Peter Kristensen

Peter Kristensen is a CEO working in finance.

Peter Kristensen has an accumulated financial markets experience of over 35 years. Peter has an extensive career, starting off at a Danish Bank to Saxo Bank, where he became an expert in online trading. Peter is now the co-CEO of JP Funds and recently co-founded of investment platform trademakers along with Adam Hill.


Peter Kristensen’s career began at a small Danish bank in 1986 and by the mid 1990s, he was working for Saxo Bank, one of the pioneers of the online trading industry where he became the Global Co-Head of Sales Trading and Technical Analysis. He was then seconded to Synthesis Bank, now Saxo Bank Switzerland, to establish their presence in the online trading world before leaving in 2006 to establish JP Fund Services. One of the reasons why Peter Kristensen got into Blockchain was due to his belief that Fintech is set to change the whole financial industry. He believes that in Fintech, the new players are developing solutions that have the potential to revolutionise payments, asset trading, commercial finance and almost all other aspects of the industry.


In a recent interview for hedgethink, Peter Kristensen mentioned that Blockchain is an innovation that the majority of people have yet to experience, which makes it difficult to understand. Despite this, he believes that it will become an everyday phenomenon down the line, and is optimistic about its future role in finance, shipping, real estate, and gaming, among other industries. His vision is to provide the services and solutions clients are looking for in the 21st century, which was a key reason why JP Fund Services / trademakers pivoted their business in 2018 to deliver institutional-grade investments, underpinned by professional risk management that most private investors rarely enjoy. Regarding trademakers and the future of WealthTech, Peter said: “The cost of developing wealthtech solutions will fall considerably as the middleware industry improves with the growth of API-based tools. When it comes to convenience, we are going to see the emergence of wealthtech ‘applet’s which bring core functionality from multiple sources into the user’s accounts without having to integrate more functionality than required – this will increase the uptake of new tech, and, potentially, build confidence in its ability to provide the security, privacy and ease-of-use most people want and expect today.”

Recognition and Awards
Peter’s capital markets background sets him apart from many other fund services executives, with a bias towards solution finding, his experience is key in helping investment managers find the right balance of trading counterparts and technology, liquidity, hedging and banking facilities for funds/blockchain companies.

Peter Kristensen
London, United Kingdom
CEO, Head of Sales Trading and Technical Analysis, Trader, Finance Expert
Aalborg University
Social Media
Sat Apr 20 2024

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