the stories embedded within clothing choices, bridging the gap between past and present. Through his various endeavors, Neal aspires to ignite conversations that delve beyond the surface of fashion, encouraging people to recognize the cultural and historical significance that garments and accessories hold. By championing this vision, he aims to reshape the way society perceives and engages with fashion, fostering a more profound connection between individuals, their wardrobes, and the world around them.

Recognition and Awards
Neal Heard was named the LDC "One to Watch" in 2019 and was featured among the Top 32 ESG pioneers by Business Leader magazine in 2021. His expertise culminated in the publication of his influential book, "The Football Shirts Book: The Connoisseur's Guide," in 2017. Through this work, Neal intricately explored the history, cultural significance, and design evolution of football shirts, establishing himself as an authoritative voice in the realm of athleisure wear. His involvement as the director of a vintage clothing firm and his affiliation with the cult clothing brand White Riot showcased his versatility and deep understanding of fashion's diverse facets.

Neal Heard
sports fashion designer, entrepreneur, author
Known for
Book "Trainers" (renamed "Sneakers" for the US market), "The Art of the Football Shirt" exhibition
St Etienne (1981 – Le Coq Sportif), Corinthians (1983 – ‘Democracia’ Shirt), Newport County (1978-79 – Adidas), Verdy Kawasaki (1991),
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