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Outerknown is renowned for being a sustainable fashion brand that focuses on creating environmentally friendly clothing. The brand is known for its clean and minimalist aesthetic, emphasizing high quality and timeless design. They are committed to using sustainable materials and follow a fiber policy and scorecard to ensure responsible product creation, including the use of organic cotton, hemp, recycled cotton, and responsible wool.

The brand has set ambitious goals for the future by aiming to become fully circular by 2030. Outerknown's core principles include is its commitment to fair labor practices and circularity. The team is also is committed to giving back to non-profit organizations that align with their values and have also partnered with Bergman Rivera to support farmers in implementing Regenerative Organic Certified practices and converting farmland to this sustainable approach.


Outerknown is a sustainable fashion brand founded by eleven-time world champion surfer Kelly Slater and fashion designer John Moore in 2015. The brand aims to create casual wear, denim, swimwear, and outerwear that is stylish and environmentally friendly, emphasizing ethical production practices and usage of sustainable materials.

The fashion brand is known for its clean and minimalist aesthetic, with a focus on high quality and timeless design. The materials used to create collections are vital to designing responsible products. Outerknown has a fiber policy and scorecard that has helped them navigate which fibers should to be preferred based on criteria for sustainability and circularity potential, such as organic cotton, hemp, recycled cotton and responsible wool.

One of the core principles of Outerknown is its commitment to fair labor practices and working only with factories that meet strict social and environmental standards and publicly share their Fair Compensation Commitment. Reportedly, $133,000 has been spent to improve workers’ livelihoods in the supply chain through The Fairtrade Premium. Workers chose programs such as extended healthcare insurance, scholarships for their children, housing support, financial relief for extended illness, and more.

Circularity is at the core of the brand ethos. the landfill and in the loop through Outerworn—its resale platform for pre-loved styles. With a vision to make excellent-quality, sustainable products that last a lifetime, keeping its garments out of landfills and in circulation, in 2021, the brand launched a platform to breathe new life into previously owned Outerknown garments. About 1818  pieces of Outerknown clothing have been kept out of the landfill! Moreover, their partnership with Project Vermont continues as Lise-Anne and her team give new purpose to materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. This year they've rescued 960 lbs of denim, with approximately 300 lbs being used to make bags. Plus, they've recycled about 400 lbs of wool sweaters that were used to make mittens and blankets. 

The brand gives back to non-profit organizations that align with its core values. Some organizations it has worked with this year include Brother Benno, The Ocean Cleanup, Ocean Conservancy, Surfrider Maui Chapter, Surfrider Foundation, and Everytown. In partnership with Bergman Rivera, Outerknown committed to supporting farmers’ implementation of Regenerative Organic CertifiedTM practices. Together, they have converted twenty eight acres of farmland to ROCTM, and this is just the beginning.

Per the official website, “We have laid out strategies to become fully circular by 2030 while leading our industry and beyond in sustainable innovation and further champion fair labor! To accomplish this, we will design products from regenerative or recycled materials, activate ways to keep items in circulation longer, work to advance garment workers’ rights, and improve livelihoods in our supply chain through partnership and worker-inspired programs. We have begun measuring our progress towards our goals and strive to share our first progress report by year’s end.”


Committed to protecting the environment and supporting fair labor.


To design and manufacture clothing by making every decision with the highest regard for People and Planet.

Key Team

Kelly Slater (founder)

John Moore (co-founder)

Recognition and Awards
Outerknown is a fashion brand founded by renowned surfer Kelly Slater and designer John Moore. Acclaimed for its commitment to environmental sustainability, the brand focuses on creating men's and women's apparel using high-quality, durable materials while simultaneously ensuring the protection of natural resources and fair wages for factory workers. The brand also emphasizes transparency by revealing its supply chain to consumers, involving them in the journey towards sustainable fashion. Furthermore, as global citizens, Outerknown embraces diverse cultures, aiming to unite people and ideas to move together towards the future of the brand.

Products and Services

Casual wear, denim, swimwear, and outerwear

Leadership team

Kelly Slater (co-founder)

John Moore (co-founder)


Fashion and Textiles

Retail and Consumer Goods

Products/ Services
casual wear, denim, swimwear, and outerwear
Number of Employees
50 - 100
Culver City, California
Company Type
Sole proprietorship
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