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An American waste disposal company whose services include non-hazardous solid waste collection, waste transfer, waste disposal, recycling, and energy services.


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Trust earned through action—day after day—that's our pledge to you. With resolve and professionalism. Republic Services, we believe in the power of education. Many environmental challenges can be addressed with a better understanding of the issues, costs and implications of various solutions. We have compiled environmental education resources to assist students, educators and concerned customers in understanding how small choices can make a huge difference in protecting the planet. 

Together with the City of Martinez, California, Republic Services presented the 2016 Eco Awards to companies that achieved the best sustainable business practices. In Seattle, Washington, employees of Republic Services volunteered their time at Mary’s Place, a center which supports homeless women and children with housing and other resources. Republic Services helped by supplying recycling bins for cardboard and other recyclables, plus they brought lunch, water and snacks for more than 140 volunteers. With the cooperation of the Buffalo Bills football franchise Republic Services held its fourth annual Electronic Recycling Drive at the Bills Fieldhouse lot on November 12, 2016. 


1998: Yet the future seemed bright as Republic wrapped up the July 1998 IPO of Republic Services, the waste disposal division. Another big boon in 1998 was the overturning of a $50 million jury award to CarMax. Republic Services, Inc. was incorporated in 1998. In 1998, Republic Industries spun off Republic Services as an IPO, and then changed its name to AutoNation.

1999: COMPANY NEWSCOMPANY NEWS; REPUBLIC INDUSTRIES TO SELL ITS STAKE IN TRASH HAULERRepublic Industries plans public sale of its stake in trash hauler Republic Services Inc after it fails to get tax-free status for distribution to shareholders (S)By Bloomberg NewsMarch 4, 1999

2003: National Briefing | Midwest: Michigan: A Trash (And Maybe Sewage) BinToronto wants to send its sewage to landfill run by Republic Services south of Detroit; Toronto is already sending all its trash to Michigan, upsetting residents (S)By Caitlin Nish (NYT)June 7, 2003 With Huizenga predicting revenue of $50 to $60 billion by 2003, few took him seriously, though most were wary.

2008: In June 2008, Republic became the second largest waste management company in the United States following the acquisition of its larger competitor, Allied Waste Industries, for $6.1 billion in Republic stock.

2011: After 12 years as CEO of Republic Services, James O’Connor retired on January 1, 2011, and was replaced by the president and COO of Republic Services, Don Slager.

2018: James P. Snee and Katharine Weymouth were appointed to the Republic Services Board of Directors in 2018, resulting in a total of 12 board members, 11 of them independent. Based on annual report published in 2018, with a revenue of $10 billion, the firm retained the number two position in the industry.

2019: In May 2019, Jon Vander Ark took over as president.

2021: In 2021, Slager retired and Vander Ark was named CEO.


According to Republic Service, the company mission is: “guided by five essential core values – to be respectful, responsible, reliable, resourceful, and relentless in all we do, every day".


According to Republic Service, the company vision is: “ to believe in the preservation of a cleaner, safer and healthier Blue Planet®. It's company responsibility to protect environment and the resources it provides – not just for today, but for generations to come".

Key Team

Manuel Kadre (Chairman of The Board)

Michael A. Duffy (Board Member)

Michael Larson (Board Member)

Sandra M. Volpe (Board Member)

Thomas W. Handley (Board Member)

Brian S. Tyler (Board Member)

Recognition and Awards
Fortune 500

Republic Services
Leadership team

Donald W. Slager (CEO)

Jeffrey A. Hughes (EVP)


Energy and Utilities

Products/ Services
non-hazardous solid waste collection, waste transfer, waste disposal, recycling, energy services
Number of Employees
20,000 - 50,000
Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
Company Type
Public Limited Company
Company Registration
SEC CIK number: 0001060391
Net Income
1B - 20B
Above - 1B
Traded as
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