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R3 is a prominent provider of enterprise technology and services that specialize in facilitating secure value exchange within regulated industries that demand trust and reliability. They have developed Corda, a platform that leverages distributed trust technology, interconnected networks, and deep expertise in regulated markets to drive digital transformation in the field of finance.

R3 is recognized as one of the early pioneers in delivering private and permissioned distributed ledger technology (DLT) application platforms. Corda, their flagship product, empowers regulated institutions to fully harness the potential of direct digital collaboration while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Notably, R3 has established one of the world's largest DLT ecosystems, boasting connections with over 400 institutions. This extensive network includes global systems integrators, cloud providers, technology companies, software vendors, corporations, regulators, and financial services firms from both the public and private sectors.

R3's mission revolves around enabling secure, efficient, and compliant digital financial interactions in industries where trust is paramount.


R3 has a notable history in the field of blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT). Here's a summary of its historical milestones:

2014: R3 was founded in 2014 as a startup focused on exploring the potential of blockchain technology for financial services. The company was initially known as "R3CEV."

2015: In September 2015, R3 announced the Corda project, which aimed to develop a distributed ledger platform specifically designed for financial institutions. Corda was designed to address the unique needs and regulatory requirements of the financial industry.

2016: In April 2016, R3 and a consortium of major banks and financial institutions collaborated on the Corda Consortium, an initiative to collectively explore and develop blockchain solutions for the financial sector. The consortium grew to include a significant number of global financial players.

2017: R3 released Corda as an open-source project in November 2017, making it accessible to a wider community of developers and institutions. This move marked a significant step in the project's evolution.

2018: In 2018, R3 continued to expand its network and partnerships. It collaborated with various organizations to explore the application of blockchain technology in areas such as trade finance and supply chain management.

2019: R3's Corda platform continued to gain traction in various industries, including finance and healthcare. The company also collaborated with other blockchain and technology companies to promote interoperability and expand its ecosystem.

2020s: R3 has continued to evolve and expand its offerings in the blockchain and DLT space. The company has developed various solutions and services on top of the Corda platform to address a wide range of use cases in different industries.

Today, R3 remains a key player in the enterprise blockchain and DLT landscape, providing solutions that enable secure and compliant digital collaboration, particularly in regulated industries like finance. Its Corda platform and ecosystem continue to grow, with applications spanning finance, supply chain, healthcare, and more. R3's journey highlights its commitment to advancing blockchain technology's adoption in a secure and regulated manner.


R3's mission is to empower enterprises, particularly in regulated industries, with secure and efficient distributed ledger technology (DLT) solutions. They aim to facilitate seamless digital collaboration by harnessing their expertise in DLT, interconnected networks, and regulatory compliance. R3 focuses on driving transformative change, especially in the realm of digital finance, using their Corda platform and deep industry knowledge.




R3 envisions a future where secure and regulated blockchain technology, particularly through their Corda platform, empowers industries to efficiently exchange value and collaborate digitally. Their vision includes widespread adoption of distributed ledger technology to enhance trust, transparency, and efficiency across various sectors, with a particular focus on financial services and regulated industries.

Products and Services

R3 offers products and services centered around their Corda platform, tailored for secure and efficient blockchain-based solutions. These include:

Corda Platform: Corda is R3's flagship blockchain platform, designed for businesses, especially in regulated industries. It enables secure and private digital collaboration, smart contracts, and data sharing.

Corda Enterprise: This is an enhanced version of the Corda platform, designed for large-scale enterprise deployments. It includes features like premium support, scalability options, and additional tools.

Corda Network: R3 facilitates a global Corda Network, connecting institutions, businesses, and partners to enable seamless and secure interaction on Corda-based applications.

Corda Services: R3 offers consulting, training, and development services to help organizations implement Corda-based solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Corda Marketplace: This is a marketplace where users can access a range of Corda applications, tools, and services developed by R3 and their partners.

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