Pieter Wuille

Pieter Wuille is a Belgian-born software developer known for his contributions to the development of Bitcoin.

Pieter Wuille is a Belgian-born software developer known for his contributions to the development of Bitcoin. He discovered Bitcoin in November 2010 and joined the Bitcoin Core development team in May 2011. Wuille has played a significant role in the development of Bitcoin, rewriting large parts of the reference client's code to improve its performance and organization. He authored several Bitcoin Improvement Proposals, including BIP 30, 32, 42, and 62. Additionally, he is the primary author of libsecp256k1, a library for efficient elliptic curve cryptography used in Bitcoin.

Wuille co-founded Blockstream, a blockchain technology company, in 2014, where he continues to work as a core technology engineer. Prior to Blockstream, Wuille worked at Google as a Site Reliability Engineer. He currently resides in Switzerland and enjoys playing board games and disc sports in his free time.


Pieter Wuille is a Belgian software developer who has been a prominent contributor to the Bitcoin Core codebase repository for nearly a decade. He discovered Bitcoin in 2010 and joined the Bitcoin Core development team in 2011, quickly becoming one of its main contributors. Wuille has made over 1,200 contributions to the software, including key improvements such as Segregated Witness (BIPs 141 and 144) and Taproot/Schnorr (BIPs 340, 341 and 342). In 2014, he co-founded Blockstream, a blockchain technology company.

In 2020, Wuille worked tirelessly on the Taproot/Schnorr update, making 259 contributions to the Bitcoin Core software over the course of the year. He also commented on Tor v3 addresses, which offer stronger security and cryptography than the soon-to-be-obsolete v2 addresses, and will be included in the next release of Bitcoin Core. In September 2020, after six productive years at Blockstream, Wuille left the company to work for Chaincode Labs, a Bitcoin-focused research and development group based in New York City.

In 2021, Wuille will continue to guide the development of Bitcoin and make preparations for the tentative February release of Bitcoin Core 22.0. Although he has left Blockstream, he will continue to collaborate with the company on projects such as Miniscript and MuSig while pursuing his independent interests via Chaincode Labs. Wuille is widely regarded as one of Bitcoin's preeminent problem solvers and is expected to continue finding new ways to improve the industry in the years to come.


Pieter Wuille, a prominent Bitcoin Core developer and co-founder of Blockstream, has been working on Bitcoin's development for over a decade. Wuille's vision for Bitcoin is centered around improving its functionality and making it more efficient, secure, and accessible.

One of Wuille's major contributions to Bitcoin's development is the implementation of Segregated Witness (SegWit), which separates transaction data from the digital signature and helps to improve the network's scalability and security. He also played a significant role in developing Taproot, a proposed soft fork update that aims to improve Bitcoin's privacy, security, and flexibility by allowing for more complex smart contract capabilities.

Wuille's work on Bitcoin also extends to improving its development process. He has been instrumental in developing the open-source Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) process, which allows anyone to propose changes to Bitcoin's codebase and provides a transparent and collaborative way to make changes to the protocol.

Wuille's vision for Bitcoin is to continue making it a reliable, secure, and decentralized financial system that can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world. He believes that Bitcoin's potential to provide financial freedom and independence to individuals and businesses is what drives its continued development and adoption.

Pieter Wuille
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