Poul V. Jensen

Poul V. Jensen is the Managing Director of the European Businesses and Technology Centre (EBTC)

Poul V. Jensen is the Managing Director of the European Businesses and Technology Centre (EBTC), currently based in their Delhi HQ. The EBTC is dedicated to generating new business opportunities and enabling transfer of technology between India-Europe, within the fields of climate change, sustainability, and biodiversity in the sectors of Energy, Environment, Mobility, and ICT.

Mr Jensen’s current main task is to execute the mandate of bringing the EU and India closer together, both in their strategic and operational relations. This includes addressing challenges in transferring clean technologies, providing input for developing clusters, and for developing procedures to enhance collaboration on R&D and innovation. 


Poul Jensen holds a Bachelors in International Trade from the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, and Master’s in Business Administration from CASS Business School London, Poul has served various roles throughout his career, ranging from commercial manager to consultant, and now a Managing Director at European Business and Technology Centre, New Delhi, India. 

He started his career in 1989 at Bloch & Behrens ApS (also known as East Asiatic Company), the then largest Danish Conglomerate. Poul showcased his commercial and international trading skills for more than a decade at this globally operating shipping, transportation, and distribution firm. He also explores many roles at its Finance, Procurement, Logistics departments, while also serving as Branch office manager.

Taking on the role of senior strategic consultant at TransCare AG in 2002, a global consulting company with focus on transport and logistics, Poul took care of thor International Business Development in diverse industries.

Extending the presence of TransCare Group in the Indian Subcontinent, Poul founded and headed operations of the Indian office, advising a multitude of public and private entities in the space of logistics, transportation, and infrastructure planning.

Currently, he is the Managing Director of EBTC Delhi since Jan 2010, an establishment dedicated to generating new business opportunities and enabling transfer of technology, within the fields of climate change, sustainability, and biodiversity. The focus sectors of EBTC are Energy, Environment, Mobility, and ICT.

As Managing Director, Poul is tasked to build a team and to create competency to bring European and Indian businesses and technologies together. The role encompasses strategic as well as operational responsibilities, all working in tandem with the ongoing EU-India Policy dialogues within these fields.

About EBTC

European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) is a project advisory and facilitation organisation. As a trusted partner in the Europe-India Business Corridor, EBTC builds actionable intelligence through projects, clusters and programmes backed by its vast body of knowledge & innovative solutions. 

EBTC enables smart collaborations between the two regions through its expertise, network and know-how, with specific focus towards sustainability, innovation, green technology and internationalisation. 


His vision can be found in a recent interview with Dinis Guarda.

He explained various handy tools like India-Readiness Kit, E-mobility clusters, and forums that have enabled EBTC to benchmark some of the outstanding examples of EBTC's work in the country like Smart City Initiatives, and Sports Clusters. 

"We are hoping to accelerate the uptake of interesting technologies to deal with problems that are bit defined by local communities. We've been very active in clean energy, urban mobility, and water and waste. We've also been active in sports. There are a lot of sports facilities that can be turned into a lot more sustainable and efficient places and create a lot more activities for communities. That way, we are actually tapping into a large pool of CSR funds that are available in India.", he said.

What is more, highlighting the lack of scalability in the present-day SMEs within the EU, Poul said that India can leverage EBTC's network to utilise the declining SMEs in the EU and scale them for its local demands for a sustainable ecosystem. 

"India, for sure, can learn a lot from the research and innovation space in Europe. It is quite structured to get a lot of input from a lot of stakeholders. On the other hand, Europe can find opportunities to scale its technology and business capital to the immense Indian markets. EBTC's collaborative DNA guides us to be bilateral in its true sense to build an efficient corridor in the coming years."

Recognition and Awards
Since Poul Jensen joined the EBTC, has helped develop some of the notable programmes under his leadership, including: - The Smart Cities Knowledge & Innovation Programme (SCKIP): bringing technologies, innovations, frameworks, best practices, case studies, and standards to one platform, and supporting the Indian side by providing solutions to concrete demands and challenges. - The PROPEA 2021 Project was launched on 24th February 2021 by H.E. Milan Hovorka, Ambassador of the Czech Republic to India with an aim to support economic activities of pro-export oriented Czech companies in overcoming obstacles and reduce risks associated with entering demanding foreign markets like India. - The EMESAI Export Support Partnership (eMesai) aims to increase the Central Baltic SMEs export to Sub-Saharan Africa, India and UAE countries through JOINT export competence building and JOINTLY applying export support tools among SME business networks.

Poul V. Jensen
Delhi, India
Managing Director of the European Businesses and Technology Centre
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Management skills, strategy development + implementation, employee development, leadership, P&L reporting
Bachelors in International Trade from the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and a Master’s in Business Administration from CASS Business School, London
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Mon Feb 26 2024

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