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NordLayer is one of the leaders in providing digital security and privacy solutions for individuals and businesses. Its main offering is securing organisations' traffic and data to provide their employees with safe, reliable, remote access.


NordVPN Teams started as a business Virtual Private Network provider back in 2020. It has since expanded its cybersecurity offering and outgrown the name — a VPN is now just one of the components in their full-fledged solution. This is why the name change to NordLayer happened. As their Managing Director, Donatas Tamelis, explained: “Our approach to cybersecurity for organisations remains the same - we will continue to offer a solution based on cutting-edge technologies and adaptable to the changing needs of businesses. NordLayer’s platform will continue delivering value to clients that are scaling fast, might have ad-hoc cybersecurity needs, or require a solution that is simple to combine with the tools already at their disposal.”


According to their website, the company's mission is to: "offer seamless, reliable, and scalable digital protection".


According to a recent interview with one of their engineers, Carlos Salas, NordLayer is concerned with security in Web 3.0. As he explained: "If you are trying to log in into decentralised application in Web 3.0, you need to connect your wallet into it, your digital wallet. And if you are not careful, you might connect your wallet into a malicious website, and they will just steal all your Bitcoin, Ether, Dodgecoin, NFT, and so on. So, you need to make sure that you are connecting into a correct website and not an end point, in this case, and not into a webpage that is tailored in order to fool you, and steal your money. So, in this case, we can serve as a barrier for those types of attacks, phishing attacks that's actually are quite prevalent now in Web 3.0."

Recognition and Awards
5,500+ Business protected, 30+ Global server locations, 10' Average time to deploy.

Leadership team

Donatas Tamelis (Managing Director)

Carlos Salas (Engineering Manager)



Products/ Services
Computer and Network Security
Number of Employees
0 - 50
New York, Rockfeller
2M - 5M
Social Media

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