Patrick Cozzi

CEO of Cesium, is dedicated to advancing the field of 3D geospatial

Patrick Cozzi is the CEO of Cesium, a geospatial technology company that specializes in 3D visualization and analysis. With a strong background in computer graphics and geospatial technology, Cozzi has played a pivotal role in driving the company's vision and innovation.

Cozzi is recognized as a prominent figure in the field of computer graphics and has made significant contributions to the development of WebGL, a web-based graphics library. He has extensive experience in building high-performance 3D graphics systems and has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in geospatial visualization.

As the CEO of Cesium, Cozzi is responsible for overseeing the company's overall strategy, product development, and partnerships. Under his leadership, Cesium has established itself as a leader in the geospatial industry, offering cutting-edge tools and solutions that enable users to unlock the full potential of 3D geospatial data.

Cozzi's passion for open-source development and collaboration is evident in Cesium's approach. He actively contributes to open-source projects and believes in the power of community-driven innovation to push the boundaries of geospatial technology.

With his expertise and leadership, Patrick Cozzi continues to drive Cesium forward, working towards their mission of revolutionizing geospatial visualization and analysis. His vision and commitment to excellence have positioned Cesium as a trusted and innovative provider of 3D mapping solutions.


Patrick Cozzi is a highly accomplished individual known for their expertise in graphics programming and architecture. Currently serving as the CEO of Cesium, Cozzi has had a remarkable journey spanning academia and industry.

Cozzi began their career as a lecturer of Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania, where they taught the challenging graduate course CIS 565: GPU Programming and Architecture. This course, with strong industry ties to the WebGL community, Google, NVIDIA, and Microsoft, showcased Cozzi's commitment to pushing the boundaries of graphics technology.

Beyond teaching, Cozzi provided guidance and supervision to numerous master's thesis, senior design, and independent study projects. These projects covered a wide range of topics, including open source development, spatial data structures, ray tracing, physically-based rendering, virtual reality, and more. Cozzi also actively supported students in creating valuable open-source projects, such as the WebGL 2 Samples Pack and glTF Pipeline, contributing to the advancement of graphics technology.

Cozzi's expertise and reputation in the field led to them being invited as a guest lecturer at esteemed institutions like MIT, Harvard, Drexel, Williams College, and the University of Pennsylvania. They shared their knowledge and insights on graphics programming and open source, further expanding their influence in the academic community.

Educationally, Cozzi holds an MSE (Master of Science in Engineering) in Computer and Information Science from the University of Pennsylvania. They have also pursued additional studies, obtaining a CME (Certificate in Management Excellence) from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Penn State University.

In their current role as CEO of Cesium, Cozzi leads the company's strategic direction and oversees a dedicated team. Among their direct reports are Lisa Bos as the Product Manager, Erixen Cruz focusing on 3D Graphics, and Candace Galiffa serving as the Finance Lead. Cozzi's leadership and expertise continue to drive Cesium's success and propel the company's mission of revolutionizing geospatial visualization and analysis.

Overall, Patrick Cozzi's impressive background in academia, extensive knowledge in graphics programming, and visionary leadership at Cesium showcase their exceptional contributions to the field of computer graphics and their dedication to advancing the capabilities of geospatial technology.


Patrick Cozzi's vision is to revolutionize geospatial visualization and analysis by leveraging the power of 3D technology. He envisions a future where 3D mapping is seamlessly integrated into everyday life, enabling individuals and organizations to make better decisions, solve complex problems, and create immersive experiences. Cozzi believes in the potential of open-source development and collaboration to drive innovation and create a more accessible and inclusive geospatial ecosystem. With his vision, Cozzi strives to unlock the full potential of 3D geospatial data, making it accessible and impactful for a wide range of industries and applications.

Patrick Cozzi
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Fri Feb 23 2024

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