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Established in March 2014 with the goal to develop practical, real-world applications of deep learning, robotics and other advanced technologies



Founded in March 2014, Preferred Networks (PFN) has rapidly become a key player in advanced technologies. PFN's mission is to leverage deep learning, robotics, and cutting-edge innovations to create practical, real-world solutions for a range of industries. Their diverse portfolio spans transportation, manufacturing, life sciences, robotics, plant optimization, materials discovery, education, and entertainment.

In 2015, PFN introduced Chainer™, an open-source deep learning framework that has significantly advanced artificial intelligence research and development. PFN's commitment to innovation extends to the MN-3 supercomputer, equipped with the MN-Core™ deep learning processor, which topped the Green500 list multiple times in 2020 and 2021, showcasing PFN's dedication to energy-efficient technology.

PFN's impact on deep learning, robotics, and advanced technologies is undeniable. With Chainer™ and the MN-3 supercomputer, they are driving innovation and practical applications in various industries, poised to shape the future of technology worldwide.


Preferred Networks (PFN) has carved a notable niche for itself in the landscape of advanced technologies since its inception in March 2014. Established with a clear mission, PFN aimed to leverage the power of deep learning, robotics, and other cutting-edge technologies to create practical, real-world applications that could drive innovation across a spectrum of industries.

PFN's business domains are impressively diverse, encompassing areas such as transportation, manufacturing, life sciences, robotics, plant optimization, materials discovery, education, and entertainment. This wide-reaching scope reflects the company's commitment to harnessing technology to address real-world challenges and opportunities in various sectors.

In 2015, PFN achieved a significant milestone by developing Chainer™, an open-source deep learning framework. Chainer™ emerged as a pivotal tool for researchers, engineers, and developers in the field of artificial intelligence. It provided a flexible and powerful platform for exploring and implementing cutting-edge machine learning models, contributing to advancements in deep learning research.

Another remarkable achievement in PFN's history is the creation of the MN-3 supercomputer. This supercomputer is equipped with the MN-Core™ deep learning processor, which represents a significant leap in the development of hardware optimized for deep learning tasks. The MN-3 supercomputer's capabilities were particularly noteworthy as it earned the distinction of topping the Green500 list multiple times in both 2020 and 2021. This recognition highlights PFN's dedication to not only pushing the boundaries of technology but also doing so in an energy-efficient and environmentally conscious manner.

In a relatively short span of time, Preferred Networks has made a significant impact on the fields of deep learning, robotics, and advanced technologies. The development of Chainer™ and the success of the MN-3 supercomputer underscore PFN's commitment to driving innovation and practical application in these domains. As the company continues to evolve, it remains poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of technology and its impact on various industries.


PFN's mission is to harness cutting-edge technologies, including deep learning and robotics, to create practical solutions across diverse industries, driving innovation and addressing real-world challenges.


PFN envisions a future where advanced technologies, such as deep learning and robotics, transform industries and improve lives, leading to innovation, sustainability, and global impact.

Key Team

Masakazu Takahashi (CSO)

Daisuke Okanohara (COO)

Products and Services

PFN offers a range of advanced technology products and services, spanning deep learning frameworks, robotics solutions, and innovative hardware like the MN-3 supercomputer. These offerings cater to various industries, driving practical applications and technological advancements.

Preferred Networks
Leadership team

Tomonobu Tominaga  (CMO)

Yuuya Unno (VP of Retail )

Masaaki Fukuda  (VP of Consumer Products, Corporate Officer)



Tokyo, Japan
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