Rhett & Link

An American comedy duo

Rhett James McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln "Link" Neal III, collectively known as Rhett & Link, are American internet personalities, comedians, and entertainers. Born on October 11, 1977, and June 1, 1978, respectively, the duo first gained prominence through their YouTube channel "Rhett & Link" and their comedic web series "Good Mythical Morning."

Rhett and Link, who have been best friends since childhood, began their online ventures in the early 2000s. They initially gained attention for their comedic songs and sketches, displaying a unique blend of humor, creativity, and chemistry. Over the years, they diversified their content, exploring various formats, including music videos, comedy sketches, and talk shows.

"Good Mythical Morning," their most notable project, is a daily talk show where the duo engages in humorous discussions, challenges, and experiments. The show covers a wide range of topics, often featuring guests and quirky taste tests. Their dynamic and entertaining approach has garnered a massive online following, making them two of the most well-known figures in the YouTube community.

In addition to their online presence, Rhett and Link have ventured into other forms of media, including podcasting with "Ear Biscuits," and they co-authored a book titled "Rhett & Link's Book of Mythicality." Their success is attributed not only to their comedic talents but also to their genuine friendship and relatable personalities, which resonate with a broad audience. Rhett & Link's impact on internet entertainment has solidified them as pioneers in the digital content creation space.


Rhett James McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln "Link" Neal III, better known as Rhett & Link, share a longstanding friendship that dates back to their first-grade days at Buies Creek Elementary School in North Carolina, where they met on September 4, 1984. This meeting inspired a song and documentary, "Looking for Ms. Locklear." Early on, their mischievous side led to a shared punishment of staying in during recess for writing swear words on their desks. During this time, they were given coloring books featuring mythical creatures, which later influenced the name of their popular YouTube channel, "Good Mythical Morning."

Their collaborative spirit continued into their teenage years, marked by endeavors such as writing a screenplay titled "Gutless Wonders" and attempting to film it. They also created a film parodying the tragedy of Oedipus Rex during high school. The duo even shared a musical side as members of the Christian-punk rock band "The Wax Paper Dogz."

Upon entering college at North Carolina State University in 1996, Rhett and Link pursued engineering degrees—Rhett in civil engineering and Link in industrial engineering. Both excelled academically, with Rhett graduating magna cum laude in December 2000, and Link graduating summa cum laude in May 2001. After working in their respective engineering fields at Black & Veatch (Rhett) and IBM (Link), they also engaged in making videos and comedy sketches for the religious organization Cru.

Their involvement with Cru sparked their comedic collaboration, and they began developing the signature style that would define their future endeavors. Eventually, Rhett & Link transitioned from their engineering careers to pursue Christian evangelism with Cru full-time. However, their focus shifted over time, and they left the ministry to fully embrace a career in entertainment. This decision led to the duo's foray into the world of YouTube, where they created comedic videos that would eventually make them internet sensations and influential figures in digital entertainment.


Rhett & Link's vision revolves around creating content that blends humor, creativity, and relatability. As internet personalities and entertainers, they aim to bring joy and laughter to their audience while maintaining a genuine connection. From their early days of crafting comedic sketches to their current endeavors on platforms like YouTube, their vision encompasses a commitment to authenticity, friendship, and a unique brand of humor that resonates with a diverse audience. Whether through their talk show "Good Mythical Morning," music, or various online projects, Rhett & Link consistently strive to foster a positive and inclusive community while exploring the lighter side of life. Their journey from childhood friends to successful digital creators reflects a vision centered on entertaining, connecting, and spreading a sense of mythical joy to fans worldwide.

Rhett & Link
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