Roger Osorio

Roger Osorio is the author of "THE JOURNEY TO REINVENTION: How to Build a Life Aligned with Your Values, Passion and Purpose".

Roger Osorio is an internationally-recognised thought leader, executive coach, and reinvention expert, who has authored best sellers like "The Journey to Reinvention: How to Build a Life Aligned with Your Values, Passion, and Purpose”.

Roger is a BS in Finance and International Business from Penn State University and an MBA from Maryville University of Saint Louis. He is also an MS in Psychology, Leadership Development, and Coaching from Walden University.

Roger has held various executive level positions in organisations and Fortune 500 companies. For more than 15 years now, he has been sharing the wealth of his knowledge amongst younger generations. He teaches entrepreneurship to executive masters students for their M.S. degree program at Sarah Lawrence College and University of Pennsylvania.

As a speaker, educator, and facilitator, Roger has delivered over 500 talks and presentations to over 200,000 people around the world, including organisations, corporations, and brands like the World Bank, IBM, Google, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, UPenn, Inter-American Development Bank, Mastercard, Citibank, Asian Development Bank, and many more.

He also founded ‘The School of Reinvention’, a community-based coaching platform that empowers people to launch and succeed in personal and career reinvention.

As an author, Roger has written ‘The Journey to Reinvention: How to Build a Life Aligned with Your Values, Passion, and Purpose’, where he shares his personal journey of self-discovery, and offers inspiring stories, powerful exercises, and practical tips for readers on their own way to reinvention and creating a more meaningful life.

Roger has also served as a USSF licensed Soccer Coach at St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club and Center for Survivors of Torture and War Trauma. He also held the board membership of the International Soccer Academy.

He was also the Marketing Committee Member of Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce, supporting a variety of projects including focussed group studies, rebranding initiatives, website development, and workshop programs.


Roger studied BS in Finance and International Business from Penn State University, where he was the Penn State Marketing Association (President). He received the Ralph H. Wherry Student Service Award for his outstanding service to the university, and was placed 4th as Youngest Participant in Smeal CEO Survivor, 2002. He was also awarded the Master of Ceremonies at Smeal CEO Survivor, 2004.

He did his MBA in Business Administration at Maryville University of Saint Louis, and M.S. in Psychology, specialising in Leadership Development and Coaching from Walden University.

Business Career

Roger started his career as Financial Advisor Assistant at Paine Webber to pitch the clients with investment information packets. As Advertising Account Executive at MBNA, he expedited advertising projects from concept development through final production by collaborating and coordinating the efforts of designers, copy writers, editors, and clients in order to deliver finished advertising products.

He, then, joined Ingersoll Rand in 2004, where he responsibly managed various client accounts while analysing the ESG components of the business.

In 2008, Roger he quit his day job to reinvent his career and took up Math coaching and teaching at Oxford Learning Center. He taught and coached elementary and high school students in the areas of Math, Science, and Reading. He also coached students preparing for the ACT and SAT.

He, then, served as Graduate Assistant at Maryville University’s Keith Lovin Institute for Leadership and Values (KLILV), where he advised the KLILV student fellows on their respective leadership initiatives and challenges, prepared and delivered talks on leadership in the 21st century topics, and developed programming for KLILV student fellows.

Roger founded Dynamico Solutions in 2010, where he consulted for small businesses in a variety of capacities including digital marketing consultant, executive coach, and social media specialist. For one of the Fortune 500 company’s corporate values film production, Roger also served as a consultant and actor.

He was the Education Consultant and Student Success Coach at Hudson County Schools of Technology, where he designed, tested, and supported innovative remedial maths interventions and course formats. 
Roger founded StudeE-Lounge in 2008 where he designed, tested, and developed a method for empowering and guiding students to discover solutions to their own questions.

Since 2017, Roger has been a Coach, speaker, international speaker, executive coach at a major tech company, Ivy League educator, entrepreneur, and author. He has coached over 3,000 executives, leaders, managers, early professional hires, entrepreneurs, startup founders, maths students, and student leaders. He also has taught over 5,000 students, worldwide, from ages 8 to 80, in live-event settings alone.

As a Global Facilitator at Techstars Startup Weekend, he had organised and led startup-related events in New York City that catalyse and mobilise the entrepreneurial community towards collaboration and growth. He also facilitated and led the execution of 70+ multi-day entrepreneurship bootcamps that motivate, educate, and empower new and experienced entrepreneurs to build new companies, averaging a feedback score of 9 or higher.

Roger is a Professor of Entrepreneurship at Sarah Lawrence College, where he teaches "Entrepreneurship: Taking Ideas from Concept to Creation". He facilitates and guides students through the process of converting ideas from concept to creation, culminating into a final pitch, backed by validation, experiments, and data, delivered to a panel of judges from both the Sarah Lawrence College alumni and greater NYC communities.

As an adjunct faculty at University of Pennsylvania, he teaches executive masters students the critical skills for taking their venture ideas from concept to creation to launch during the 10 months of their Education Entrepreneurship M.S. degree program.

In 2020, he founded ‘The School of Reinvention’ to help corporate employees who are not fulfilled by their day job to launch a side hustle or passion project that aligns with their values, passion, and purpose so that they don’t have to quit their jobs.

Published Work

His book, ‘The Journey to Reinvention, How to Build a Life Aligned with Your Values, Passion, & Purpose’ was published in May 2022 by New Degrees Press. The book teaches the readers to relaunch and reinvent themselves, aligning themselves with their dreams and passions.

Rogers’s book, ‘The Journey to Reinvention’ has been #1 New Release on Amazon (for 7 weeks straight), and #1 Best Seller in three categories. 


As a Reinvention coach, Roger Osorio's vision is to empower individuals to discover their true potential and align their personal and professional lives with their values, passions, and purpose. With his extensive background in finance, international business, leadership development, and coaching, Roger has developed a holistic approach to help people reinvent their lives, regardless of their age or background.

Roger's philosophy is rooted in the belief that curiosity is the key to unlocking our true potential, and his mission is to help individuals explore new possibilities and create a life that they truly love. He believes that reinvention is a journey, not a destination, and his approach focuses on helping individuals identify their strengths, passions, and values, and use them to create a vision for their future.

Roger's coaching methodology is based on a deep understanding of human behavior and psychology, and he uses a combination of tools and techniques to help individuals overcome limiting beliefs, fears, and doubts that hold them back from achieving their goals. He believes that success is a combination of mindset, skillset, and action, and his coaching approach helps individuals develop all three areas.

Recognition and Awards
Roger is a 3-time facilitator of the World Bank Youth Summit, reaching over 50,000 people. He also has facilitated over 80 Startup Weekend events around the world since 2015. Roger got onto his journey to reinvention in 2005 and since then has reinvented his career multiple times. Along the way, he has become an executive coach with over 3,000 clients served; a speaker with over 600 talks delivered worldwide; a college professor; middle and high school maths teacher; entrepreneurship educator; entrepreneur; and most recently, an author. Roger has taught in the Education Entrepreneurship master’s degree program at the Graduate School of Education (Penn GSE) since 2018 and serves as Fellowship Coach with The Jacobs Education Impact Prize at Penn GSE.

Roger Osorio
Bestselling author, coach, mentor, keynote speaker, global thought leader
Known for
THE JOURNEY TO REINVENTION: How to Build a Life Aligned with Your Values, Passion and Purpose (Author), The School of Reinvention (Founder and Reinvention Coach)
World Bank Youth Summit (three-time facilitator), 80 Startup Weekend (Facilitator), Graduate School of Education (Facilitator, Education Entrepreneurship master’s degree program, University of Pennsylvania), The Jacobs Education Impact Prize (Fellowship Coach, Penn GSE)
BS (Finance and International Business, Penn State University), MBA (Business Administration, Maryville University of Saint Louis), M.S. (Psychology, Leadership Development and Coaching, Walden University)
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