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NTT DATA is a part of NTT Group and a trusted global innovator of IT and business services headquartered in Tokyo.


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NTT DATA is a global IT services and consulting powerhouse, serving clients across the globe with innovative solutions and expertise in digital transformation. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, the company is an integral part of the esteemed NTT Group, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to deliver a wide spectrum of services, including consulting, system integration, and IT outsourcing. 

With a robust presence in Europe, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific region, NTT DATA has consistently demonstrated its commitment to helping clients navigate the complexities of the digital landscape.


The foundation of NTT DATA dates back over 150 years to Japan's first telegraph service. NTT DATA originated as the Data Communications Division of the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation in 1967. Privatized in 1985, NTT DATA became an independent entity in 1988. The company evolved as a key player in developing large-scale systems, contributing to social infrastructures that facilitated societal advancements.

Between 1988 and 2004, NTT DATA established itself as the largest information and communication service company in Japan. Key milestones include introducing smart cards, virtual shopping malls, and expanding globally. The acquisition of Dell Services in 2016 further strengthened NTT DATA's presence in North America.

NTT DATA entered a global strategy period between 2005 to 2016, aiming to become a "Global IT Innovator." The company expanded its focus beyond Japan, engaging in international markets and technology development. Strategic acquisitions, such as the integration of Spain-based everis Group and the establishment of NTT DATA MHI Systems, marked this era.

Since 2017, NTT Data has been transitioning into the Global 2nd and 3rd stages. The company aims to establish a global brand and become a "Trusted Global Innovator." The company emphasized local presence, digital initiatives, and a global management system. Noteworthy achievements include the launch of the Innovation Center, partnership with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and the shift to a holding company structure in 2023.


NTT DATA is committed to leveraging information technology to create new paradigms and value, contributing to the advancement of a more affluent and harmonious society. Its mission serves as the foundation for management, focusing on the use of IT to realise the dreams of its clients globally through long-term relationships. 

The company strives to develop evolving ecosystems with our clients, utilising leading-edge technologies and fostering creativity through a deep respect for diversity.


As a Trusted Global Innovator, NTT DATA envisions its position ten years from now as a catalyst for realizing the dreams of clients worldwide. It aims to achieve this by nurturing enduring relationships, creating evolving ecosystems through cutting-edge technologies, and enhancing creativity through a culture that values diversity. 

NTT Data is dedicated to anticipating future challenges with speed and foresight, ensuring that its clients and society as a whole experience a brighter and more successful future.

Key Team

Kazuhiro Nishihata (CEO)

Abhijit Dubey (CTO)

Bob Pryor (North America CEO)

Chieri Kimura (EMEAL CEO)

John Lombard (APAC CEO)

Norbert Rotter (Business Solutions CEO)

Shuichi Sasakura (Global Technology Services CEO)

Hideaki Ozaki (CFO)

Takashi Taniyama (APAC President)

Hideki Kurihara (CDSO (Chief Digital Strategy Officer))

Noriyuki Kaya (CDAO (Chief Digital Assets Officer))

Masahiro Yanagawa (North America President)

Taro Nagaoka (CAO (Chief Administration Officer))

Albi van Zyl (CSS&OO (Chief Sales Strategy and Operation Officer))

David Costa (CSBO (Chief Sustainability Business Officer))

Dilip Kumar (CIO (Chief Information Officer))

Mona Charif (CMO (Chief Marketing Officer))

Steve Wiliams (CISO (Chief Information Security Officer))

Sylvia Steinheiser (CM&AO (Chief Merger&Acquisition Officer))

Takanobu Maeda (CRO (Chief Risk Officer))

Takashi Kano (CHRO (Chief Human Resource Officer))

Recognition and Awards
NTT DATA has received notable acclaim, underscoring its excellence in the IT sector. Everest Group identified NTT DATA among the Top Five Service Providers for SAP© Business Application Services, highlighting the company's prowess in delivering exceptional value in SAP services. In the realm of Managed Network Services, NTT DATA secured a prominent position as a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Managed Network Services for showcasing its innovative solutions in this competitive domain. Within the field of Artificial Intelligence, NTT DATA achieved the status of a Market Leader in HFS Research Generative AI Services Report for its contributions to generative AI services. Further emphasizing its leadership, NTT DATA was recognized as a Leader in NelsonHall's NEAT Report for Advanced Digital Workplace Services 2023, solidifying its role in advanced digital workplace services. Acknowledging its commitment to its workforce, NTT DATA was recognised as a Global Top Employer 2024 for cultivating an inclusive and supportive global work environment. These accolades collectively affirm NTT DATA's position as a leading entity in the IT and services industry. In November and December 2022, NTT DATA achieved noteworthy recognition on the international stage. The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Japan honored NTT DATA with the Spain-Japan Business Contribution Award, recognizing the company's impactful business activities fostering a stronger relationship between Spain and Japan. Additionally, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan presented NTT DATA with the ICCJ Award for significant investments in Italy.

Products and Services

NTT DATA's extensive portfolio encompasses a wide array of services, including but not limited to consulting, system integration, cloud services, cybersecurity, and business process outsourcing. Their expertise spans across diverse industries, such as finance, healthcare, public sector, and manufacturing. NTT DATA's solutions are tailored to address the unique challenges of clients, enabling them to harness the full potential of digital technologies and stay ahead in the competitive market. 
NTT DATA boasts a comprehensive range of services designed to address the diverse needs of its clientele. In the realm of strategic guidance, the company offers Advisory Services, providing valuable insights to empower clients in making informed decisions. For the smooth operation of software applications, the company excels in Application Management Services, ensuring reliability and optimal performance.

In the era of cloud technology, NTT DATA takes the lead with services such as Hybrid Cloud Transformation and Managed Cloud Services, offering tailored solutions to harness the advantages of secure and scalable cloud infrastructure. The company also extends its expertise to support businesses through complex corporate maneuvers with Merger & Acquisition SAP Services. Moreover, the innovative RISE Cloud Concierge Services demonstrate it’s commitment to providing seamless cloud experiences. The company's proficiency in SAP solutions is evident through an array of services, including SAP Analytics Consulting, SAP Data Management, SAP Implementation, and SAP Support. Additionally, NTT DATA emphasizes user-centric design with SAP User Experience Design Services, ensuring a holistic approach to client solutions. These services collectively underscore NTT DATA's dedication to delivering excellence across a spectrum of IT needs.

NTT Data
Leadership team

Kazuhiro Nishihata (CEO)

Abhijit Dubey (CTO)

Bob Pryor (North America CEO)

Chieri Kimura (EMEAL CEO)

John Lombard (APAC CEO)

Norbert Rotter (Business Solutions CEO)

Shuichi Sasakura (Global Technology Services CEO)

Hideaki Ozaki (CFO)


Media and Communications

Products/ Services
Advisory Services, Application Development and Management, Enterprise Application Services, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Infrastructure Services, Outsourcing Services, SAP Solutions, Oracle Solutions, Cloud Solutions, System Integration, Digital Transformation, and IT Service
Number of Employees
1,000 - 20,000
3-3, Toyosu 3-chome, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Company Type
Public Limited Company
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